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postheadericon Is skydiving really safe

Is Skydiving Really Safe?

Jumping from a plane meters above from land is not a safe sport as everybody may think. Skydiving poses that same feeling to anyone. In fact, skydiving safety has been better over the years.

Most skydiving fatalities and incidents are not caused by faulty equipment but failure to obey necessary precautions before jumping, like wrong timing of deploying the parachute, incorrect folding of the parachute and performing or experimenting with maneuvers that are extremely difficult and dangerous

The most common reasons for skydiving deaths and injuries, and that is 92 percent, are mistakes in judgment and procedure. This means that the jumper should be prepared well for the jump and do everything accurately to the time it takes until he reaches the ground.

Even in the process of signing up practice honesty. State or inform your skydiving instructors of any medical condition you are in. Saying that you have medical condition would not automatically stop you from skydiving, but absolutely doctor’s approval would be needed.

Before jumping, knowing and checking you gear is very important, however experienced or eager you are to make your first jump. Ensure the goggles, helmet and jumpsuit are all in good condition.

Parachute checks are also done before the jump. Parachutes are not always 100 percent safe, that’s why jumpers have a reserve parachute completely independent form the main chute. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that the reserve parachute be inspected and repacked every 120 days (whether it is used or not) by a FAA- certified parachute rigger.

Aside from the reserve parachute that can be used when the main chute is malfunctioning, the AAD is another safety device that skydivers are currently using. AAD stands for automatic activation device. The AAD automatically activate the jumper’s reserve parachute in the even that the jumper is disabled or disoriented or has lost track of the altitude and failed to deploy the main parachute.

The AAD was introduced by a German named Helmut Cloth. It was first called as CYPRESS or Cybernetic Parachute Release System. It used to be a student only device. During a free-fall, the CYPRESS uses computer interpreted barometric metering to constantly assess a skydiver’s altitude and rate of descent. If a skydiver is descending faster that a certain speed, this device will instantly activate the skydiver’s reserve.

Currently, the AAD is available for novice and expert skydivers. It has evolved into a compact, reliable and readily available for an average of $1200.

Other safety items that skydivers bring are visual and audible altimeters. When a person is skydiving, it is difficult to inform how close to the ground you are. Opening a parachute requires you to be at a specific altitude. Altimeters provide the altitude reading and even activate alarms whenever you have reached the height for releasing the parachute.

Aside from these issues with the equipment questioning how safe skydiving is, there are also several myths about skydiving that make people more afraid of it. An example of a skydiving myth is that divers cannot breathe during free fall which is totally untrue, since consciousness is needed to open the parachute.

Nobody would argue that skydiving is a safe thing to do. And statistics can be manipulated to make skydiving look very safe or very dangerous. Generally, safety in skydiving is determined by the individual. Rarely do skydiving accidents result from equipment failure or bad luck.

postheadericon Flight travel with airsoft guns

Flight Travel with Airsoft Guns

With flight regulations and laws becoming ever more restrictive, airsoft enthusiasts may find themselves in a bit of trouble if they are not well-informed when they arrive at the airport. Taking airsoft shotguns on a plane without preparation seems like a good way to get oneself shot at by an air marshal. So to keep airsoft practitioners out of the (real) line of fire, it is important to be familiar with all current air travel laws and regulations.

There are two main organizations or governmental bodies that establish flight rules – the TSA and the FAA. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, is made up of security officers, inspectors, directors, air marshals and managers who protect the nation’s transportation systems so you and your family can travel safely. They’re the guys at the metal detectors and scanners in the airport asking you to take your shoes off and checking for guns and bombs. They’re also the guys who will take you down if they find a weapon in your carry-on.

The most important thing to know when traveling by plane is that all guns are treated equally – airsoft guns, real guns, and even paintball guns are treated with the same level of severity and security.

Current regulations state that all arms (this includes all airsoft equipment) can be taken onboard the airplane, but must be packed in your checked luggage. That means you cannot have any guns, airsoft pellets, canisters or anything else in your carry-on luggage. Storing these items in luggage that you intend to carry onto the plane and have access to throughout the flight will result in some pretty unpleasant face-time with the TSA agents. Not to mention the risk of missing your flight!

It is also necessary to declare your gun (airsoft or otherwise) at the ticketing counter as any undeclared arms that are found in checked baggage will be considered a threat and may result in damage to your luggage or at worst, your arrest. Stored weapons that will be dispatched in checked luggage will be identified by specific tags on the bag or suitcase.

Additionally, pump and spring airsoft shotguns must be dismantled before being packed away in your luggage and all CO2 canisters must be emptied and detached from the gun. To check whether your gun is allowed onboard the plane, check the TSA site and be sure to talk to your carrier as each airline has their own rules.

postheadericon Beyolympics sk8 games, nyack n




A Fund Raiser Event for Nyacks YMCA & SkateBoardWizards Inc.

