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Low Cost Best Adventures of Australia

Adventure and Australia can never be separated as they stand as the forerunner in finding new ways of having adventure and giving excitement for general public. There are numerous adventure events that are available at very low price in Australia. The excitement and thrill provided by all those sports in general have been very high and very exciting at a very low cost. To drive a V8 supercar at Albert Park for a single lap ride will cost you just $99 which is very low when compared to driving a supercar in a formula one circuit. This is just one small sample of how low the cost of real adventure is given to the general public.

The V8 supercar racing is the first adventure events conducted by V8 Supercars Australia which allows general people to drive their favorite Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore in Albert Park or Calder Park and in all the race circuits of Australia where they would have enjoyed watching their own superstars racing around the circuit and winning the championship. Driving a supercar at speed of 250 mph and roaring around the circuit spinning the wheels of a V8 Holden Commodore is always an exciting stuff.

Skydiving Wollongong is another best adventure event provided to the public and tourist of Australia. Unlike V8 supercar racing where you have to hold a manual drivers license to drive a supercar to attempt a skydiving Wollongong you just need to be medically fit and pass a fitness test after which you will be allowed to experience the most high thrill of your life time.

The skydiving Wollongong is very famous in Australia because of the beautiful vicinity surrounding Wollongong beaches and the best skydiving spots available in the beaches of Wollongong. The skydiving Wollongong would cost you just $279 which will give you the chance of having one jump from a height of 14000 feet and specialist training on skydiving along with the skydiving gears. More than this you can also record the video or take photographs of your jump and the thrill you experienced in attempting skydiving Wollongong.

The other adventure activities are mountain climbing and mountain abseiling which comes at a very low price of $79 to $225. The most beautiful adventure rides provided in many parts of Australia is the hot air balloon ride. The hot air balloon ride is provided to a complete family at a very low price of $350 which includes a ride of more than one hour and what more you can celebrate the birthday of your loved ones in the flying hot air balloon.

Australia has always been the perfect place to enjoy the thrill and adventure of extreme sports. The best spot for tourist to enjoy travelling and attempting these wonderful adventure activities. The country of different origin will also provide you with worlds’ finest cuisines and different food varieties. The land of adventure is the best place on the earth to tour and have the feel of excitement.

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Buy Swim Goggles From Made-in-china

A pair of swim goggles is provided which incorporates a timing device with a visual display in the swimmer’s field of vision and automatic actuation upon contact with water. A lens allows the wearer to read the display located near the eye. A preferred embodiment incorporates this lens into the corner contour of the eye shield. Other embodiments provide the lens, timing device, display, power and related circuitry in a module insertable in an opening in one eye covering. The timing device can assist a swimmer in pacing and measuring elapsed time, in both recreational and competitive swimming.

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Learn About Tiger Woods And Golf

In August of 1996, the face of golf was forever changed when a very successful amateur player named Tiger Woods officially became a professional golfer. Tiger has been credited with renewing interest in the game of golf. At just twenty-one years old, he brought youth and vitality to the game of golf with his great game and his outgoing attitude.

Woods was a child prodigy who began to play golf at the age of two. In 1978, he putted against comedian Bob Hope in a television appearance on The Mike Douglas Show. At age three, Woods shot a 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, California, and at age five, he appeared in Golf Digest and on ABC’s That’s Incredible.

At the age of 15 Tiger Woods became the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur Open Champion in golf history. He would go on to win the tournament three more times making him the event’s only multiple winner as well as the youngest. Continuing his record breaking career, Woods was the youngest to win the U.S. Amateur Championship which bought him a ticket into the PGA Masters. He tied for 41st making him the only amateur to make the cut.

His professional career has been just as prolific. Immediately upon turn pro, Tiger signed endorsement deals worth $60 million with Nike and Titleist. He played his first round of professional golf at the Greater Milwaukee Open. He tied for 60th place in his pro debut, but would go on to win two events in the next three months, and qualify for the Tour Championship.

Tiger Woods is the only golfer to win the PGA Player of the Year award in the year following his rookie season. The following April, Woods won his first golf major, The Masters, by a record margin of 12 strokes, became the youngest Masters winner, and the first winner of African or Asian descent.

He eventually set a total of 20 Masters records and tied 6 others, and has been the highest-profile golfer in the world ever since. He would go on to win an additional three PGA Tour events that year, and on June 15, 1997, Woods rose to the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings for the first time. Tiger Woods achieved this in only his 42nd week as a professional – the fastest ever ascent to the No. 1 ranking.

Currently ranked #1 in the world, there’s no doubt about it that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has made the game of golf fun again as we all watch to see him continue to break records and win tournaments.