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postheadericon Free roll tournaments for new players and professionals

Free Roll Tournaments for New Players and Professionals

An online free roll tournament of poker is a great way for a player to make his way into one of the major poker tournament to win big money just for free. There are many online casino sites that offer such rewards to its old players so that they remain a part of it an also in order to recruit more new players. Generally, when a player becomes professional and playas some hands with real money, then these sites offer them to play for the tournament where there is no risk involved. But some sites offer points to its player that can be redeemed for a cash entry to a poker tournament they choose wish to be a part of.

It is very important for the players to review the terms and policies of all the online casino sites or poker rooms before they enter them to participate in a real tournament.

A basic question all the players have in their minds is that why are these sites offering a chance to play these tournaments? They think that there must be some catch involved to this. They fear to participate and try their lucks. It is that these sites need to promote themselves and what can be better than free roll and bonuses to pull people? There are few con sites that have created a bad impression and people fear to trust them any more. If you do some research before registering to these sites and also look for all clauses then there are less chances of being fooled.

These free roll tournaments are basically like a practice session for the players where they can join, play, win and also gain experience. These rooms have players from all over the world who play at different levels and have different experiences. New players get a chance to learn from these professional players and also they can learn some skills from them.

There are not only free roll poker tournaments but also free roll slot tournaments. Here people can play at slot machines allotted to them for free and they also get to keep the winning amount. They just cannot play for as long as they want to. Players are given fixed credit and time period to play and test their luck. With little market search, you can have a chance of winning big amount of money that to just for free.

postheadericon Badminton rackets

Badminton Rackets

The choice of the correct racket of badminton can be a crucial decision, on some level you are. With a multitude of rackets available nowadays, it can seem which intimidates to know which racket is the best for you. If all is well, with a little of assistance, I can help you to just find the racket of badminton right which is appropriate for your model of play.

Because you seek to find the racket of badminton perfect you will end up soon knowing more established companies of racket such as Yonex, Carlton, Wilson, chief, prince and many of other marks, that all wants that you left cash with your money and choose their rackets of badminton. Yonex are the mark of badminton most successful and prominant, but which it manufacturer that you choose is entirely to the bottom with you.This is where the recreation starts. But with the good councils and information you will be able to make a decision with the current, so that you find the best racket for you, and only you.

All the players of badminton are different, with their own forces and weaknesses. The turn must find the racket of badminton right which compliments your model on play. You can spend much of money in your weapon of choice, or, like the majority among us, you no doubt will have a limit on what you want to spend on a racket of badminton. You recall, invest you in your play, to improve your standard, thus you must choose wisely.

It can be a true pain when you spent a whole load of your hard money cash gained in the last must have racket of badminton, only to find it it doesn’t completely of phase until your hopes, and you can’t includes/understands why you aren’t playing as frozen the advertisements known as which should be to you. Conjectures what? you just fell for the exaggeration from sale, little a subtle tower and sneaky which we test each day of our lives. However, if you take my advice I can guide you in the good direction, thus you can make the best decision.

Think of your racket of badminton like cherry on the cake of badminton. Without base and ingredients your small isn’t of cherry active to taste so soft. If your to wonder what to speak about im, the base and ingredients are your play, your work of legs, technique, handle, physical form and tactical capacities. Without the latter, your new racket is much less effective, and the shuttle will not disappear with where you want it. In my opinion, a racket of badminton that you buy will give you, at most, with one additional 5% with your play. The real cords of racket are probably more important than the racket itself. All the other 95% is to the bottom with you. But concern for don’t on this subject, I can help you to draw the best party out of yourself, thus you can obtain the majority out of your racket of badminton.

I played with the batch of various rackets during years, of much of various manufacturers, and the majority of them offer something a little different, sometimes good part, sometimes not so good, but of the it all of the experiment to find that a racket of badminton which costumes you to the bottom with the ground. Feeling of It large when this occurs, but initially you must get information about yourself, your own play, then you can adapt the right racket to your play, not the opposite.

Which kind of player are you? Perhaps a your player of power which breaks the shuttle hard? Or perhaps a your player of contact which has pleasure to move the shuttle around the court with the projectiles with angles and disappointment. Once that you know which kind of play you play, you can then discover that the will of racket of badminton highlight the best in your projectiles, and improve your badminton thus.

If you just began the play, it is probable that you do not know which type of player you are still. All the part of It to learn the play. There is no point buying the most expensive racket of badminton at this stage, will probably not note you much difference in your play, trust me. However, because your qualification level improves you will then start to know that more about yourself and of this is when you start to seek a specific racket. The more than you improve, the more you will include/understand the foundations of the badminton, and you will seek this tiny advantage to beat your competitors, this is where your racket of badminton enters, but it will give you only one light advantage, period.

postheadericon Extreme climbing laos

Extreme Climbing Laos

Off the Beaten Path – Rock Climbing in Laos

It is February 2002 and I have come to Laos as a member of a German-American expedition to put up new rock-climbing routes. We are doing this mainly to encourage rock-climbers to come to the country, so that they will have a fabulous time whilst spending the cash that this lovely country so desperately needs.

I am apprehensive about being back in ‘Lane Xang’, the ‘kingdom of a million elephants and a white parasol’. My first trip here in 1996, reconnoitering Lao mountains for rock climbing potential, was somewhat less than a huge success. At that time the country was not yet fully open for tourism and was still in the process of shrugging off its fearful past. In Vang Vieng, where I am now, we saw more AK-47s than umbrellas. Armed men put paid, at gun-point, to one of our climbing trips. Whether they were terrorists or freedom fighters depends, of course, on your politics.

