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postheadericon Create your own skateboard graphic

Create Your Own Skateboard Graphic

Many skateboarders are artistic, and like to put their creations on their skateboards. A lot of skaters use spray paint and put stencils on their boards. Others will use markers, sharpies, and stickers to decorate their boards. Some skaters will buy blank decks solely for the purpose of putting their designs on it. Just like riding skateboards, designing skateboards can be a hobby of its own too.

Stencils are a great way to create cool skateboard graphics. Stencils can be used in many different ways. You can use just one color to make one solid image, or you can use multiple colors and layer different stencils over each other to make one image. This gives a really cool effect. Just draw an image and cut it out to make a template. The best thing to use is cardboard because it is sturdy. The left over border of cardboard will be your template.

You can then use spray paint of any color to paint on your image. Make sure to not move the cardboard template while painting. Use tape to hold it down. If you want a more complex image with more colors, you can create different templates to go over the first one. This can be a little tricky, but if you are creative, it can be done. Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying another layer. If you can’t draw very well, use tracing paper to trace any image.

When I first began designing my own skateboards I used stencils but recently I found a new method. It’s actually the BEST way to design your own board. allows you to upload any image you have created and place it on a blank skateboard deck. The decks offered from the website are very high quality 100% maple. I have ordered many and they are very durable boards. The company will then laser print your designed image on the deck. This looks just like Pro model decks offered from skateboard companies. It is a very high quality laser printed design. They will then ship you the deck. It cost just as much as a deck you would buy at a skateshop about 60 dollars.

To learn more about this awesome website and see some of my skateboard designs Click Here!

postheadericon Goose hunting blind – 3 features of the perfect blind

Goose Hunting Blind – 3 Features Of The Perfect Blind

It is very essential to choose the precise goose hunting blind suiting your requirements from the variety of blinds. As hunting methods and procedures differ from hunter to hunter,
finding the exac hunting blind for goose is significant both for ease in hunting as also succeeding in knowing your limit.

The appropriate blind will differ from individual to individual. The major differentiations in goose blind comprise of the following:

1. Variety of fabric – There seems to be some kind of disagreement between hunters which is a better fabric artificial or natural for a goose blind. With new variety of disguise and designing of fabric, both are ok it depends on the circumstances you would be hunting in. Artificial fabrics are water resistant, lighter and finer hence more susceptible to damage beyond restoration. Fabrics that are natural are easy to repair, longer lasting but at the same time heavier and susceptible to mold formation and mildew hence need to be dried.

2. Variety of Roof

Various alternative options are available for goose blind roof. Theroof that is spring loaded is the best option. This roof easily swings open and allows a 360-degree line of view and firing. Next alternative is roof that is zipper-closed, which can also be utilized as ablind for a deer or turkey. This roof is slow to open and there is normally some obstacle. In case you are hunting over fields and water where wing shots are unnecessary, they might be both sensible and well organized.

3. Ditch or over the ground

A ditch style blind is quite a grand idea particularly if the camouflage is not perfect for an over the land hunting blind. With a ditch also, a disguised cover would still be needed. In extreme cold and wet climate a ditch blind is quite uncomfortable, but can be very successfully disguised, also in a flat field. An over the ground hunting blind is normally used in locations where there is natural bushy or tree lined area along the stream or along side of the field. Some of the blinds that are very low can be utilized in either circumstance.

Selecting the exact goose hunting blind to buy is best done by trying out a couple of varied styles. You can plan and attend hunting exhibitions, chat with other hunters or contact a couple of guides to find out advantages and disadvantages of variety of styles of blinds. Plus online reviews and forums on goose hunting can be great areas to get thoughts and guidelines on the blind that will suit you.

postheadericon Beginner triathlete-novice ironman/why do the ironman

Beginner Triathlete-Novice Ironman/Why Do The Ironman?

Why do the Ironman Triathlon?
I’ve lost track of how many times over the years I’ve been asked why I commit so much of my time to preparing for yet another Ironman.
For a long time I found it difficult to come up with a reasonable response, because often I wasn’t sure myself. I think what makes it difficult, is goals change as the years pass and so would the answer to the question.
At first like so many others, I was “Ironstruck”. When I first saw this event I was drawn toward it and made the decision that I just had to cross that finish line. Despite the fact that I couldn’t swim a stroke and had never been on a racing bike I was compelled by some unseen force to do this race.
Once I consciously made the decision, there was no turning back and my life took on a new direction. It was easily the most important and life-changing decision I have ever made. It touched every single aspect of my life.
At 56 years old I don’t plan to do an Ironman every year from this point on. However I’ve learned from my long Ironman career how important maintaining a healthy lifetstyle is to a persons quality of life.
My plan is to do my next Ironman in my 60th year. There is no confusion “why” any longer when I am asked that question yet again.
By setting that goal, I realize that I will have to stay fit between now and then. It also means that when that starting gun goes off 4 years from now, I will be going into my 60’s in absolute peak condition. Most likely among the fittest 60 year olds in the world. Really not a bad group to be a part of at that stage in ones life. How that particular race turns out really has no bearing on anything. Just making it there is reward in itself.
I strongly believe that how successful or rich a person is doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference when a twist of fate strips it all away and makes people from all walks of life materially equal and dependent on their own physical strength, courage, and adaptibility in order to survive.
The world is changing and events like 9-11 and hurricane Katrina are examples of catastrophic events that knew no boundaries and in an instant left individuals with nothing but the ability they possessed within themselves to at least provide a fighting chance to survive.
Of course it doesn’t mean everyone has to begin training for the Ironman Triathlon– one of the most challenging events in the world. However, to meet the unexpected circumstance of an ever-changing world, it behooves all of us to take care of our physical well-being to the best of our ability. At any age and yes, even as we settle into the retirement years.
Perhaps the best way to explain what I mean is an example I used in a previous article.
Twenty years ago, had I found myself in the middle of a lake, 5 miles from shore with no lifejacket–I would have drowned in 2 or 3 minutes. Now it would be an opportunity for a long training swim.
The Ironman has given me that ability and that confidence. I owe this amazing event so much.