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postheadericon Paintball enthusiasts have different paintball fields from which to choose

Paintball Enthusiasts Have Different Paintball Fields From Which to Choose

For those who are enthusiastic about paintball they have two primary selections when planning an excursion in paintball. Number one is the Commercial paintball type of field and the second one is the “outlaw” type of paintball field. These two unique variations of paintball fields differ to a great degree and have to be compared before you make a decision as how either one best fits your personal needs and the needs of the other participants.

The Commercial Paintball Field Is An Excellent Method To Try Some of the Paintball Competitions

One of the best ways for a beginner to experience paintball would be the commercial type of paintball field and then come to a conclusion if this type of sport is one that they would be interested in spending time as well as money in playing.

One of the benefits of a commercial paintball field is that you can rent all of the necessary equipment, for instance a marker (paintball gun), mask as well as protection for the eyes, paintball ammunition as well as compressed air. This type of equipment are primary tools needed to play successfully as well as in a safe manner and by renting the equipment for the player who is doing this the first time is an excellent way to find out if this is the type of sport that is something they enjoy or not.

Additionally, the size of commercial fields are typically small and have many bunkers as well as forts so you can keep yourself hidden as well as evade your competition. You will also find that there are referees there to oversee the game and make sure that they rules are followed and everyone plays safely. For a person that has not played paintball, the commercial paintball field is a great way to get to experience the game while not having to make a big financial commitment in equipment.

The “Outlaw” Paintball Field Frequently Needs Teamwork To Defeat An Opponent

Paintball fields known as “Outlaw” are typically informal types of wooded areas where a bunch of friends and colleagues get together to play a game of paintball. There are numerous safety rules of thumb that should be adhered to whenever paintball is played. Some of the general rules to follow is to make sure that the entire group is calibrating and measuring the velocity of each paintball gun with a “chronograph”. Also putting on the needed safety regulated equipment as well as following the other general safety rules.

Paintball is a highly enjoyable game to play as long as everyone in your group realizes as well as follows the primary safety guidelines. These type of “Outlaw” games have been nicknamed “woodsball” amongst paintball enthusiasts. You will find in “woodball” that the terrain is frequently challenging, giving physical challenges such as valleys, trees, hills, shrubs etc. These external types of difficulties add to the total challenge of the game itself, hence making “woodsball” a highly popular field of choice for numerous people who are enthusiastic about paintball.

An Urban Paintball Delight, Tourney Ball Furnsihes Numerous Unique Challenges

There is a third kind of paintball field which is known as Tourney ball field. This smaller sized paintball field has numerous bunkers that are filled with air that are arranged in similar positions on two different sides of the field. What this accomplishes is that each team is faced with an identical mirror image of the competitive field, with each team holding their own side. The tourney ball fields are typically located in areas that are urban and are very well liked alternative to that is “Woodsball. Tourney all has different types of variations; one is that of “speedball” and “hyperball”, these are additionally located almost exclusively in urban areas.

postheadericon Horsepower in a bottle

Horsepower In A Bottle

I’ve been working on bikes for over 15 years and have been adding per­formance upgrades for over 10. In all that time, I have never seen anything provide instant horsepower the way Militec-1 does.When I first heard of Militec-1, I was skeptical. I thought it was snake oil, another product that promised improved performance without actually delivering. But after using the product on 10 or 15 bikes, and seeing the per­formance gains for myself, I started to believe its claims.

I’ve now documented over 30 bikes with Militec-1 before and after. Over-all, the result is an average boost of 1-3 horsepower along the entire rev range. Militec-1 also makes engines run smoother, quieter, cooler, and more efficiently providing an 8-10 percent

improvement in gas mileage. Added to the transmission, it also provides smoother shifting.

Originally developed for military appli­cations, as a gun lubricant, Militec-1 can be used anywhere, two metal sur­faces rub together. It is not an oil addi­tive but metal conditioner that uses the oil to circulate it to the metal surfaces in the engine. It then impregnates the metal, bonding at a molecular level. A synthetic, hydrocarbon derivative, Militec-1 strengthens and stiffens metal surfaces without changing the toler­ances of engine components.

Since Militec-1 is not an oil additive, it does not have to be added with every oil change, but instead should be added every 12,000 miles or once per year. And improved benefits are seen with continued use of Militec-1, though

there is a point where the maximum benefit will be reached.

As I mentioned, Militec-1 is the simplest way to add 1-3 horsepower to any bike. In one case, I had a customer who wanted 100 horsepower out of his Harley. I tuned it, squeezing every ounce of power I could, but still hadn’t reached the 100 mark. I then added Militec-1 and that pushed it over the top.

I highly recommend Militec-1 and now we put it in all our turbo bikes. If you come to our shop and buy a bottle, we’ll put it in for you, but it’s as simple as pouring five ounces in the motor and 2-3 ounces in the transmission. For the price just over $20, there’s no easier way to add 1-3 horsepower to your bike while improving gas mileage. It can also be used in a wide range of mechanical applications. I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen proving Militec-1 is literally horsepower in a bottle.

postheadericon Naa history

Naa History

The North American Arms Company was started in the fall of 1971, in Provo, UT, and was originally named Rocky Mountain Arms. It was not until a couple of years later that they changed the name to North American Arms to continue to develop and manufacture their well innovative popular products that would change the way. Dick Casull was the original legendary designer for Rocky Mountain Arms designing the worlds largest and smallest single action revolver pistols.

North American Arms designs their pistols to be light and very compact so that the people who purchase them (men and women) are more likely to carry them for protection. The NAA pistols small enough that they easily fit into a purse, smaller pockets or even a cigarette case. Semi automatics require the user to have greater hand strength not only to just pull the trigger, but to actually rack the slide back as well. Most double action only semiautomatics don’t offer an external safety like NAA North American Arms does on their mini revolvers, making the trigger pull long and firm for added safety.

North American Arms, in collaboration with Cor-Bon ammunition, offer two new calibers to their line up of NAA Guardian pistols. The models are called the Guardian .32 NAA and the .25 NAA which the cartridge is designed around. The advantage is an extraordinary increase in ballistic performance.

The .32 NAA cartridge is based on the popular .380 ACP cartridge which is necked down to accommodate the 32 NAA bullet. The .32 NAA Guardian pistols are almost exactly the same as the .380 ACP Guardians, but are different only in the size of the bore and chamber of round. The .32 NAA round is produced only by Cor-Bon Ammunition and produces greater velocity, greater energy, greater penetration and greater stopping power than any ordinary jacketed lead hollow point with around 15% less recoil.

Like the .32 NAA cartridge, North American Arms has also, in partnership with Cor-Bon Ammunition, created the .25 NAA cartridge. The .25 NAA is based on the very popular North American Arms .32 ACP Guardian, both equal in weight and size. Just like its larger cousin, the .32 NAA Guardian, the .25 NAA Guardian out performs many of large caliber firearms. The .25 NAA Guardian pocket pistols have all the power of the .32 ACP but with less recoil.

North American Arms are also known for the high quality and appearance for the pistols they produce, making them quite an eye catcher. NAA caters to a wide variety of interests, be it recreational, law enforcement or as a collectable. Because of the distinctive and stylish appearance that North American Arms designs into their pistols and the unique family of accessories, like the holster grip or belt buckle grip, makes them a must have for almost any gun enthusiast. Whether you’re a man or women looking for that perfect carry weapon or just to collect of give as gift, North American Arms has you covered with their amazing line of innovative, yet sophisticated products.