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Airsoft first time

The first time I ever played Airsoft was a little while ago, before the firearm laws came in and it was legal to have your own BB Gun (now you have to be a member of a club to have one). It worked out quite expensive to get started as I got myself a ?300 M16 as well as a sight and a larger magazine (all costing extra) and a cheap shotgun that I had got from a shop in Spain.

For those of you that don’t know what Airsoft is, its something like paintballing but using BB guns instead of paintballs. Because of this you have a lot more variety with the choice of guns you can choose. Mine for example was the M16, used by US armed forces (the SA80 the British use is better but M16 looks cooler).

So I turned up to the club with a couple of friends for my first chance to play. I prepped my M16 ready for play then we were split into 2 large teams. We were in a large area and there was a large amount of people playing. This meant it would be difficult knowing who was on your team so it was decided we would have a call word. I think ours was something like the first person shouted “Flash” and the other person replied “Thunder”  to prove you were friendly. We were then moved to our “bases” which were on opposite ends of the woods. And the games began!

My Shotgun was on a long strap so I slung it over my shoulder and held my M16 ready. Myself and a few others moved down the centre while most others left down the 2 sides to form a pincer movement. After a while we began to hear voices in front of us. Knowing the enemy was near we crouched down took up defensive positions and waited for them to enter our fire arc. The first person stepped out into our line of site but we held our fire, we were going to wait for them all to come out. We watched as 3 then 4, 5 and then 6 people stepped out. There was only 7 of us so it was starting to look like we might get out gunned. (Being hit means you leave the area wait for 10 minutes then you can return). 3 more people stepped out, that was 9 in total and they were advancing on our position. Just as we were about to open fire there was some bangs from our left side. Our left flank had been contacted and it took their attention just long enough for us to get a complete advantage. Opening fire we sprayed them with BB’s. They didn’t stand a chance none of them had actually opened fire we got them that quick. Hanging their heads they walked off to the side leaving the area.

Our advance continued as we pushed forward we came into contact with the enemy a couple of times but most of their forces were fighting to the sides. Gunfire could be heard coming from our left and right behind us. We had advanced way ahead of our line. We all looked at each other, had we broken through the enemy line, were we going to get to the enemy base and take them by surprise?  As we were starting to pat ourselves on the back there was a sound that could only be described as an electric motorbike or moped starting up followed by ‘spht’‘spht’‘spht’‘spht’‘spht’ ‘spht’‘spht’‘spht’ as BB’s flew all around us, I dived behind a tree and we all scattered. We had walked into a trap. What I can only imagine was a mini gun (I later saw this particular weapon was on a tripod it was that big!) had us all pinned down. None of us could move as the rounds were bouncing around us. I pushed my M16 round the side of the tree to take some random shots in the general direction of the fire, but he returned fire and one of the rounds hit my trigger finger. When you get hit by a BB round you feel it but this really got me, I had a blood blister on my finger for a week after that and it was my trigger finger! After a while of hiding I decided I was going to make a run for it. It didn’t work, I was hit so many times, from so many directions I didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately I was wearing thick clothing and none of the shots hit my bare skin.

I left the area now hanging my head in shame, leaving the rest of my team stranded and pinned down. Some managed to retreat but most were ‘killed’ shortly after me. After my ‘time out’ I entered the area on my own. Being a lone gunman I was convinced I would be able to beat everyone. I walked unscathed down the enemy’s flank. All the way to the rear. I then entered the enemy camp from the rear. I found the enemy all sat around eating. Was I able to attack? Were we on some sort of lunch break?

I approached one of the enemy, none of us had any distinguishing markings on so they all assumed I was one of them. I asked if we were on any sort of break and if the enemy could still attack. The answer was yes, but now people were starting to look at me funny. With a lot of firepower surrounding me I didn’t want to risk opening fire now, I would be slaughtered after only releasing a few rounds. And that mini gun wasn’t far from me, I looked at my finger, it still hurt, I wasn’t going to attack that guy again in a hurry. I decided to leave to the side before I aroused too much suspicion. Walking forwards towards my side so it looked like I was going to engage the enemy. Trying to work out what I was going to do I saw someone walking towards me. Was this someone on my team doing the same as me? Was he advancing on the enemy? We could do some serious damage together.

As he approached he pointed his gun at me, and shouted ‘red’. I stopped. That was the call for the enemy and I didn’t know the reply. I didn’t have time to raise my rifle so I dived behind a nearby tree. He opened fire and BB’s bounced around me. I was stuck, deep behind enemy lines and no-where to go. I looked around and noticed the ground to my left gave way, if I made a run for it I would be able to get to more cover and then make it round to my team again. I fired a couple of rounds around the tree. He fired back. I counted 1 ….2…..Run. Sprinting as fast as I could down the slope and round out of site, I kept going and didn’t look back, I knew if I had stood there for too long the enemy would have surrounded me and I would have been in a world of pain. Breathing heavy I slowed down. I don’t think they followed me. . . .

As I was walking back, I heard someone scrambling up a steep slope to my right. Pointing my M16 at him I said ‘Flash’ He looked at me stunned, turning he tried to reach for his firearm, he was a sitting duck so I opened fire . . . Or I thought I would, my magazine was empty! I dropped my M16 to my side (it was on a strap!) and swung my Shotgun round. He was still struggling with his footing and couldn’t stand to return fire I fired my shotgun and sprayed him with rounds. “OK OK you got me he yelped” I gave him a smug grin but didn’t realise that Karma was about to bite me in the bum, quite literally. That’s it you got it, while I was messing about with my firearms an enemy had taken his position behind me and opened fire. Most of his shots hit by backside. The rest of the game continued with plenty of fire fights. Why not check out my website and find where you can play airsoft? Most sites now provide the guns due to the changes in UK law since I first played.

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