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postheadericon Browns tickets for sale to catch some great nfl action

Browns Tickets for Sale to Catch Some Great Nfl Action

If you are a Cleveland Browns fan, you surely are one lucky guy. Hardly any fan is unaware that the Browns have been around for a long long time and have won laurels throughout their history. Browns tickets for sale online offer great resources for the many great fans.

The Browns saga began in 1946 when Micky McBride decided to set up a team with head coach Paul Brown. Even then, Paul had a well deserved reputation as a tough and result oriented coach. The city then had two team – the Rams and the yet to be named, Browns. As it so happened, the Rams decided to re-locate to Los Angeles and the Browns were the sole team ruling the Cleveland roost before long.

There was quite a contest to name the new team. Initial choices included names such as the Panthers (ruled out since it was the naming of an earlier team with a long losing streak). The contest finally settled on the Brown Bombers as the name. This was then shortened to the ‘Browns’ for media convenience. There is a school of thought that the name was inspired by the surname of the head coach. Although this was never really confirmed, subsequent events did show that Paul Brown did have an emotional stake in the name and the fortunes of the Browns.

Credit must go to Paul Brown for the great performance that the Browns turned in. The Browns won every league championship in their inaugural year and the next year, they achieved even higher standards and became the first team to finish a season without a single defeat or a tie. This was a full 24 years before the feat could be repeated by a team in the NFL. The Browns’ wins became so predictable that fans started to stay away from matches because they knew the outcome in advance.

There was a major upheaval in the fortunes of the team in 1961 when it was purchased by Art Modell. Art did not see eye to eye with Paul Brown on many matters, including the selection of players. It is also possible that Paul had peaked as far as his coaching methods were concerned and success was not so easy to come by. Matters soon came to a head in 1962 and Paul Brown was shown the door.

Paul’s exit did not really affect the fortunes of the team. They continued with their winning habits all through the next few years. Paul went on to set up the Bengals in 1966 and the two teams continued an intense rivalry for many seasons.

Naturally enough, the Browns have seen many ups and downs. There were periods in their history when the Browns seemed to flounder. However, the team is now on a rise and has begun to turn in great performances. In fact, Browns tickets for sale is not so easy anymore. If you want to get your tickets confirmed, it is best that you purchase them early. Getting tickets online is the best method of going about to get them and it assures you that you will get the tickets of your choice (if you are prompt).

postheadericon Looking for ultimate thrill

Looking for ultimate thrill? Do Skydiving Wollongong

If you are one of those perpetual thrill seekers who would anything to get thrill and excitement, skydiving may well be the answer to your prayers of unending, thrill and excitement. It is one of those sporting activities that have risen in stature considerably since it first started in a casual manner some 30 years ago. Today there are numerous skydiving clubs in many countries that are providing the thrill seekers an opportunity to get a feel of the free fall which is the ultimate experience in itself. Skydiving Wollongong is one such experience. Wollongong is a large city in the state of NSW in Australia which has become famous in the last decade or so for the excellent facilities that are provided to the skydivers. Add to it the breathtaking scenic beauty of the Wollongong skies and the water views, and you get a complete package which is once in a life experience for those taking part in skydiving.

Skydiving can be described in layman’s terms as the exercise of jumping from the air from about 10000 feet and falling freely before opening a parachute to come down slowly to the earth. It indeed takes some guts from the diver as many feel that it is full of dangers. It is nothing of that sort. Skydiving is today as safe as driving in a crowded city road, and the instructor is always there to overlook the jumps of the novices. Skydiving Wollongong is blessed as it has got some very experienced trainers who value the safety of the divers as paramount.  

Typically a skydiving session begins with a lecture on what you can expect during the exercise and what you must avoid during skydiving. Also you are given tips regarding the body postures you need to maintain while in the free fall. Then you are taken aboard a plane which takes you up in the skies along with an instructor upto a height of 12000 feet, which is considered enough for skydiving. There, the instructor ties a parachute to your back and then asks you to leap into air. You jump in the air and you fall like a stone under gravity. This is the free fall which is what Skydiving Wollongong is famous for. The thrill and excitement you get during the free fall is so high that it rushes adrenaline up your brain. Freefall lasts for about a minute, but not before you attain high speeds of about 160Kmph. This exhilarating stuff is enough to drive skydiving lovers to go back again and again.  

Your freefall is video graphed by a professional cameraman and you are presented with a DVD at the end of the session. This DVD becomes your prized procession as you can proudly show it to your folks back home to prove what a dare devil you have been. For fun and excitement, there is nothing to beat Skydiving Wollongong. If you can do the exercise with someone you love, the feeling is shared and the fun is double.

postheadericon Choosing the best mountain biking and cycling clothing

Choosing The Best Mountain Biking And Cycling Clothing

Mountain biking is great exercise and a superb way to explore the outdoors, the city and your nearby area.  You don’t need to have the highest spec mountain bike to go riding and have fun, although it does help if you wear the right bike wear and active clothing.  Bike wear and cycling clothing must be comfortable and breathable when you’re zooming across the countryside.  A good place to start is with active clothing that has been specifically designed with cycling and biking technicalities at the forefront.

Cycling jackets and fleeces

Cycling jackets vary enormously from lightweight soft-shell jackets through to the heavier 3 in 1 jackets.  When you’re planning to purchase lightweight soft-shell jackets for cycling or mountain biking then you should think about a jacket that is waterproof – both with or without taped seams, windproof, and with protective high visibility reflectors designed on the jacket. It is important to purchase a cycling jacket that has been designed to be large enough to withstand the rigorous movements of the cyclist. A windproof and waterproof jacket with a long back is most advantageous to the rider as it prevents the splash of mud, dirt and rain soaking through to your clothes.

Cycling late, whether it be thrill seeking adventures in the hills or simply cycling home from work in the dark it is advisable to have some kind of reflective material on your jacket Many bike jackets, trousers, shorts and rucksacks have reflective piping outlining the item which is beneficial for others to see you when riding on the roads and at night.

Cycling shorts

Selecting the most suitable cycling shorts and trousers is quite simple. Again it would be a wise decision to select some shorts with reflective panels and comfort sewn in. A number of shorts have padding in the areas that require it most, making lengthy mountain biking and cycling sessions much better in terms of comfort.  When buying shorts for cycling and mountain biking you can choose between loose fit and tight fit – it is purely a matter of preference.  Many shorts are made from an elastane and lycra mix of material making them ideal for flexible use and active wear when on mountain bikes.

Regardless of your decision on what you decide to buy it’s worth taking a look at a wide range of clothing and making sure that you’re comfy and flexible in your clothing!