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postheadericon Crosman 1077 air rifles the perfect gift for your son

Crosman 1077 Air Rifles The Perfect Gift for Your Son

Want to build your son’s confidence in shooting? Here is something for him: the Crosman 1077 Air Rifle. These Crosman fun rifles are light and can be easily held by kids. With a little practice, he will not only become a good shooter but will also have lots of fun in the process. You’ll get some father-son bonding time too.

The Crosman 1077 Air Rifle is a .177 caliber semi-automatic rifle with a barrel length of 20.38 inches. The barrel length gives a fantastic muzzle speed of 625 fps. (The muzzle speed is the speed at which the projectile leaves the muzzle of the rifle.)

These Crosman fun rifles have so many features to increase the skill and confidence of a beginner. Its 12-shot repeating system will give the shooter more time to be in action. No interruptions over and over unlike with conventional rifles! Crosman Air Rifles also feature a fiber optic front sight, which assists you while taking aim. Another advantage of Crosman air rifles is its side-to-side windage adjustment at the rear sight. You will be able to shoot accurately with these horizontal adjustments.

Another reason for its accuracy is its synthetic stock with checkering on the pistol grip and the forearm. The synthetic stock protects it from warpage or shift due to variation in temperature. If you want even more accuracy, you can mount a scope on its 11 mm dovetailed receiver. No wonder the Crosman 1077 Air Rifle was selected for the 2001 Bikathlon Event at the Boy Scout Jamboree.

These Crosman air guns are low on noise and will not affect people with sensitive ears. Nor will they disturb your neighbors. Not just your son, your entire family can join in the fun. I highly recommend that you get one of these fun rifles and have unlimited fun.

postheadericon Nature friendly hunting – spare the environment

Nature Friendly Hunting – Spare The Environment

If you are nature friendly hunter you will know that you should leave the woods exactly the same way as it was when you came. Apart from your hunt of course. If you intend on camping overnight, do not disrupt the environment too much and try to be as less destructive as possible. Do not unnecessarily clear brush. Imagine you are staying the night at somebody’s home. You are a guest to the forest and treat it as your host.

Once you are done with your campfire, ensure that you bury it so that it does not reignite and set ablaze the wilderness. Ensure you have checked the fire properly before leaving. Forest fires are devastating and have long lasting effect. If it spreads, it can endanger, not only the animals living in the forest but also the lives of firefighters and citizens.

You can ignore or neglect your bodily functions. After relieving yourself, make sure you have buried your excrement with dirt so that you do not disturb the territorial boundaries of the animals.

Whatever you pack in, pack out. Ensure you do not trash the area. Try your best to return the campsite to its original condition. Check twice if you have taken all your gear along with you before you go hiking, so that you do not leave anything behind. Always pack your food in containers that are airtight so that you do not attract any hungry animals.

If you want to install a tree stand, ensure you choose a healthy, mature tree. Using smaller trees can cause damage to it under the combined weight of your body and your gear. If there are stray branches, try tying them back rather than cutting them. It is better to choose a mature tree as you have the choice of larger branches to which you can fasten the safety cord.

Safety Tips
Always be attentive to your surroundings. Keep a look out for bad weather and at the first sign of a high wind, leave the tree stand to avoid injury to the tree and to yourself. Keep a lookout for flash floods. Get dressed according to the predicted weather. It is helpful if you dress in layers. Remember to take safety orange clothing in case you need to alert the other hunters in your area.

Be attentive to stow aways in your gear or bedding like scorpions, spiders or snakes. Before putting on or packing your clothing, bedding and boots make sure that you have shaken them out. The last thing you would want is packing in an unwanted visitor just to find him with you at home.

You might encounter badgers, bears and other aggressive animals while hunting. If you are not stalking any particular animal, try to avoid confrontations with it and ensure that your eyes are always open. Always remember that you are the guest in the animal kingdom. If you come across any animal, try backing away as quietly as possible without disturbing it. In case you are attacked by an animal, use your arms to cover your head and roll your body into a tight ball so that your torso and head are protected from injury.

If you have any children, teach them to respect the environment and nature while hunting. The best way of teaching is by being a model respectable person so that your children can emulate the basics of good hunting. This will help conserve the hunting joys for many years.

postheadericon Flip – 3 tips to helping you land them

360 Flip – 3 Tips To Helping You Land Them

Learning how to 360 flip or trey flip is something everybody who rides a skateboard wants to attain. Skateboarding is easily the top sport around! Many are afraid to ask what the exact details are in learning how to 360 flip. How do I leap off insanely high ledges and land tricks? I ought to warn you! These are a few of the tips pro’s do not wish for you to discover. There’s so many skateboarding trick tips and hints around that are totally worthless. Here’s a few secrets that I know are key to landing a few awesome new and crazy tricks.

1.  Foot placement. You can’t learn how to skateboard without accurate foot placement. Even the simplest trick in the book could be a nightmare to get down if your feet are wrong. Foot placement is an important secret that will help you learn a few sweet moves like how to do kickflips and 360 flips.

2.  Maintain balance.  Do you want your board to spin, flip, or rotate with ease? Well you better make sure you have the proper balance. Before you even try the 360 flip trick, make sure that your balance is shifted properly on your board or you are going ot have problems. This is explained in more detail on our site.

3. Pop that board. Based on the goals you set for yourself, there are many different ways to do this. Everyone learns differently and performs tricks slightly differently then their friends. Each of you could very well be popping or pushing your board a different way. But the reality is, there is a accurate pop or push so your trick lands correctly.

Land the bulk of your tricks when you learn the proper methods for doing them. Stop getting butt kickings from the ground and learn how to stomp your landings! Discover these secrets of skateboarding and show off like a pro! Anywhere anytime that board’s gonna do what you wish for it to!