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postheadericon Five essentials for skiers and snowboarders

Five essentials for skiers and snowboarders

Have you been skiing in 20 degree weather without your gloves? It can be a memorable and painful experience. If you’ve been there and done that, it helps to have a checklist of things to remember when preparing for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Otherwise, you expect to pay too much money when you get to the pro shop at the ski lodge. For example, consider paying $21.99 for gloves instead of the traditional $1-$10.

This article describes five essentials for skiers and snowboarders.

The first three items are meant to protect the snow enthusiast from the elements. You need a good ski cap that covers your ears and a pair of warm mittens or gloves. Each of these items should be waterproof. For skiers, it takes a good pair of gloves that fits well and still enables you to adjust your boots and unhook your skis. The ski cap should be warm and long enough to cover all of your hair.

The next item is a good pair of snow goggles or sunglasses. When you are up on the mountain during daylight, the sun can create quite a glare on the snow. A simple pair of sunglasses will give you some protection, but a wider pair of snow goggles will protect your eyes and the upper half of your face from the sun. If the goggles are held in place by a wide elastic band, you will also be less likely to lose them on the slopes.

The final items are things that you will need after leaving the mountain. Remember items like a change of dry socks and well-insulated shoes to put on after removing the boots from your tired feet. Some people also find it comfortable to change into fresh pants and a shirt.

When you prepare to hit the slopes, follow this checklist for the most basic things to protect yourself from the severe weather of the snow-covered mountain. Then focus on other items like ski gear or snowboarding gear, boots, sun block, and lip balm.

A final tip is to choose ski pants that have plenty of pockets. You will need places to put your keys, money, locker key, receipts, and other small items while on the slopes.

Have fun in the snow with the added peace of mind that you arrived well-prepared!
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postheadericon Activity weekends: an entertaining affair

Activity Weekends: an Entertaining Affair

Every business enterprise is always looking for effective activity days to entertain and boost the morale of its employees. Activity days must be chosen carefully so as to provide something for everyone. You can try to bring out the combination of daring and entertaining activities something like quad bikes, rage buggies, trekking and such others to infuse a great sense of understanding and team building efforts to achieve common goals.

Besides giving a thrilling day to the team, choosing various team building activities are really beneficial. You can add numerous gaming events for infusing & encouraging teamwork, enhancing leadership skills and cultivating problem solving tactics. Also, you can further divide the teams so that every one can compete with one another in a high-spirited, fun, and memeorable team day!

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the driving activities that can be included in activity weekends:

Driving Options:

Off-Road Buggies:

If your team likes to compete in twisted and artificially created roads, choosing the fun of off-road buggies would be simply great. Pick up your four-wheeled buggies and set out for experiencing the state-of-the-art off-road karts that can be truly thrilling.

Hovercraft Driving

These special biking can be driven around a tight circuit loaded with chicanes. In this type of biking, you need to handle the corners to slide around the bends. Any delay in the reaction may give you unpleasant results. So, take the full adventure of driving these machines and entertain yourself!

Argo Cats:

Driving bikes used in this type of racing is usually 8 wheeled. With this bike, you can easily climb steep hills, go off-road and float on water! You can go anywhere with this bikes and test your driving skills! Beginners must take the help of instructors to tackle the challenges of a variety of slopes, bumps, and uneven roads.

postheadericon Kiteboarding lessons in auckland – what to expect

Kiteboarding Lessons in Auckland – What to expect

Kiteboarding has come a long way since it’s beginning. It is now safer and more accesible than ever, with gear costing less and more companies willing to sell it to you.

If thinking about taking up kiteboarding it is important to get lessons before you hit the water by yourself.

Big Air Imports NZ have written this article to let you know what you can expect from your kiteboarding lessons in Auckland.

People who receive kiteboarding lessons will progress far quicker than those who try to teach themselves.

Learning kite control is the most critical part of learning to kiteboard and will be firstly done on land with a small trainer kite. One to two hours flying a 2m-4m trainer kite on land will give you the basic knowledge to take a larger kite out on the water with your instructor.

Your second lesson will be water based and will have you experiencing the power of a full sized kite firstly without a board. You will learn to bodydrag which is a technique used often while learning if you lose your board and need to get back upwind to it. It involves sending the kite through the power zone, pulling you in one direction through the water.

Once you are competent at this you will attempt to get up on the board, usually halfway through the second lesson. A third lesson is recommended to aid your progression and factors like staying upwind and jumping/tricks can be worked on during this time.

Your instructor will be there to help you every step along the way and will advise you of things to help your progression. They will also outline all the safety requirements for kiteboarding as this can be a dangerous sport if done incorrectly.

People who are familiar with other board sports may progress quicker than others but usually students are up on the board riding with confidence after 3 two hour lessons.

Schools will supply all the necessary kites, boards and harness for your lessons so you can beat up their gear while you learn. For further info on kiteboarding lessons and also locations for kitesurfing in Auckland and NZ wide see