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postheadericon Learn atv first time buyer tips

Learn Atv First Time Buyer Tips

If you are considering purchasing an ATV, you should be aware that they are a big investment. Aside form the initial cost that can run from a few hundred dollars for an older used model to $5,000 or more, you also have top maintain your ATV just like your car. They require oil, gas, and eventually you will have to replace broken parts.
Buying an ATV is not a decision to be taken lightly, and you must consider your needs to determine which ATV is right for you. If you are a beginner, you should start with an inexpensive simple model that will give you practice riding. After you are comfortable, you can upgrade to a more advanced model. You will also need safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, and goggles. Some accessories are not necessary for the casual rider such as winches, unless you plan on using your ATV for work purposes.
Before you buy your ATV, think about what you want out of your ATV experience. You may want to ride for fun, to experience the outdoors and be a part of the excitement. You may want to use your ATV to haul things or help with other work such as plowing snow. You may find that your ATV can be both fun and useful. The reason you are purchasing your ATV should be the deciding factor in which type you buy. If you want it for fun, a light model without all the accessories will be fine. If you want it for work purposes, you should look into getting the accessories you need such as a winch, plow, and hitch. You will also be better off going with a heavier model that is designed for work.
The type of engine you want in your ATV is also decided by your purpose. A 2-stroke engine takes a mix of oil and gas and is better fit for riding for fun. A 4-stroke engine is better suited as a work horse. You will also have to decide which type of transmission you want, an automatic or manual. ATV’s with an automatic transmission are easier to drive just like automatic cars.
If you have experience driving a manual transmission, you may prefer the control that a manual transmission offers. You can also get a semi-automatic transmission, which is a cross between the two. You can get advice on which type is best for you from your ATV dealership or online.
You will also have to decide which type of starter you want. Some ATV’s have an electric start, some have a kick start, and some have a pill start. While this is not the most important factor in choosing an ATV, it can make a difference. If you prefer ease of use, an electric push button start is best for you. With a kick start you have to push a lever with your foot located on the bottom of your ATV.
A pull start operates the same way as a lawnmower where you pull a cord to start you ATV. You should do plenty of research before deciding and be sure to get an ATV that fits your needs.

postheadericon Deer hunting – hunt and play, all for free

Deer Hunting – Hunt And Play, All For Free!

If you love to play these hunting games, we have some good news! There are many places where you may go online those offer free deer hunt games which you might play. These sites which have free deer hunt games may be found very easily by performing a net search with a preferred search engine. We always prefer Google and while we searched as “deer hunting games for free”, hundreds of solutions came up quickly.

Almost all the sites which have free deer hunt games would ask you to be a member of the site. All this needs usually only an e-mail id and one user name and a password which you need to create. Just as the free deer hunt games in the website, membership is free too. After you register, you would be ready for playing. But as you do, take a see their site and look out for some things which they have to give for the members.

Many of these web sites with deer hunting games for free would also have communities for message board where you may chat with many others about the game and also about other subjects. You may develop friendships with many people from every part of the world who might like hunting games like you do.

The other nice part about these sites which have free deer hunt games is the choices which they give for gamers. These deer hunting games for free aren’t just easy simulations of some video games which you may play in a video game console. They’ve various environments for hunting, various deer sizes for trying and shooting, and levels which you may move up as you would become better by practicing more. Plus, you might then go back to our message board and blog about the hunting progress.

Sites with deer hunt games for free also make you to select various weapons for hunting. You may often select from one bow to every arrow, various shotgun sizes, pistols, and lot more. Then you may see which of these weapons suit you or try improving your skills with which you’re not quite similar to.

Believe us, there’s no shortage of sites where you may go online where you might find hunting games for free. Try any one or all and keep experimenting. But beware, that it might get obsessive, hence be very careful such that you won’t let it rule over your life! You have a family which needs you badly, so make the deer hunting games for free just a hobby!

postheadericon Burton snowboards teams up with adidas

Burton Snowboards teams up with Adidas


Some partnerships miss the mark, some by a little bit and some by a mile. Pretty sure that Burton and Adidas have hit the nail right on the head though. Burton and Adidas Originals are getting together to create a limited edition of men’s apparel and footwear that is sure to be some sick threads and loafers.

The special collaboration is set to hit select Adidas Originals and Burton stores around the world in November. With 21 apparel pieces and seven styles of footwear there is sure to be something for everyone. The Adidas originals Trefoil with Burton branding have prices ranging from $40-$350 for apparel and $90-$200 for footwear, start saving!

Before you get all crazy thinking ‘what does Adidas have to do with snowboarding?” Adidas may belong in the snowboarding community a bit more than you would imagine, Ben Pruess the Vice President of Adidas Originals is also, get this, a former professional snowboarder. Once a snowboarder, always a snowboarder and Pruess has made sure that the collaboration is snowboarder friendly.

The line which consists of fleece tops, three-quarter length trenches, down jackets and footwear is designed with a snowboarder in mind. The footwear offers collapsible heels for an easy exit but also offers a high top type design for getting through slush and sludge with no issue. The apparel offers some great moisture wicking properties and waterproof quality for wear on and off the hill.

It’s a one shot deal currently but as sure as snowboarding is awesome you can bet there will be further talks once the line is released and definitely once it does well with the snowboard community. You have officially been warned, so be on the lookout for this awesome collaboration and don’t miss out.

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