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postheadericon How to be a triathlete – free weight loss plan, weight training tips, and learn to swim techniques

How to Be a Triathlete – Free Weight Loss Plan, Weight Training Tips, And Learn to Swim Techniques

There is not one single element that will help you conquer the Ironman Triathlon and enable you to reach that distant finish line that is calling out to you

In reality it is doing a number of things right in your preparation that will all combine to give you the tools necessary to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and cover the 26.2 mile marathon course.

The ironman in not reserved to elite athletes only. It is not reserved for people who have that perfectly toned, buff body. It is not reserved for twenty somethings or thirty somethings.

The Ironman is for anyone who hears the call and has the desire to do what it takes to get the job done. The sport of triathlon is for anyone who is willing to do what it takes to do the best they can with what they have.


Weight loss plans are everywhere. You can find them in books, in infomercials, and all over the web. In many cases weight loss secrets that promise a “newer, sleeker version of you” in just six weeks can be expensive and disappointing.

There can be no denying that in order to realize permanent weight loss there just has to be some sort of regular fitness activities in the mix. There is simply no weight loss plan on earth that can do benefit you as much as the one that includes getting off the couch and challenging your body to do more and achieve more than it ever has before.

Think outside the box when it comes to diet. It is not necessarily about eating less. It’s about eating the right food that is the real key to your body settling at the weight that is best for you. Being thinner is not necessarily better for everyone. Many triathletes have discovered that fats like virgin olive oil and coconut oil can be instrumental in losing excess weight while in training.

Yes, there are fats that you can eat that do more good than harm once they are used in combination with regular sessions of physical fitness. Coconut oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and peanut butter are three examples of fats that can be ideal and even essential to a weight loss plan.

It’s very hard not to adopt a lifestyle of fitness if you have decided to become a triathlete and to one day take on the Ironman triathlon. By it’s very nature triathlon will make you healthier and fitter. It will allow you to forget counting calories and instead eat food for fuel to replace what you have lost through the physical exertion that comes with triathlon training.

In essence, that seems to be how our bodies were always meant to function. By eating carelessly and doing nothing and doing very little physically you gain weight. By becoming physically active and eating smart you lose weight.


Learning the ideal timing of eating and drinking is most likely the most important key to experiencing a successful Ironman or triathlon of any length for that matter. So many people train their hearts out for weeks, months, and even years, and when it comes to crunch time, it all goes down the drain because they have not figured out how and when to eat and drink the days before and the day of the big event.

As a person begins to get more in tune with their body and the way it works when physically stressed, they begin to realize that food and water are indeed the fuel that drives out bodies to accomplish the amazing things it is capable of when it is challenged.

Ask your body to cycle 112 miles and it will do it’s best to get your there, but it will do it much more willingly if you fuel it consistently and give it the cleanest burning fuel possible. Screw up the nutrition and hydration process and your body will let you know by trying to shut down and leave only your mental fortitude and emotional strength to get you to the finish.

It can be the end of a marathon or the marathon at the end of an Ironman, either way you will experience hitting the “wall” and joining many others in a death march in an attempt to reach the finish line.


So many people have a misconception about weight rooms. They feel it is the domain of the grunting and groaning muscle-bound lifters they see in magazines. Nothing could be further from the truth these days.

Everyone from teens to senior citizens are figuring out that weight training provides many benefits to their over-all health and longevity.

For triathletes the weight room can do wonders for the three disciplines of swimming, biking, and running and greatly increase the chances of having a successful outcome when the starting gun sounds.

The best part is that just 30 to 40 minutes in the weight room is all that’s really needed. What’s important is not how long you are in the weight room but rather what you do once you are in there.


Over the years since the very birth of triathlon on the island of Oahu over thirty years ago, the single biggest road-block that has prevented so many people from being part of the sport of triathlon is the inability to swim, or for many, a fear of swimming.

Triathlon offers the amazing opportunity to those of any age who are new to the sport to learn not only how to swim, but how to swim in the open water a mile from shore with confidence. If one takes nothing more than that away from their experience with triathlon, it’s a huge accomplishment and a learned skill that will last a life-time.

There are amazing learn to swim techniques available that are easy to master and that will take the fear of swimming away forever. For many triathletes the swim becomes a necessary evil in order to be an Ironman, but once one discovers how enjoyable swimming can be once proper technique is mastered, the swim becomes part of the race they are looking forward to and not dreading.

Once they find the ideal Ironman swim strategy that works for them and incorporate that strategy with their new-found swimming prowess, reaching the Ironman finish line becomes a very real possibility.

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