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postheadericon Free roll tournaments for new players and professionals

Free Roll Tournaments for New Players and Professionals

An online free roll tournament of poker is a great way for a player to make his way into one of the major poker tournament to win big money just for free. There are many online casino sites that offer such rewards to its old players so that they remain a part of it an also in order to recruit more new players. Generally, when a player becomes professional and playas some hands with real money, then these sites offer them to play for the tournament where there is no risk involved. But some sites offer points to its player that can be redeemed for a cash entry to a poker tournament they choose wish to be a part of.

It is very important for the players to review the terms and policies of all the online casino sites or poker rooms before they enter them to participate in a real tournament.

A basic question all the players have in their minds is that why are these sites offering a chance to play these tournaments? They think that there must be some catch involved to this. They fear to participate and try their lucks. It is that these sites need to promote themselves and what can be better than free roll and bonuses to pull people? There are few con sites that have created a bad impression and people fear to trust them any more. If you do some research before registering to these sites and also look for all clauses then there are less chances of being fooled.

These free roll tournaments are basically like a practice session for the players where they can join, play, win and also gain experience. These rooms have players from all over the world who play at different levels and have different experiences. New players get a chance to learn from these professional players and also they can learn some skills from them.

There are not only free roll poker tournaments but also free roll slot tournaments. Here people can play at slot machines allotted to them for free and they also get to keep the winning amount. They just cannot play for as long as they want to. Players are given fixed credit and time period to play and test their luck. With little market search, you can have a chance of winning big amount of money that to just for free.

postheadericon Floyd mayweather vs shane mosley 2010

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley 2010

Although Mosley has always maintained that he was unaware that steroids were involved, he was one of the athletes using the services of BALCO Labs, along with many other professional and Olympic athletes. Jeff Novitzky, a lead investigator on the BALCO case, reported that documents seized from the lab show that Mosley received “the clear” and “the cream”, both designer steroids. Mosley reportedly began his doping regimen prior to his 2003 bout with Oscar De La Hoya, a match that he won due in part to his strong performance in the later rounds of the fight

On June 17, 2000, Mosley met De La Hoya in Los Angeles for the WBC and IBA Welterweight titles. After twelve rounds, Mosley emerged with a split decision victory. During the fight neither man was in danger of going down, but both had badly swollen faces at the end and De La Hoya was bleeding from the nose for several rounds. Mosley earned a minimum of $15 million, while De La Hoya was guaranteed $35 million. It was later that Mosley was accused of using illegal performance enhancing drugs prior to his 2003 bout with Oscar De La Hoya. Mosley would later admit in his 2003 grand jury testimony that he used the banned drug EPO in preparation for the De la Hoya bout.

On March 13, 2004, Shane Mosley lost his WBC and WBA world Light Middleweight titles in a unification bout with IBF Jr. Middleweight champion Winky Wright, by a unanimous twelve-round decision. On November 20, Shane Mosley and Wright fought their rematch, and although it was scored much closer by the three judges (115-113 twice for Wright and a 114-114 tie), Shane Mosley lost by a twelve-round majority decision.

Sugar Shane started his pro career in 1993, By 2000 he had fought 34 times amassing a 34–0 (32) record, beating undefeated Phillip Holiday to win the IBF Lightweight title. He made 9 title defenses with all inside the distance, but never unified belts. Mosley relinquished his lighweight title to move up 2 divisions, facing Oscar De La Hoya for his Welterweight title.

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postheadericon Four important points for planning a team building activity

Four Important Points for Planning a Team Building Activity

Whether you are a manager or a person in charge, organizing a team building activity is a golden path to fulfill your common goals. The basic thing about team building activity is to gain huge popularity and earn employees’ trust and confidence. Why? It is mainly because of the fact that the strongest team has the capability of achieving the dreams and motivating employees to act in the desired manner. In case, you are planning a team building activity, you need to keep following four points in mind:

1. Educate Mutual Respect

In this world of fierce competitiveness, companies are doing everything that may provide them gains and profits. The purpose of team building activity is to infuse the sense of understanding among team members. Every team member must respect each other and do not let grudges enter into the mind. The team building is all about eliminating the negative feelings and encouraging the positive energy to come out.

2. Let Spirituality Come Out

Many people might feel that what spirituality has nothing to do with corporate events, however, in reality; the scope of spirituality is very wide. It is not only about religious faith or realizing the inner self but spirituality also includes improvised human interaction. Try to infuse a deeper value sense so that they can be able to help each other and make a better workplace.

3. Leads to Progress

The basis of the team building activity is to bring progress in every aspect. In team building activity, member interactions with each other and work in a perfect co-ordination to realize the common goals.

4. Brings out the Potential Leadership

Team building activity encourages workers to take the leadership challenges. It is all about awarding responsibility and creating accountability for a work so that common goals can be realized most conveniently.