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postheadericon Mondial du ski morzine-avoriaz (board testing weekend)

Mondial du Ski Morzine-Avoriaz (Board Testing Weekend)

The Mondial du Ski is synonymous with the beginning of the winter ski season. This year the epic event took place in Avoriaz 12th- 13th December 2009 and featured the new addition of the ‘The Rock-On Snowboard Tour’. This event had travelled from Snowhall Amneville to Les Deux Alpes to Piau Engaly and finished in Avoriaz 1800, kicking off the beginning of the winter season at every stop. Not only were the itching skiers and snowboarders able to hit the slopes this weekend, but it also provided a chance to catch up with old friends and test over 1000 boards from approximately 25 manufacturers. Burton, Ride, Santa Cruz, Lib Tech, K2, Battalion and Forum were amongst those who had stalls this year. The testing didn’t just stop at boards, as boots, bindings and advice from the pros were also available. The test centres didn’t provide for skiers but that didn’t stop their fun, as Avoriaz, part of the world’s largest interlinked ski area, hosted an extravaganza of parties and live music and Djs. There were also pro-contests and demos, an amateur contest known as ‘Rider Hero Analog’, a video contest ‘Rec your Band’, an Ollie Battle and even a movie premiere of ‘Locked Outside by Homies’.

As an official Burton Test Centre, rudechalets™ also run a Burton board testing weekend at the beginning of every season. This season the Burton T6, Custom X, Custom V Rocker, Custom ICS, Supermodel, Joystick, Fix, Hero, Easy Livin and Mayhem were available to the men, whilst the women could choose from the Feelgood ICS, Feelgood, V Rocker, Blender and Lipstick. To ensure you get the most out of your weekend the Rude team are at hand to change your boards and set your bindings as often as you please at your convenience.  They also guarantee you are fed like a king whilst you rest your weary limbs in one of their luxurious chalets equipped with an Xbox 360 in every room. The potential to test Burton boards doesn’t stop after this weekend, as Rude guests are welcome to rent boards throughout the season on a daily or weekly basis. They will be continuing their board testing weekend and guaranteeing the new Burton 2011 board range next season so don’t miss out on a stress free holiday with gold class service and expert advice by booking into rudechalets™ and their morzine accommodation

postheadericon Larp necromancers and how to play them in larp games

Larp Necromancers and How to Play Them in Larp Games

Live Action Role Playing – Necromancers in LARP/LRP

The idea of Live Action Role Playing or LARP is to take on a different persona to who you are in everyday life. Whatever genre the game or system you are taking part in is based on will decide and almost definitely limit the type of character that you can play. My article is about playing a Necromancer and the different ways they can be portrayed by you on larp events.

Necromantic Larp Costume

When you go Larping you will need to gather a costume together and a number of props and phys reps that improve and add to the overall look. A classic fantasy Necromancer is likely to be swathed in black, probably a robe and a hood, gloves too can help and a pale complexion of someone who has forgotten what it is like to venture out in daylight. Any extras you can add to this will make the character look more impressive. Skull motifs look good plus a surgeon’s bag or similar collection of instruments needed when dealing with dead bodies.

What is Necromancy in Larp?

The Encarta dictionary describes necromancy as the practice of attempting to communicate with the spirits of the dead in order to predict or influence the future. On Live Action Roleplaying events necromancers will not only talk to the dead but in many cases will attempt to animate them as zombies skeletons or even more powerful types of undead such as mummies wraiths and vampires. A classic live role playing necromancer will be trying to raise an army of undead to conquer the world!

How to make your larp Necromancer a bit different

Not every necromancer has to be the classic fantasy type described above and seen on numerous movies and portrayed in fantasy books. A necromancer can be an expert in all things to do with dead bodies lost civilisations and ancient languages; a slightly darker Indiana Jones. They could be a very scholarly type or a different version of a medium oracle seer or fortune teller. It is up to you whether or not you want to make your larp character that bit more unique and any player in any live role playing system could be their usual class or type during the day but at night has a morbid fascination with all things dead!

How not to get your Larp Necromancer killed

Playing evil characters in larp is always difficult; there is a very fine line between role playing evil and actually turning the other people larping against you. In a player vs player system like Herofest you will find it very important to make friends or allies with other like minded characters and can actually join a necromancers faction called the Tombs of the Dymwan, however remember evil is often selfish and can turn in on itself so beware your allies as well! In a player vs monster larp system like Heroquest make a point of being evil towards the monsters and not towards other players who are then much more likely to fight alongside you and aid you rather than leaving you to get killed by monster attacks.

Other useful information on Necromancers on Larp events

It is always important when starting a new live role playing character to discuss it with the referees who are in charge of that lrp system. They may have particular ground rules for necromancy which you will need to adhere to. In most cases they will be able to aid you with your character background and even link you in with campaign history and past events. Remember like in all larp the most important thing to do is to have fun and enjoy.

postheadericon Appropriate bike accessories for mountain biking

Appropriate Bike Accessories For Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike shops offer several accessories for your bike and there are so many of them that sometimes it can be overwhelming. You don’t need all of them, however. In this article, we will briefly discuss the functions of several bike accessories.

The first thing you should think about is safety. Safety accessories for mountain bike riders are huge. A key accessory for a rider is a safety helmet. Many riders ignore helmets, but no intelligent rider should go without one. There have been too many people with serious head injuries that could have been prevented if they were wearing a helmet, statistics fully back up the significance of helmets. Helmets save lives, it’s that simple. It’s not just your mortality you should be concerned with but also your long-term health. A serious head injury can leave you with a lifetime of health problems. Modern mountain bike helmets are light and sleek and do a better job of protecting your head than their older, heavier ones. In the past, riders looked down on other riders who wore helmets but in recent years that have all changed due to the evolution of mountain biking and new trails and tracks get ever more dangerous. More and more riders choose to wear helmets.

Another important safety accessory for mountain bike riders is lights. If you’re going to be riding at night you should have a light. Even if you’re riding off-road, it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to want a light for your bike. Bike lights these days are made with cutting edge LED lamps so they almost never need to be replaced and most are fitted with rechargeable batteries. You should invest in lights for the front and the back of your bike to make sure you visible from every angle.

Beyond safety accessories, there are plenty of other items which will begin to be necessary as you get into mountain biking. Its not to hard to get stuck in the woods if you don’t bring the most basic mountain bike accessories for the most common repairs on the trail. To be prepared bring a multi-tool designed to repair bikes, tire levers and a patch kit for fixing flats, an extra tube in case your tube us un-repairable, and a mini-pump.

Bring either a water bottle with you or as I recommend take a hydration backpack such as a Camelback or similar product. It is easy to let yourself get dehydrated so bring water with you and drink it on the trail to keep your body running properly as you ride.

There is no shortage of mountain bike accessories and related product that you can buy. The sales staff will certainly sell you anything they can but the real question for beginners and bikers on a budget is not what mountain bike accessories are cool, but what you need to have to make your rides safe and enjoyable. Start with these accessories and you won’t come up short on the trail.

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