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postheadericon History of online slots

History of Online Slots

Slot machines were originally invented over a hundred years ago and although advanced for their time compared to what we see today are somewhat archaic.

Original slot machines were referred to as one armed bandits due to the arm leaver that was used to play the machine and the ability for it to leave a player penniless. The original one armed bandit slot machine was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco. Charles Fey later went on to simplify his slot machine as the inability to control payouts due to its complexity was hindering the machines popularity.

Fey introduced a 3 reel slot machine with the symbols of a liberty bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts with the ultimate payout when the reels lined up three liberty bells giving the slot machine the name of the liberty bell. The slot machine was placed in public houses, saloons, brothels, bowling alleys and barbers stores and grew so popular that many other companies manufactured ‘bell’ type slot machines.

The slot machine evolved with technology and new features and bonuses were created within the slot machine and with the invention of casinos the game was the most popular and profitable gambling device in most land based casinos.

Online gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years with technology allowing for a true gaming experience similar to that received in a traditional land based casino online. Due to their simple nature online slot machines were one of the first games to frequent online casinos. Much like the invention of the original slot machine online slots have become increasingly popular and with it increasingly more complex. Offering more incentives to play such as bonuses and win spins.

The competition between online slots and online casinos has grown and it can be increasingly difficult to choose an online slot machine or casino. The Casino   man website is a gamblers bible with all you need to know about online slots and online casinos including reviews from real players. Casino Man lists the top 50 online casinoand gives you vital knowledge about the worst. Take a look at Casino Mans guide to online slots now and see how it can help you.

postheadericon Coon hunting

Coon Hunting

There was a time in the not so distant past when coon hunting was a national pastime for rural America. Young kids and veteran hunters took to the woods at night with their dogs and searched for the elusive raccoon. In the 1970’s and ’80’s there was a lot of money to be made in the sale of coon pelts, so for many families it became a way to supplement income. But for many more hunters, coon hunting was a passionate hobby. Many kids were introduced to coon hunting at a young age, and it was a hobby they could do without the close supervision of adults. Coon hunting became a great way to foster independence in kids, and teach them responsibility while taking care of their own hunting dogs.

But fast-forward to today and the hobby has all but died out. Over-zealous animal rights groups have won the battle against coon hunting, virtually erasing it from mainstream America. While raccoon pelts can still be sold, due to changing fashion styles, they are not in high demand as they once were. There are also signs that raccoon populations have soared since there is nothing to keep their numbers controlled. More raccoons are seen on the side of the road than ever before, and in the last decades they’ve become a nuisance to both rural living and city neighborhoods.

Coon hunting is a practice undertaken at night, which can make the sport much more challenging, and much more exciting. But it is for this reason that a good coon dog or two is necessary to the hunt. A good coon dog should listen exceptionally well; when hunting in the dark of night a hunter needs to be able to have full trust in his dog. It’s also a plus if the dog is vocal; when he picks up a track the dog should start to bark as he’s following it. This will let the hunter know the dog is actually on a track and not just forever sniffing around. When the dog finally gets the coon treed, he should be very vocal, a hunter should encourage this trait in his dog. The hunter also has some options for keeping track of his dogs when hunting. He can purchase a collar with lights powered by small batteries, or a vest that reflects when a flashlight is shined on it. However the hunter chooses to outfit his dog, coon hunting is a pastime that is well worth the effort put into it, and provides a great experience for everyone who partakes.

postheadericon Are we running out of trails to ride our atvs

Are We Running Out of Trails to Ride our Atvs?

Are we running out of trails to ride our ATVs?

Okay, here’s the million dollar question – are we running out of trails to ride our ATVs? In recent days where the popularity of ATVs is growing tremendously and so is the growth of the population in the United States, and with these growths, we find that there are lesser and lesser ATV trails available in the country. It is rather frustrating for ATV riders to look for “adventurous” trails to ride on, especially when great ATV trails are so scarce now. Besides, with the ever-shrinking availability of ATV trails now, there aren’t many people who are willing to share where one can find a great trail to ride – because they are afraid that such places will be “abused” by irresponsible riders or users.

So, if you are a true ATV “hot blood” enthusiast, you wouldn’t be satisfied with just riding your powerful machine at the backyard of your home all the time, would you? Somehow, riding your ATV right at the backyard of your home gives you a different kind of “feel” compared to the adrenalin rush you feel when you venture out into some ATV hot spot trails. Hence, there is without doubt, you would want to bring your ATV out in the woods or some exciting ATV trails for some thrills. The question now is, how are you to find an ATV trail out there?

An ATV gold mine trail is a rarity these days, but do not be discouraged just yet. There is still one place that you can always stop by – This is a fabulous website for all your ATV trails information together with other ATV related matters. From a wide range of information on ATV trails to opinions and comparison notes on various ATVs in the market as well as ATV parts, is a great site for all ardent ATV fans out there.

Not only that, also provides information for those who are planning a camping trip with their ATVs, hunting or any other outdoor activities that you can think of under the sun! If you sign up as a member at and when you get on the good side of the other ATV fans (some of whom are regular contributors to the forums), you can be sure that they will share with you their secrets of great ATV riding spots and other wonderful tips and tricks about ATV riding too.

Joining an ATV club is also another great way for you to get information on where to ride your ATV. Some ATV clubs arrange ATV riding trips for their members and they usually go to really cool places to ride! Don’t miss out – if you do not belong to any ATV club, you should seriously consider joining one. Find out more about ATV clubs at the forums at if you want, don’t be left out on best kept secrets of where to ride your ATV.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that it is everyone’s duty to keep the ATV trails “ride-able” and “usable” for continual riding and other outdoor fun activities – so don’t be an irresponsible rider out there, your share of responsibility counts too! Let’s work together and keep the best trails available for a long, long time to come!