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postheadericon Considering a colorado white water rafting trip

Considering A Colorado White Water Rafting Trip? Read This First!

Have you been eyeing the opportunity to take a Colorado rafting trip for a while now? Colorado is one of, if not the best place to go rafting in the world, so it’s understandable. Of cause you’ll need to make a number of arrangements before leaving, after all, once you get there you’re need a good hotel to stay in.

It’s no secret that Colorado white water rafting trips are extremely popular. There perfect for people who thrive on adventure and the sensation that comes with speeding down rapids. The incredible surroundings you will encounter down Colorado’s rivers, is breathtaking and the rapids are really something else. However, the experience can be even better if you choose the right hotel or in the case of camping, the right tour company.

People often don’t put to much thought into where they will stay on these trips; they are often content to just have a roof over their heads, even if that’s just canvas. They are more concerned with their daily rafting activities. However for some people, maybe more so if they are repeat visitors, there comfort after a action packed day of rafting is more important and this is when a little planning and research into the best hotels and tour companies is required.

First off you will need to decide just how much money you are wiling to pay for your accommodation. If you’ll be staying in hotels, the closer to the location where you’re be rafting they are, generally the more expensive they will be. And of cause the services offered by each hotel will also depend greatly on how much you pay. The more in advance you can make your arrangements the better, you can sometimes save money on your hotel fees if you book in advance and of cause you’ll have less danger of the hotels in the area being all ready full.

Another thing you need to consider is where you’re going to eat. You may want to eat out, maybe you’ll prepare your own food, or maybe you’ll want to go back to the hotel to eat, in which case, you’ll want to make sure your hotel has a diner.

So many people put little thought into this, and end up in a hotel much worse in terms of quality than they had originally envisioned. It’s no secret that the accommodation of a trip often terns out to be the deciding factor on whether or not the trip is successful in providing an enjoyable time for you and anyone else you may bring with you.

For this reason, before choosing a hotel you should do some research into the different hotels your looking at. See how others have found their stays to be in the hotels in question. Do some searches online and in travel magazines, you should be able to find some unbiased user feed back.

As said before, try and reserve your hotel well in advance, not only could you possibly say some money, but you also stand a much better chance of getting a better room. With a little planning your Colorado white water trip can truly be the vacation of a life time. Happy Rafting.

postheadericon Has your child outgrown traditional summer camp

Has Your Child Outgrown Traditional Summer Camp? Try An Extreme Sports Camp!

Remember camp when you were a kid? You spent your days horseback riding, petting farm animals and shooting bows and arrows. Your nights were filled with skits, s’mores, and singing songs around the campfire.

You can still find summer programs like these. There will always be a market for the tradtional camp experience. But today’s youth often demands more stimulating camp activities. Extreme sports camps are where it’s at!

Extreme sports camps run the gamut from surfing camps to wakeboarding camps to dirt biking camps and more. Though extreme sports camps are often viewed as “riskier” than traditional camps, the risks or dangers are often more perceived than actual when the camp takes proper precautions.

What are the “proper precautions” needed to keep kids safe at extreme sports camps?

In general, the camp staff requires additional training and expertise in the activities being offered. New, modern, and well-maintained equipment must be utilized. And weather conditions (such as at a surf camp, for example) must be just right; you don’t want your child learning to surf on a 5 foot wave when a 1-foot wave is more than appropriate for a beginner.

Since extreme sports camp activities are typically more challenging than traditional camp activities, your child’s potential for personal growth and development is enormous. It is not unusual for parents to report a dramatic increase in their child’s self-confidence and esteem after participating in an extreme sports camp. Imagine your son or daughter’s sense of pride and achievement after conquering the biggest wave at surf camp!

The thrill and fun of attending an extreme sports camp can’t be beat. But remember, the necessity for proper safety provisions, supervision, equipment, and personnel cannot be overstated. Assuming these important variables are in place, your child could be in for the most amazing camp experience of their life.

postheadericon Be a boxing defense master with these tips – these are the defense drills of the top boxers ever

Be a Boxing Defense Master With These Tips – These Are the Defense Drills of the Top Boxers Ever!

It seems like a very basic boxing defense tip; you simply slap the punch out of the way. However, parrying a punch involves some technique that many people fail to realize and many trainers fail to teach.

Parrying a punch can be considered to be a basic boxing tip but I like to think of it as a more intermediate tip. The reason behind this is that in order for it to be an effective defense tip, the fighter has to be confident and relaxed in his/her abilities. They have to know that a simple touch will cause your opponents punch to completely veer off target.

What is Parrying A Punch?

Parrying is used as a defensive tactic for straight punches. What you are actually doing is actually using your hand to lightly slap your opponents punch off target. This is a very effective and low energy defense maneuver that will frustrate your opponent because none of his punches will land where he wants them and if he is a novice, he will probably revert to aggression and try to attack you with power and anger, exactly what we want!

Tips on Ensuring your Boxing Defense

When it comes to parrying, remember this is only for straight punches, your right hand matches with your opponents left hand and your left hand goes with his right. You’ll never want to parry your opponents left hand with your left because it will leave you open to a counter punch.

When your opponents punch reaches your hands, you can parry the punch by simply, quickly and lightly slapping the punch down. You never want to go out and reach for the punch because an experienced fighter will pick up on your tendencies and faint a punch so you commit and then come with another powerful punch.

You also don’t want to slap the punch to hard, forcing your hand to move too far away from your original hand position because this will leave you open.