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postheadericon Few experiences beat a balloon ride

Few Experiences Beat a Balloon Ride

The whole experience of a balloon ride from inflating the balloon to packing it away – and, of course, the flight itself – is much loved by participants. Enjoy a new perspective on the world with a balloon flight.

It’s thrilling and yet gentle; it’s controlled and yet unpredictable.

Few experiences beat a balloon ride.

From the safety instructions, through helping to inflate the balloon, the flight itself and to the landing and recovery – the whole experience is a wonder.

A balloon flight is different from all other forms of flying; you can see for the full 360 degrees all around you, as well as up and down, and you feel at one with the elements as the breeze takes you where it will – yet you don’t feel it at all as you’re riding with it. You rise up off the ground and the world turns into a model with familiar landmarks taking on new perspectives, and you can often see wildlife. The feeling of peace and tranquillity is unmatched by any other experience you can think of. There really is nothing like a balloon ride.

Most balloon operators enhance your day with a glass of champagne – but that’s only a tiny reason for taking a balloon flight. Much more important are:

• The chance to really get away from it all

• The uninterrupted views of the British countryside

• The sights and sounds from several hundred feet above the ground

• The camaraderie of your fellow passengers in a flight with nature.

In keeping with the best weather patterns for ballooning, a <a href=””> balloon ride</a> would normally take place at dawn or dusk, and booking can be taken for individuals, pairs or groups. Booking online for balloon flights is now commonplace and you can reserve your place within minutes of finding a balloon website and a take-off location near you.

Passengers are not put off by helping to inflate the balloon and pack it away after landing. In fact, they say, that’s all part of the wonderful experience.

Balloon flights make wonderful gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries or corporate outings. Take them beyond the four corners of the earth. What a way to impress!

postheadericon Kiteboarding equipment – information to help you know the equipment you need

Kiteboarding Equipment – Information To Help You Know The Equipment You Need

Kiteboarding is a great adventure sport where a lot of enthusiasm, zeal and stamina are required. However, it also needs quite a bit of kitesurfing equipment to play it safe and enjoying the activity and so are specified below.

? You must always have the Impact Vests when you are kiteboarding because they are quite a necessity.

? Kites are obviously the key items in kiteboarding. There are many sparingly used kites that come with a warranty that guarantees against problems such as failures.

? You will also need kiteboarding travel bags and accessory backpacks because you will need to take the equipment to the site for kiteboarding.

? The Twin Tip, the Directional or the Hybrid directional and the Wake style are the three different styles in which the kiteboards are available. There are two sections in the Directional variety – the front and the back and they are used for direction, but in the Twin Tip type, there are no such sections and they can thus be steered to any direction, and that too without jibing. Wake style boards can on the other hand go either to the front or the back because they are dual directional kiteboards.

? Also essential for the sport is kitesurfing equipment that includes foot straps, pads and fins.

? Trainer Kites often prove helpful for beginners that have not yet mastered the skills of kiteboarding. The fact is that, those who are beginners need to give as much as 80% of the effort to control the kite because the art of controlling the power source which is the kite needs to be learned.

? Wet suits are needed for keeping the person protected against the chill.

? Another important gear is the harnesses which includes harness spreader bars, nitrous shorts, harness knives, waist harness and seat harness offering you the much needed security and pleasure.

? There are also many types of Kiteboarding Power Kites like the HQ Montana 5.0, the HQ Rush 250 and the HQ Beamer II TSR 3.6.

? The Landboards are great because they offer you new ways in which you can leverage the kite’s power and the board ride.

? Instructional DVDs are not absolute necessities but in most cases a learner of the sport find them most essential because the person is able to learn the sport quickly by going through them.

Your safety should always be of primary importance because if you are not secured, how can you enjoy yourself and this is why you must never compromise on the kitesurfing equipment. So go ahead and get the best equipment, remain safe and you will surely enjoy the sport. If you are a thrill seeker, you will surely have a great time with the adventure sport of kiteboarding. In the earlier days kiteboarding was popular only in the US, but not anymore – now you will find kiteboarders almost everywhere in the world. is where you will find the latest kiteboarding equipment. You can also learn more about kiteboarding gear here.

postheadericon Minnesota vikings vs

Minnesota Vikings Vs. New Orleans Saints NFC Championship Predictions

Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints 2010 NFC Championship Opening Betting Odds – Drew Brees lead the Saints and the city of New Orleans to a Super Bowl birth. This game can be looked at as a toss up but Drew Brees has waited 3 long years since the Bears dominated them in Chicago in the 06′-07′ NFC title game. 2010 NFC Championship Opening Betting Odds New Orleans Saints -4 favorites. This team is more mature, Brees is more mature, the coach is more mature and the city of New Orleans has waited decades to host this game.

Games are won on more than emotion but I think the Saints execute the way they did against the Cards and the exploit the loss of Henderson at LB for the Vikes. NFL Sports Lines Odds NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings +4 underdogs. The New Orleans Saints are ranked 1 on offense, averaging 404.7 yards per game. The Saints are averaging 134.5 yards rushing and 270.2 yards passing so far this season.

The Minnesota Vikings are ranked 6 on offense, averaging 376.3 yards per game. The Vikings are averaging 119.2 yards rushing and 257.1 yards passing so far this season. The New Orleans Saints are 7-2 at home this season, and against 10-3 NFC opponents. NFC Championship Sports Odds Lines list the total Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints set at 52.5 points.At home the Saints are averaging 33.2 scoring, and holding teams to 20.7 points scored on defense. The Minnesota Vikings are 4-4 while on the road this season, and 10-3 against NFC opponents. On the road, the Vikings are averaging 26.0 scoring, and holding teams to 23.5 points scored on defense. Check out Las Vegas Odds at