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postheadericon Hunting- a brief history

Hunting- A Brief History

People have been hunting for the sake of shelter, food and clothing since time immemorial. It predates civilization as we know it today in more ways than one. this notion can be confirmed by many discoveries. For instance, a recently discovered Asian fossilized spearhead dates to more than 16000 years ago. There is also enough evidence to prove that large animals were used as food more than two million years back.

Many experts claim that the hunting in its earliest form involved weapons such as bows and arrows, spears etc shot from a distance. Although it is difficult to believe, our ancestors caught food much the same way as we catch a train we are about to miss. They ran after it. Long before weapons came into the picture and before man discovered the use of long-range tools, he had no choice but to catch his dinner through persistence on a long trek, sometimes even in the hot midday sun. There were some hunters who chased antelopes in 100 degrees heat for over 20 miles. Persistence hunting was the necessary method. Often African hunters chased Kudus, which is a kind of antelope, by alarming the animal so that it runs away. The beast would be chased at a fast pace, and although the animal would be far ahead, the hunter would catch up with it when it stopped to rest in the shade. Eventually, the hunter would finish off the animal with a spear after he had reached a close enough range. This kind of hunting still prevails in South Africa.

As human society changed, so did hunting. People began growing their own food and keeping animals and so hunting came to become a specialized task. Hunting was no longer a just a masculine endeavor, but it became a duty that tradesmen had to acquire specialized training in. Another trend that caught was hunting becoming a sport or leisure activity for those belonging to the upper class. This is the context in which the word “game” gained popularity.

There are many other effects of hunting on modern society. A lot of animals are used to help out the hunter, but the one animal that has gained the top position is the dog. The dog is one step apart as the ancestors of wolves have also been used to retrieve the prey. The domestication of this animal, which has taken more than thousand years, is considered a great accomplishment. The connection between man, dog and hunting goes back to so long ago that in Greek, the word for hunting is derived from the word for dog.

The safari can be considered the most popular kind of hunt, which was made even more famous by the author Ernest Hemingway. The word is a Swahili word that means long journey and the most common safari are the ones that occur in Africa. It involves several days and weeks of camping and hunting or stalking animals. In the modern sense, a safari goes on to include trips to African national parks in order to watch or hunt big game. Unlike their ancestors who ran down their prey years ago, an African hunter nowadays have acquired special license and enlist the aid of professionals. There is also a new version of safari where none of the animals are killed. There is a safari called the photo safari, which is exactly what it sounds like. A polish photographer called this safari the bloodless hunt.

postheadericon Enjoy the live action with live cricket video

Enjoy the Live Action With Live Cricket Video

With a series of upcoming tournaments, the cricket fever is yet to engulf us all once more. This is going to be a crucial time for all the cricket players and fans. There are plenty of important matches coming up and the fans are looking forward to some great game in the fields. However, not everyone is lucky to catch the fun of the real and live action on the field. For this reason the option of live cricket video has earned huge popularity in a very short period of time.

Live cricket video is more or less a blessing for the avid cricket freaks who cannot take the pleasure of watching a live cricket match on the field or on their television sets. There are several demanding situations when you are almost compelled to drop your plan of watching a live cricket match. Mostly it is the hectic work schedule and the constraints of official deadlines. Thankfully, the introduction of Internet has solved this restriction to some extent. Now, one can easily catch the entire cricket match through the option of numerous sports websites. These websites widely present the live cricket video, so that the cricket fans can keep the track of the match even at work. Straight from the toss to the closing ceremony, every ball is telecast on these sports websites providing live cricket video.

Another valid reason to opt for online live cricket video is the unavailability of television sets and no network facility. It happens many times, that you have to travel on the date of a crucial cricket match. It is obvious, that you cannot carry a television set everywhere. During such situations, these website serve the purpose. You can follow the complete match on your laptop. Secondly, if you happen to visit to a country, where cricket is not very popular among the populace then they may not telecast your much awaited cricket match there. At this point of time you can simply utilize your membership with the sports website to get the glimpse of live cricket match. This cricket video also shows the score box, graph chart and stinkers on every run, sixes and wicket. This is of great convenience, especially when one is working simultaneously.

After all this, you must be wandering on how to get live cricket video. All the sports associated websites are now offering the facility of live cricket. And this calls for confusion as to which is the best to opt for. It is recommended that one should not go for websites that has the provision of free downloading as the quality of their audio and video is generally poor. Therefore, they only result in wastage of your time and efforts. Most of the cricket fans rely on the payable sport websites. However, you have to be very alert for making a decision. Demand for a trial period, before investing your money. Make sure that both the visual and audio system of the site is in sync and of good quality.

postheadericon Equipment required hunting camps – 3 things you can’t do without

Equipment Required Hunting Camps – 3 Things You Can’t Do Without

Camps are of two varieties. You can go on a day-long camping trip or you can arrange a camp that extends over the night. If you want to plan a trip overnight in a wood, you need to purchase some hunting camp equipment. The right type of hunting camp equipment can be of great help to you when you are camping in the wild. You can purchase most of this equipment at any local outdoor activities equipment store.

1. Tents

The tent is of utmost importance for any hunting camp especially if you are planning to camp in a dangerous, swampy area. It can give you ample protection not only from the cold winds, but also from dangerous night animals.

Tents are designed in such a way that it is easy to put them up and take them down. Being water resistant, they protect you from water if it rains. Therefore, a tent is something you have to purchase if you plan to go on a hunting camp.

2. Sleeping Bag

You will also require a sleeping bag. When you purchase a sleeping bag, remember to check if it fits your body. If you are large-sized, you will require an oversized sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is designed in such a way that you can zip it all around your body.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you will not like a close-fitting sleeping bag. In such a case, you will have to purchase a sleeping bag large enough for your comfort.

The price of a sleeping bag depends on its quality. If you purchase a cheap sleeping bag, you are not bound to be comfortable with it. If you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep, you have to spend some extra money on a sleeping bag.

3. Other Useful Things

Several other bits of hunting camp equipment will be of great use to you. For example, taking a utility knife when you go on a hunting trip will be of immense help to you. A utility knife is called so because it is highly utilitarian and can be utilized in any number of ways.

A utility knife is the one thing that you absolutely need when you go on a hunting camp that can last for a number of days. You can use it for a variety of things. f you have caught a rabbit, you will require your utility knife to skin it before you roast it over your camp fire. A utility knife will be of great help to you if you want to cut wood for your camp fire and cut open the strings of various packs, to mention a few of its uses. I

Remember to include all these things if you are making a plan to go on a hunting camp for several days. These useful items will be of great help to you if you choose to live in the wild for some days.