Greetings, my name is Jamaal Bey, founder of “The Skateboard Wizards“ Bey-Tech (a skateboard manufacturing company) and, but let me tell you a little about myself.


I started skateboarding back in 1969. Growing up skateboarding was my life and I loved everything about it.

That stick with wheels and hills took me to another place, a place where it took dedication, a lot of practice and pain, but in the end, it was the satisfaction and victory of conquering a new trick.


I’ve been in many skateboard contests and demos throughout my life. I became a Professional skateboarder at the age of 15 and ran a skateboard park called “SkateAway” in Nanuet in the ’70’s. I competed with the worlds best, enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow skaters, but that was when skateboarding was competitive and fun.


Now, skateboarding is still in the hand of the skaters, but it’s going in the wrong direction. I want it to go in a more positive direction.

To me, skateboarding seems to be lost and there is no one governing body for the sport. In fact, the Olympics discussed that they aren’t entirely sure they want to call skateboarding a sport, they said, perhaps instead it should be an “exhibition.” An Exhibition! What?

To be more accurate, I think Tony Hawk said it right: “to tell you the truth, I think the Olympics need skateboarding more than skateboarding needs the Olympics.”


In my opinion corporations and exclusion are really to blame. Don’t get me wrong, corporations are good, but when corporations take over, it takes over.


What happened to real competitions, between skaters? You know, the old school ways of competition. Right now it looks like a horse race. It seems like half the skaters have blinders on, and the other half knows nothing about the true essence of skateboarding, the heart and soul of it.

Lately the discussion about skateboarding in the Olympics has changed from should skateboarding be in the Olympics, to when will skateboarding enter the Olympics. 2016?

I don’t know about you, but, skateboarding in the Olympics seems a long way off. I don’t have time to wait for someone else, to take their blinders off and take a good look at the Real Art of Skateboarding. So I’m tired,,,,, I’m tired of seeing what I saw.


Skateboarding is Bigger than any “ ES Game of SKATE, The X-Games, Mega Ramps and Street skating, What about the 95% of skaters who wants to SK8…. It’s TIME.

Something has to change.

This is why I’m bringing it back to the Old School, the true school of competition. A competition of inclusion, NOT exclusion.

I’ve been to many contests, demos and seen skaters on the side line, watching others skate, while being excluded from the skate games.

So, I’ve came up with a NEW SK8 GAME concept. It’s not really new, but we are bringing you back to the old school of skateboarding, with a new twist, something I call “ BEYOLYMPICS SK8 GAMES “.BEYOLYMPICS SK8 GAMES

[1] Each skater chooses as many sk8 events he or she wants to compete in.

[2] Each event has 3 places, 1st place Gold, 2nd place Silver and 3rd Bronze.

[3] Every skater that enters an event, scores points for that event.


[4] At the end of BEYOLYMPICS, Every skater score is added together and the skater with the highest score of the SK8 Games, will be BEYOLYMPICS Champion.So there will be a Champion and two runners up.



 1. Beyolympics are SK8 Games designed after the old school way of competing in skateboard competition. It consist of ( 8 ) SK8 contests, with an Olympic theme. Beyolympics Sk8 Games are competitions between skaters in individual or team events and not countries.2. Beyolympics was designed for inclusion, instead of exclusion . The SK8 Games were conceived to include all skaters. Now every skater can be apart of the New SK8 games, be they rich, short or tall, skinny or big, perfectly normal or handicapped and be from any part of the continent on this planet,

As long as the skaters, has the will and desire to skate.3. Beyolympism is a philosophy of SK8 life, exalting and combining talents and skills, unifying the qualities of body, will and mind.

Blending sports with culture and education. Beyolympics seeks to create a way of life, based on their love of skateboarding.4. The Beyolympics Movement is a concerted, organized, universal and permanent action, carried out under the supreme authority of “ The SkateBoard-Wizards Inc.“ of all individuals and entities who are inspired by the values of Beyolympism. It covers the five continents. It reaches its peak with bringing together the world’s athletes at the great festival, The Beyolympics SK8 Games.

5. The practice of sports is a humane right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sports, without discrimination of any kind and in the Beyolympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and far play. The organization, administration and management of sport must be controlled by independent sports organization.

6. Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Beyolympics Movement. Belonging to Beyolympics movement requires compliance with Beyolympics Charter and recognition by The SkateBoard-Wizards Inc.Beyolympics

SK8 Games consists of 2 Games a year:

2009 Summer SK8 Games and

2009 Indoor Winter SK8 Games.