I made one or two tentative attempts to try to find out who they were and what the grenade launchers were in aid of, but to no avail. During another trip we found a human skeleton, right where we intended to start climbing. We debated what we should do. Finally we tried to ignore the skeleton and climb, but it didn’t feel at all right: we accepted defeat and returned to Germany. On the plane home the far-below clouds became a mirror for my feelings: I couldn’t resign myself to never again experiencing the beauty and tranquillity of Laos and the kindness of her people – I vowed to return.

Hopefully we’ll have better luck in putting up new climbing routes this time. The job consists of attaching a series of bolts to the rock-face, one every two or three metres. Alert and properly-equipped climbers who attach their ropes to these bolts can ascend in perfect safety as, when they fall off, their descent will be arrested by the attachment of their rope to the bolts.

When we climb a route for the first time there are no bolts to secure the rope to, so we must attach the rope instead to small metal nuts which we wedge into cracks and to loops of rope which we sling around rock spikes. It is a scary business, as the nuts and rope-slings can and sometimes do rip loose when a climber falls from too great a height.

We spent the last few days thrashing through the jungles around the little town of Vang Vieng, looking for steep, clean rock-faces. Eventually we found a huge cave called Tham Nam Them, whose stunning 50 metre-high walls are perfect for hard routes. Just getting to the rock-face was an adventure. After a 20 minute off-road ride in a truck we waded through a big river to reach a jungle trail, which led to the entrance of the cave. The climb was on the other side of the 300 metre-long cave, in which there is a chest-deep river. We carried everything above our heads, while watching out for snakes; we saw lots of them, including some 15-foot-long king cobras.

My surgeon’s salary back in Germany enables me to live life in the fast lane, climbing, skiing and partying as much as I want. Until a few years ago this was enough for me, but more recently the pleasures of self-gratification have paled and, to find meaning in my life, I now like to take five months a year off to serve as a volunteer at a hospital near Vang Vieng. During the week I work hard at the hospital, and on the weekends I work even harder to get the Vang Vieng climbing scene started.

Right now, halfway up a new route, this work seems to be too much for me. My muscles scream in protest. I scream in protest, at what I can tell is about to happen. I have been hanging on by two fingertips to a tiny ledge for too long, trying to throw a sling around a rock spike. Lactic acid overcomes my muscles, my fingers uncurl and gravity takes control. Falling off rockfaces is something I’m used to and which I’m usually unconcerned about. But today is different, as I am setting a new route. I have not managed to attach the rope to a bolt as there are none in place yet. Instead I have secured myself by wedging an 8-millimetre chunk of iron into a small downwards-tapering crack. I have already fallen off at this spot three times and on all occassions the small metal wedge has held my fall, but it is a scary experience to fall off onto such flimsy safety equipment, as I know that if the metal wedge is ripped from the rockface by the force of my fall, then I will hit the ground – at speed. A strangled whimper comes from my mouth. Two seconds later I am dangling at the end of the rope, with nothing wounded but my ego.

I am desperate to give up, but can’t. I know it’s only my pride, but my wife Isa is with me and last night I bet her a month’s washing-up duty that I could do it. She starts to sound panicked. She tells me to forget my silly one-sided bet, that when we get back to Germany she will be on permanent washing-up duty, if I will only agree to come down.

Eventually I do what she says: what we are doing is quite dangerous enough without making it more so by succumbing to silly testosterone displays. Today has scared me witless, bashing my slightly-superannuated bones against the spikey, almost untouched and so loose limestone, whole chunks of which often come off in my hand, sending me on not-so-leisurely and unplanned trips southwards.

I have got as used to falling off when a handhold gives way as it is possible. What I will never get used to is a huge big lump of limestone falling off from under my feet. It‘s a uniquely scary feeling to be following a bike-sized boulder down a rock-face. It feels as though both you and the boulder are destined to continue the plunge to its conclusion and it is the hugest of reliefs when you feel the rope tighten around your waste and arrest your descent. It’s even more of a relief to then look down and see that your wife has not been squashed flat.

Many people have asked me why I do something so dangerous. Other than the opportunity to get into the outdoors with a good group of friends and undertake a physically and mentally challenging sport, I have a theory. I know that, while climbing, I totally forget about everything except the problem at hand. This is a common thread in adventure sports: by intense concentration and involvement in the present moment you achieve a release from everyday problems and worries. I personally prefer the longer release afforded by climbing to the much briefer moment which for example sky-divers gain. I regularly spend hours in this state of self-forgetfulness through intense concentration. Maybe the sky-divers’ and base-jumpers’ brains are wired differently from mine. Perhaps their brains need adrenaline in an intense, short burst, while I prefer my terror to be a lengthy and drawn-out experience. The way I see it, why should I be content with only being scared witless for a few moments when I can choose to be petrified for most of the day? I suppose I ought to point out to those of you who were, until you started reading this article, considering climbing in Laos and are now thinking that you’d rather climb into Parkhurst jail or maybe don a straight-jacket and then free-climb London’s Post Office tower blindfolded, that the rock-faces there are now as safe as anywhere, thanks to the assortment of intellectually-challenged adrenaline-junkies who have done the scary stuff for you already.

You can now climb in Laos without wading chest-deep across snake-infested rivers, and you won’t get hurt unless you behave foolishly. There are about 100 bolted routes of all grades, including some spectacular multi-pitch routes. I hope you will come and enjoy the climbing, not just so that the Laos economy can benefit from your spending power, but because both novice and experienced climbers will love the climbing here, in SE Asia’s most unspoiled country, peopled by the friendliest people it’s ever been my privilege to get to know.

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