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postheadericon Benefits of sports betting software

Benefits of Sports Betting Software

Sports betting systems and sports betting software appeal to the serious sports bettor. Actually, betting on sports appeals to many gamblers because the odds aren’t against you. In Vegas, the house gets a portion of all winnings, and it is set up for you to lose money. Betting on sports is more like live poker where winning involves more skill than luck.

In casino betting, the house takes a portion of losing bets. This is known as the Vigorish. All this means is if you want to win $100 you have to bet $110. For example: You place a $110 bet on Liverpool. If Liverpool wins, you would receive $210, a profit of $100. If you lose, it would cost you $110, ten of which goes to the casino.

A casino wants there to be an equal number of players betting on each side. This way, when someone wins $100 another person will have lost $110. When this happens the casino makes $10 for every offsetting bet. To make betting more attractive for each side, casinos put a spread on the event; so, now the team has to do more than win for people to collect. The team has to win by a certain amount of points to cover the spread.

Seasoned bettors will consider all the information available and come up with their own spread. Then they take what they think the spread should be and compare it with the casino stats placing a bet based on that comparison. The more information the bettor has prior to looking at the spread, the better chance they will place a winning bet.

This is where sports betting software comes into play. The software helps the seasoned bettor keep track of teams and statistics. It organizes all the information available and helps calculate odds. Using software to keep track of your information helps take the bias out of the betting and keeps you from jumping on a bandwagon. With the software, your chances of placing winning bets are increased. Thus making sports betting online fun and profitable.

postheadericon Euro audition could land six nations spot, say wales coaches

Euro audition could land Six Nations spot, say Wales coaches

WALES’ Six Nations hopefuls have been told that the Twickenham stage could be the prize for a successful Heineken Cup audition.

With the tournament opener looming on February 6 against England, Wales coach Warren Gatland is set to finalise his Six Nations squad next week.

And Gatland and his lieutenants will make one final inspection in this weekend’s crunch European fixtures.

The star-studded Ospreys face a showdown in France which should see the return from injury of Lions stars Alun Wyn Jones, James Hook and Shane Williams from injury.

The Blues and Scarlets entertain Sale and London Irish respectively, while the Dragons travel to play Glasgow on Friday evening.

And Wales backs coach Rob Howley admitted: “The Heineken Cup is an integral part of our selection process.

“So it is important players perform well in this competition.

“We have spoken about the intensity that this competition brings, which is similar to international rugby.

“So the next couple of games are going to be key in selection for the Six Nations.

“Every player who starts in the Heineken Cup has got a great opportunity to impress the Wales management, particularly after our disappointing display against Australia.

“We are looking at selections and combinations, while we also have players coming back from injuries who have not played a lot of rugby over the Christmas period.”

One player who will come under heavy scrutiny will be scrum-half Dwayne Peel, whose Sale side travel to Wales to face the Blues in Cardiff on Saturday.

Peel is out of contract at the end of the season and has been linked with a return to the Scarlets.

This would fall in line with the Welsh management’s home rule policy which seeks to pick players who ply their trade with one of the four Welsh regions.

Peel has sometimes fallen foul of this stance since he left the Scarlets in 2008, including being unavailable for the game against New Zealand last autumn.

“We would like to see Dwayne back in Wales but that is a decision he has to make,” stressed Howley.

“But his return would be a huge fillip for Welsh rugby.

“We want to see Welsh players playing in our regions and Dwayne is no different to anyone else.

With the participation agreement between the regions and the WRU we would be able to monitor Dwayne’s performances and fitness more closely.”

Peel seems certain to be named as Wales No 9 in the Six Nations with Lions Test star Mike Phillips still out injured.

One name which won’t be in the squad is Gavin Henson, who is still on unpaid leave with the Ospreys.

The region’s managing director Mike Cuddy has revealed the region will be holding talks with Henson about his long-term future in the sport in a few weeks’ time.

And Howley is hoping Henson will return to action.

“We have always said that Gavin Henson is an Ospreys issue,” said Howley.

“But from the perspective of a player, coach or supporter, for Gavin to finish now would be hugely disappointing and a sad day for Welsh rugby.

“He is a hugely talented rugby player who is still very young and can still go on and achieve a lot in his rugby career.

“It would be disappointing for a player to throw everything away and not achieve what he is capable of in rugby.”

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postheadericon Great western elk hunt – some tips for elk hunters

Great Western Elk Hunt – Some Tips For Elk Hunters

Because it can be so difficult for hunters to procure an elk tag in many of the eastern states, many hunters have turned their sites to the many states out west. The elk population in the western states is much greater than that in the east, so there are a greater number of elk permits available to hunters. Because there are fewer people and a greater amount of land preserved for these massive animals to roam, the hunter is sure to have a great time hunting elk out west.

Hunters have a variety of states to choose from when looking for locations out west to hunt; from Montana, to Idaho, or New Mexico, a hunter can choose the area right for him. The hunter will also encounter many different types of terrain, from grassy rolling fields, to steep mountain cliffs. An elk hunt in the western states is sure to offer a hunting experience unlike any other.

Most elk hunters prefer to hire a guide to take them on their elk hunt. There are a variety of elk services available in a variety of different price ranges, and many offer the hunter customizable packages to fit his budget. Some services offer just the guide for the hunt, while others have the full nine yards available, from lodging, food, to transportation. For those not offering lodging, many services can give recommenedations for places in the area to stay. Some services also offer elk hunting locations so remote that a helicopter flies the hunters to the location where they set up camp and search for their trophies.

A guide service will be the hunter’s best resource for his elk hunting trip. The service will be able to recommend what the hunter should pack in terms of hunting apparel and equipment to prepare for his trip. Depending on location and time of the year, there could be a variety of different things the hunter may need for a successful hunt. Be sure to ask as many questions as necessary and be confident in the services’ ability.

The first step in planning an elk hunting trip out west is doing research; the internet will be the hunter’s best resource when looking for guide services and locations to hunt. Also be aware of the necessary licenses required to hunt elk and all of the rules and regulations set forth by the state. With a little planning and research a hunter can be off and planning next season’s elk hunt in one of the great western states.