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postheadericon A short history of bike messengers (and their fixies)

A Short History of Bike Messengers (and Their Fixies)

Even in our modern information age the bike messenger still has a job. You would think that in the age of the fax and email none but the most special of packages and documents would need to be delivered by hand.

Still, what saved the bike messengers’ 120 year old profession is that inherent human mistrust of all that is new(ish) and the need to physically feel the things that are important.

From my findings it seems that the first bike courier company in North America appeared in the 1880’s. H.T. Baily opened a non-stop delivery service that used couriers on bikes.

In the United States bike couriers got their start in 1894, when a railway strike had mail deliveries stopped in San Francisco. A Fresno bike shop owner got the brilliant idea to set up a route from Fresno to San Francisco, which had remarkable success.

Soon enough big companies also started using bicycles to do deliveries, at first including Western Union and eventually even the US Postal Office.

With the appearance of UPS and DHL and other big delivery companies messenger services started to suffer, but bicycle messengers still provide faster service for local deliveries.

In the 20’s and 30’s bike messengers. Even though most businesses called on specialized companies to take care of their needs some companies had their own messengers, Tamblyn Drug Stores being having one of the biggest messenger “fleets”.

Due to the fact that messengers became more commonly used to transport pricier packages (and more than often even money) they became prey to thieves and muggers. At one point there were even gangs specialized in robbing bike messengers, making things so bad that in places like Toronto nighttime deliveries were stopped for some time.

The best known messenger company after the Second World War was founded by Carl Sparks in 1945, in San Francisco. Sparkie’s later became Aero which was bought by CitySprint in 1998.

Today’s bike messengers are as modern as they come: phones with internet access, state of the art walkie-talkies or even gps devices (though most use the good old paper maps), but the most important piece of their kit is often a throwback to the past – fixed gear bikes.

Though fixed gear bikes (or fixies) might be viewed by outsiders as an unnecessary headache bike messengers use them for a good reason: when you cycle 80 to 100 miles everyday for work, the more pieces your bike has the more chances there are for something to break down.

However, many messengers prefer to take it easy on their knees but still keep it simple so they use single speeds. For those who don’t know the difference – a fixed gear is a single speed without a freewheel – on a fixie the pedals will always spin while the bike is moving.

Theft is a very serious issue for bike messengers, especially when you consider they have to leave it on the street and a suitable anchoring structure can’t always be found. Most messengers wear thick chains around their waist and secure the bikes with U locks whenever possible.

postheadericon P90x workout is the modern life must

P90x workout is the modern life must

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postheadericon Larp campaigns

Larp Campaigns

Why have a Larp Campaign

Going on a LARP adventure weekend is a lot of fun in itself. As with most hobbies people who take up larp become very involved and like to play events a number of times every year usually as the same character. Going on one off adventures that have a beginning and an end is great and is necessary as players need to feel that they have completed something when the event finishes. However if there is something on the next weekends larp event that ties in to the one you have just played it adds an extra bit of excitement and the continuity helps players to feel that are taking part in more complete world.

Campaign Examples

Whilst there are many different types of larp events I am going to discuss medieval fantasy campaigns as they are the most common throughout the world. A good example of a campaign is the one that Heroquest-larp ran a few years back; it was called the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and the overall theme was that the necromancers of the world had discovered a way to turn anyone that died into an undead creature. They then instigated a war so that there would be more combat more deaths and hence more undead. The players that went on heroquest Larping events that year were constantly battling more and harder undead as the year progressed. Although each adventure had its own unique plot players soon became aware that once it got dark you had to be more alert and set guards at all times and the fear and the tension made the events more enjoyable.

How to end a Larp campaign

The first thing to do when writing a larp campaign is to decide how it will end and to ensure that this is a grand event which as many players can take part in as possible. Taking the example above Heroquest ran a weeklong event where the players discovered a way to block the control that necromancy held over the undead. This was difficult to achieve but the result was that all the undead turned on their masters and the necromancers were defeated.

How to start a Larp campaign

Firstly you should advertise to your players that a new campaign is beginning so that the first event will involve as many people as possible who can then tell others of what they learnt both in games and of. When on the actual Live Action Role-playing event of the new campaign have the players achieve something whilst gaining information about further threats. Again in the dawn of the dead the players were on a weekend event where they noticed both Saturday and Sunday that the people they had killed on the days before were coming back and attacking them as undead the following days.

Make sure you have some twists and sub plots

It is important to have unexpected events and for things to happen that the players will not see coming; just like reading a good book or watching a good film, if the participants can always see what is about to happen it is not as enjoyable. The main Heroquest twist was to have the players ally with a lich lord who although was a powerful undead itself was not happy with the power the necromancers were gaining and wanted to stop them but couldn’t do it alone.

Larp campaign tips

It is a good idea not to set everything in stone at the start; by this I mean be flexible and allow room for change. No matter how great my original ideas may seem I always find room for improvement as the campaign progresses. Also remember that larp is primarily about everyone having fun so make sure that the campaign you are writing is going to be enjoyable. Be sure to get feedback between events both good and bad so you can ensure you are on track. Always welcome input from your players and referees, the Heroquest campaign has been running now for 22 years but has had numerous mini campaigns and sub plots written by over 50 individuals.