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postheadericon Asia awaits the 1st formula one gp in singapore

Asia Awaits the 1st Formula One Gp in Singapore

The international race of Singapore first took place in the early 60s and it was called the Malaysian Grand Prix but it was discontinued due to the tragic incidents occurred besides the traffic problems it caused due to the closing of the roads. The race was not held for a total of 33-years from 1974 to 2007.

For the 2008 FIA Formula One World Championship the race will be part of the scheduled calendar but this time it will be a different event as it will take place in the night time and it will be the first event to be held in the late hours in the F1 history.

The new Singapore Grand Prix will take place on September 28th with a total of 61 laps a total race length of 309 kilometres or 192 miles.

Over the last few hours; there has been much roar due to the event ticket distribution which basically crashed online due to the high volume demand while the remaining sources call centres and booths have not been able to cope with the constant number of people interested in paying for an entry to the event despite the 70,000 tickets released for purchase.

OmniTicket CEO Paolo Moro sent a statement advising “Due to the unexpected number of simultaneous requests, the response time of the reservation system got compromised and, for a short time, even stopped responding.”

“We realise that Formula One fans are eager to be able to attend this unique event. Therefore we can confirm that we are doing everything possible to further increase the power of the system.”It is very likely there will be an addition to the event of another 10,000 seats but the idea is still pending and undergoing negotiations between the Cricket Club, the event organizers and the Singapore Recreation Club as it requires to include an extra grandstand with a special layout

The Grand Prix is scheduled to have global TV coverage and It will generate approximately USD 68.5 millions. The three day passes are between $118 and $979 (USD) and the VIP tickets – paddock club around $5,293 (USD).

Meantime; the city of Singapore continues to prepare to receive a great amount of tourists who will be coming from all over the world to see their favourite F1 teams and drivers perform during the most expected Asian nightfall.

postheadericon Archery bow hunting – 8 useful tips to master this skill

Archery Bow Hunting – 8 Useful Tips To Master This Skill

Most hunters opt for firearms because they are easier to get used to. If a rare person wants to go in for archery bow hunting, he/she has to master the art first before attempting any real hunting!

Of course, plenty of practice is required. Additionally, the learner should be ready to recognize and accept his/her mistakes. Only then can steps be taken to improve upon those mistakes till perfection is achieved.

The dos and donts of archery bow hunting are listed as follows–

(1) All hunting gear should be carefully stored and maintained after every hunt, so that the weapons are in top condition for the next hunt. Before going archery bow hunting, it is necessary to check that the bow is functioning properly. To discover an out-of-tune bow at the hunting site itself is only going to bring sorrow!

(2) Many hunters fail to hit on target because they do not judge distance properly. The bow hunter can use a range finder to measure distances, before the actual hunt itself. This method is very helpful if the hunter is using a tree stand or a blind.

(3) The range finder also proves useful if the hunter prefers to be in a fixed position while archery bow hunting. It gives the correct distance and leaves no room for misjudgement. Trees act like natural distance markers, but rocks and branches can also be put to fair use.

(4) Accuracy carries more weightage than speed while archery bow hunting. So the draw weight should be something that the hunter can handle easily; going beyond that is sure to handicap the action of the hunter. Additionally, if a tree stand is being used, drawing the bow is not going to be easy. It is even more difficult in a sitting posture. Thus, draw weight should be assessed carefully.

(5) Some people do not have the patience to wait and get the target into their sights before shooting. Archery bow hunting demands slow and easy actions, not overconfidence.

(6) Where deer are concerned, the aim should be towards the broadside. The shot is bang on target if the animal’s head is behind a tree or it is turned away from the stalker. The deer is a swift animal and easily spooked–so the hunter gets only one chance for a straightforward shot!

(7) Another fact concerning deer hunting. Frequent visits to the same specific location by a hunter are enough to signal the animals not to come anywhere near the place! This is because during every visit, he/she is leaving his/her scent behind. And smart animals can smell it!

(8) The most dreadful mistake that can be committed during archery bow hunting is totally missing the kill zone. A hunter is expected to know the kill zone of every quarry that he stalks. If the prey is just wounded and manages to escape, the hunter has left it open to a large amount of suffering. And this is explicitly forbidden.

postheadericon Activity weekends: an entertaining affair

Activity Weekends: an Entertaining Affair

Every business enterprise is always looking for effective activity days to entertain and boost the morale of its employees. Activity days must be chosen carefully so as to provide something for everyone. You can try to bring out the combination of daring and entertaining activities something like quad bikes, rage buggies, trekking and such others to infuse a great sense of understanding and team building efforts to achieve common goals.

Besides giving a thrilling day to the team, choosing various team building activities are really beneficial. You can add numerous gaming events for infusing & encouraging teamwork, enhancing leadership skills and cultivating problem solving tactics. Also, you can further divide the teams so that every one can compete with one another in a high-spirited, fun, and memeorable team day!

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the driving activities that can be included in activity weekends:

Driving Options:

Off-Road Buggies:

If your team likes to compete in twisted and artificially created roads, choosing the fun of off-road buggies would be simply great. Pick up your four-wheeled buggies and set out for experiencing the state-of-the-art off-road karts that can be truly thrilling.

Hovercraft Driving

These special biking can be driven around a tight circuit loaded with chicanes. In this type of biking, you need to handle the corners to slide around the bends. Any delay in the reaction may give you unpleasant results. So, take the full adventure of driving these machines and entertain yourself!

Argo Cats:

Driving bikes used in this type of racing is usually 8 wheeled. With this bike, you can easily climb steep hills, go off-road and float on water! You can go anywhere with this bikes and test your driving skills! Beginners must take the help of instructors to tackle the challenges of a variety of slopes, bumps, and uneven roads.