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postheadericon Experience co-ed camp in different ways

Experience Co-ed Camp in Different Ways

Nature is burgeoning with contrastingly complimentary shades. The sun and moon, earth and sky, fire and water, snow and sand, deserts and rivers. If we take a closer look, we can conclude that both entities prevail in perfect tandem and seamlessly move forward to the next era of evolution. But, one of the staking contrasts of nature is yet to find itself in par with its counter creation and it has been waging a battle for centuries to gain its share of existence. What we are talking about is the ultimate stupendous creation of God. Man and Woman.

Though it is prevalent in practice to address human beings as ‘Man’, they are, as a matter of fact, an embodiment of both faces of nature. Man and Women. Though they were created for progeny, to carry the lineage of mankind, it is desirable and to understand the intricacies in the relationship between them. Today’s world is an open stage where one is thrown open to all streams of exploitation and experimentation. There is no channel of guidance to make them understand the freedom and responsibility they are ushered into. Thus, in order to ensure a safe and congenial society, we need to make the younger and emerging generation understand the meaning of creating two poles of nature and inculcate the wisdom of gender justice in them.

Attending Co-education camps organized by self motivated groups can prove to be an eye opener to the wavering adolescence, which is forever curious to discover the carnal desire of flesh. Accepted, it is one of the basic instincts of mankind; one has to be mature and wise enough to indulge in these activities. A camp, or a get together where they are given a chance to mingle together, can enlighten the stronger sex to review their notion of seeing women as ordinary objects of pleasures and instill in them the knowledge to understand the needs and ambitions of the other gender. Girls, for example, can gain confidence of their equality when they work hand in hand with boys, compelled to be the stronger sex. Boys, on the other hand, get to see girls as their companions and not as competitors that would, to a certain amount bring down the urge to suppress the fairer sex eventually.

It can be given to understand and analyze that both the creations of God was done so to compliment each other and not to be a subsidiary of the other. Both are provided with same emotions, attractions and duties in life (though motherhood is a blessed boon for women); Society will be a safer place devoid of eve-teasing, domestic violence and sexual harassment. Men are made to understand the ability and potential of women, partake and share responsibilities in the law of society, treat them as peers and allow them to pursue what they believe in. With more and more women making a mark for themselves in all fields, it is important to acknowledge their contribution in spite of playing the second fiddle so far. A saying goes there is a woman behind every successful man. Changing trends may rewrite it to there is an equally successful woman behind every successful man.

postheadericon Learning to telemark ski has its challenges but is a fast learning sport for avid alpine skiers

Learning to Telemark Ski Has Its Challenges But is a Fast Learning Sport for Avid Alpine Skiers

Telemark skiing definitely a physically demanding sport as its best described as doing squats as you ski, downhill. As K2 is quoted saying ‘if it were easy, it would be called snowboarding’.

Telemark skiing remains a minority sport, despite the improvement in equipment and ultimately in where the telemark ski can take you. The telemark ski turn originated in a region in Sweden, called the Telemark region, in the late 1800’s. In the early 1900’s north Americans adapted the sport modifying Nordic skiing on slopes.

In the 1980’s telemark skis looked similar to alpine skis, yet used a soft leather boot, similar to a Nordic ski. Boots were originally made with three pin holes at the bottom of the front of the boot which would secure into pin bindings. This is why telemark skiers are often referred to as “pinheads”. Now, cable bindings allow the boot to slide in (without the pins) while restraining the boot with a cable suspension system. This allows for more control with the telemark ski turns.

The early 1990’s marked the beginning of the firmer, stiffer boot still offering flexibility demanded by the telemark turn. Some telemarkers are still using the soft leather boot, but the most commonly sought after boot is made of polymer, creating a stiff boot with flexibility built in the forefoot of the boot.

Telemark skis are lighter and more flexible than alpine skis, yet similar in their width. Most ski manufacturers are creating their own selection of Telemark skis since the physical demands of Telemark skiing differs greatly from alpine skiing.

Access is not limited to the ski slopes with telemark skis. Telemark skiing is also your passport to the backcountry. With skins on your telemark skis, you can climb into the alpine, remove your skins and ski down on untouched powder. Be sure to gear up in insulated thermal underwear, proper outerwear and carry survival gear.

With great form and telemark skis there are no limits in snow country. Free your heal. Free your Mind

postheadericon How to wax a surfboard

How to Wax a Surfboard

Believe it or not, there’s an art to this.

Wax is the only thing connecting your feet to your board so it pays to get it right.

1. Score Some Wax.

1 bar basecoat.

1 bar wax. It’s important the temperature rating suits your break or the wax won’t do it’s thing.

Get a wax comb too.

2. Remove Old Wax.

Leave your deck in the sun for 20 minutes till wax is soft, but not runny. Use the flat scraper on the comb to remove it.

You can also use a Wax Pickle or special surf wax solvent to get it all off if you’re keen (now is not the time to get DIY with funky chemicals or you may melt your board).

2. Apply Basecoat.

Hold the bar at a 45 degree angle so you rub with the edge.

Rub basecoat on lightly in a circular motion – roughly 25cm (10”) circles.

If you’re a learner/intermediate then go hard and cover ? of the deck from the tail up.

Don’t wax the side rails, but do rub a little where your hands grip to pop and duck dive.

Use about ? of the bar and you should have lot’s of sweet little bumps.

Do one final layer rubbing rail to rail, then tip to tail.

3. Apply Wax.

Now gently apply wax, again with the bar on an angle rubbing in small-ish circles.

You want to end up with nice small round bumps.

4. Future Care.

Use a wax comb with diagonal cross-hatching strokes to revitalise traction from time to time.

Keep your wax in a plastic snaplock bag so it doesn’t get covered in crap and melt all over your pimp ride.

Always put your board in your bag the same way up or you’ll get wax on both sides of the bag, which means wax on both sides of your board. That’ll slow you down.

When your wax gets flat start again from Step 1.

I just wish it tasted as good as it smells.

Visit for more tips to improve your surfing.