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postheadericon Paintball: your questions answered

Paintball: Your Questions Answered

What makes a good paintball? Why are some paintballs more expensive than others? Do I have to pay a lot of money for good quality ammo? These are questions that vex paintballers, particularly those new to the sport. Let’s address these issues to enable you to buy wisely.

Do more expensive paintballs perform better than cheaper ones?

In a word: yes. More expensive ammo has tighter quality control regulations than its cheaper rivals. Paintballs vary considerably in quality and you should expect to pay more to enhance your performance.

How do paintballs vary in quality?

Quality ammunition is more consistent and reliable. It resists the affects of humidity and moisture. This results in better performance in extreme conditions. Quality paintballs will be less likely to shrink or swell in extremes of temperature.

Good ammo is strong enough to withstand expulsion from the gun without exploding; it is thin enough to burst on impact, and not before.

Good quality paintballs have a better paint fill, so the paint is brighter in colour and it marks well. It is washable, yet less easy to wipe off on the field.

Good paintballs are more spherical resulting in a straighter trajectory, greater distance and more accuracy.

Where can I buy good, cheap paintballs?

Many people buy ammo at their local field for convenience. This, however, is not a cheap option. There are many different brands of good quality, inexpensive paintballs to be found online. This is, by far, the cheaper option. Take your own ammunition to your local field; if they charge you for the privilege, it is still worth it. If they don’t allow you to use your own ammo, find another field!

How should I store my paintballs?

You should always store your ammunition in a cool, dry place; between 60-85 degrees is ideal, with as little humidity as possible. Paintballs do not have an indefinite shelf-life. They will develop flat spots if left too long which will affect their trajectory. Try to ensure a regular turn over of balls.

In short, there are numerous brands of paintballs available to you on the market. They vary in quality. You must expect to pay more for higher quality ammo. You can buy good quality paintballs online for a good price. Keep them in a cool, dry place and change your stock regularly.

Choosing the right paintball for your marker can affect your performance on the field greatly. Try out small quantities of different brands to see what you get on best with. Match your barrel size to the correct paintball size. Don’t compromise on price; you only get what you pay for.

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postheadericon Five essentials for skiers and snowboarders

Five essentials for skiers and snowboarders

Have you been skiing in 20 degree weather without your gloves? It can be a memorable and painful experience. If you’ve been there and done that, it helps to have a checklist of things to remember when preparing for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Otherwise, you expect to pay too much money when you get to the pro shop at the ski lodge. For example, consider paying $21.99 for gloves instead of the traditional $1-$10.

This article describes five essentials for skiers and snowboarders.

The first three items are meant to protect the snow enthusiast from the elements. You need a good ski cap that covers your ears and a pair of warm mittens or gloves. Each of these items should be waterproof. For skiers, it takes a good pair of gloves that fits well and still enables you to adjust your boots and unhook your skis. The ski cap should be warm and long enough to cover all of your hair.

The next item is a good pair of snow goggles or sunglasses. When you are up on the mountain during daylight, the sun can create quite a glare on the snow. A simple pair of sunglasses will give you some protection, but a wider pair of snow goggles will protect your eyes and the upper half of your face from the sun. If the goggles are held in place by a wide elastic band, you will also be less likely to lose them on the slopes.

The final items are things that you will need after leaving the mountain. Remember items like a change of dry socks and well-insulated shoes to put on after removing the boots from your tired feet. Some people also find it comfortable to change into fresh pants and a shirt.

When you prepare to hit the slopes, follow this checklist for the most basic things to protect yourself from the severe weather of the snow-covered mountain. Then focus on other items like ski gear or snowboarding gear, boots, sun block, and lip balm.

A final tip is to choose ski pants that have plenty of pockets. You will need places to put your keys, money, locker key, receipts, and other small items while on the slopes.

Have fun in the snow with the added peace of mind that you arrived well-prepared!
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postheadericon How to make a stand up surf paddle

How to Make a Stand Up Surf Paddle

Would you like to find out how to make a stand up surf paddle.  I want to show you exactly how I made my stand up surf paddle.  and I do not have any wood working skills.  Yet I make beautiful and awesome stand up surfing paddles and sell them on the streets in Venice CA.  Maybe you’ve seen me there!

So to all of my fellow stand up surfers across the world…

Would you like to know how to make a stand up surf paddle for next to nothing?  If so, I am going to show you!  I have some super simple plans that enable anyone to make an awesome new stand up surf paddle in just about 24 hours.  And that includes dry time! (Which is overnight).  All you need are the tools already found in your garage and any types of cheap wood you can get your hands on.  Chance are, you can find the wood for free.

I have three types of stand up surf paddles you can make.

1.  The Pole Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

This is the fastest and simplest way to make your new paddle.  In fact, I have seen these being peddled all over California for over $200 a pop.  Crazy right?  Well now you can make your own.

2.  The Stack Laminate Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

This is the easiest “professional” way to build a stand up surf paddle t hat is being used by all the big names in surfing.  You don’t even want to know what the likes of paddles made by Sunside, Honolulu, Rip Curl, ect. cost.

3.  The Traditional Hawaii Islands Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

These plans will show you how to make a stand up surf paddle like the old time masters of the sport.  These paddles will be sure to stun anyone who sees them!

You don’t need a workshop with fancy tools, steam benders or the likes, or any other expensive tools. All you need is some free scrap wood and a couple of basic tools from your garage that you probably have rusting away in your toolbox. The only tool I had to get that I’d never used before building my first paddle was a small hand planer. It was like $7 at the local hardware store.

Come and visit my new website.  I want to show you how to make a stand up surf paddle.  How to Make a Stand Up Surf Paddle