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postheadericon Nascar fan factor up close and personal

Nascar Fan Factor Up Close And Personal

There is no doubt that Nascar is one of the strongest brands ever in America’s sporting chronicle. But what makes Nascar to be such a hot brand? Who is behind the success of Nascar? Well, the winnows of Nascar, who else?!? Nascar sports fans are the most faithful devotees in the world. You will never see the fans of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. drink any other beer other than Bud. This is because Dale is the brand name ambassador for Budweiser. Jeff Gordon is affiliated with Dupont paint, and most Jeff Gordon fans never use any other paint.

The brand name commitment of the sports fans is then cashed in by the sponsors. A survey divulged that in order to have their name and logotype on the lid of a top Nascar Nextel cup car, a person and or corporation has to pay $1.5 million! Now that is big money. The drivers are the main factor behind the success of the Nascar cars. The drama associated with the sport and the adrenaline rush cannot be compared to that of any other sport.

Loyalty To The Drivers
If a Nascar Nextel cup driver suddenly advertises Pepsi before the race, then the sales of Pepsi during that race will be incomparable. All the fans of that driver will simply quit using any other soft drink and start using Pepsi. Similarly, if a driver connects himself with a particular brand of shopping store like, say, Home Depot then all the fans will shop at Home Depot.

Role Of The Media
The media, too, will encounter a big role in promoting some of the stuff. For example, if Bill Elliot is seen eating at a specific restaurant and the photo hits newspaper headlines, the coming week, all of his devotees will eat in the same eatery. During the race, the fan following hits a new level altogether!

Individuals come from far-off distances to watch the races and then the sales of accessories and branded stuff hits the roof. Drivers like Jeff Gordon who are associated with car dealerships are also cashing in on the popularity. The sales of the cars have inflated dramatically after these drivers linked themselves with the car companies.

Automotive Productions
Automotive products, too, have established a market like never before, thanks to the growing popularity of Nascar drivers and their ever increasing fan following. If a particular Nascar driver uses a specific brand of paint on their car, then that paint has to be used by all his fans as well. The most common instance is that of the headlamp restoration product used by most Nascar drivers. The product which restores the condition of the headlamp to as good as new is exceedingly popular and is now used by many Nascar fans across the world as well.

postheadericon Making waves in waikiki: hawaii’s surfing heritage

Making Waves in Waikiki: Hawaii’s Surfing Heritage

The Hawaiians are credited with being the fathers of surfing, and are known to have practiced the sport as early as the 15th century AD. The Hawaiian name for surfing “He’enalu” – can be translated as wave sliding. During its early history, surfing was taken as a sacred practice and only those with a high social status could take part; in other words – Hawaiian kings and queens were surfers. Ironically, today, surfing is seen by the general population as a sport for those who have dropped out of society, the very opposite to how it began.

As a people living on a cluster of small islands in a very big sea, the Hawaiians were not surprisingly fascinated by the ocean, and attached great meaning to its moods and forms. In a similar way to which the Inuit are said to have many names for snow, the Hawaiians also have hundreds of words to describe the various forms of the ever changing sea.

Just as modern day surf bums insist on surfing as a lifestyle rather than just a sport and thus devote great portions of time and money to the pursuit of the waves, Hawaiians also found unfathomable bounds with the practise, as the writings of Kepelino Keauokalani, a 19th Century Hawaiian Scholar, shows in his observations of the local Hawaiian surfers:

“All thought of work is at the end, only that of sport is left. The wife may go hungry, the children, the whole family, but the head of the house does not care. He is all for sport, that is his food. All day there is nothing but surfing. Many go out surfing as early as four in the morning: men, women, children.”

Such was the desire of the ancient Hawaiians for wave sliding that if the distant storms didn’t generate sufficient waves to ride, surfers with enlist the help of a “kahuna” – a priest who would pray to the gods and ask for surf to come to Hawaiian shores.

However, surfing was to move into a period of decline following the arrival of Christian Missionaries who believed surfing was a hedonist act and a waste of time. They adamantly preach against surfing’s existence, and by the late 1800s, the sport had almost been completely exterminated. Had it not been for a few hardcore surfers who continued to practise the sports and Hawaiian kings such as David Kalakau, surfing may have died out all together.

However, the gradual decline of the missionaries influence allowed surfing to breathe again, and by the start of the 1900s, surfing had not only regained its former popularity in Hawaii, but was beginning to spread to other beaches of the world.

By the late 1920s, tourists from all over the world were booking into newly built hotels in Waikiki in their hundreds, all eager to experience the world’s most famous beach and see the exotic “surf people” for themselves. Another 30 years on, and waves of American surf migrants began to arrive from California in search of the renowned Hawaiian waves, that had reached legendary status is surf circles.

Now, surfing is a billion dollar industry, practiced across the world from Iceland to Indonesia – but let’s not forget those pioneering Hawaiian kings and queens without which, the sport of surfing may never have been invented.

postheadericon Largest variety of pool table accessories

Largest Variety of Pool Table Accessories

Pool and billiards have recently become more popular in the past few years. The pocket billiards table is more commonly known as a pool table. If pool is your game, and you like to play pool with your friends and family, then eventually you will be interested in pool and billiards accessories.

Pool table balls and pool cue sticks are basic equipment that every pool aficionado should invest in. These days, pool lovers have become more conscious of the game and have begun investing in other pool table accessories. These accessories not only make the game more interesting but also help pool lovers to take proper care of their tools. A wide range of pool table accessories like pool table felts, pool cue tools, pool table lightings, pool table covers, and pool table hooks are available on the market today.

Before you buy your pool table accessories it is important that you research the items that you need. Do not forget to compare the prices. Some popular pool table accessories are pool table felts which are available in many different colors and qualities. Other helpful accessories are pool table clocks, pool table covers, pool cue cases, pool ball triangle, and pool table brushes to clean the pool table. Good lighting is essential while playing pool. Pool table lightings are especially designed to give proper lighting to the table and are available in various designs and patterns. Pool cue racks are helpful for organizing your pool cues and keeping them out of the way while the game is in progress. Proper storage of your pool cues is critical to keep them in perfect game-ready condition and to avoid accidental damage or breakage.

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