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postheadericon Festivals around the world celebrating hot air balloons

Festivals Around the World Celebrating Hot Air Balloons

From all around the world, one can find hot air balloon festivals.  On each continent, in almost any setting, the beauty of ballooning can be celebrated and admired.  Whether planning a holiday around the timing of your favourite fiesta, or making an annual tradition of enjoying the scenery of a local festival, hot air ballooning is something everyone can enjoy.

The festivals themselves offer a variety of activities showcasing the art of hot air balloons, and span throughout the day and night.  While most public balloon flights are held during daylight only, festivals often hold “night glows” allowing the balloons to lift off after dark and light up the night sky.  Night flying is considered unsafe because of the inability of the pilot to see any obstacles, so the “night glows” usually involve the balloon being tethered to the ground preventing it from taking full flight.  Another common practice during festivals often includes hot air balloons racing one another to a target-landing zone.  

The thrill of seeing hundreds of brightly colored balloons dotting the skies above draw crowds of hundreds of thousands at most festivals.  From the hundreds of celebrations across America, to the many European festivals, to more being held across the globe, hot air ballooning is a popular and enjoyable experiencing for riders and spectators alike.  No matter if you choose to fly the skies or prefer to watch lift off and landing from the safety of the ground, balloon flights are breathtaking for everyone.  

Most festivals afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy flights at a much lower price than one might fight outside the festival.  Whatever might motivate you to attend, the hot air balloon festival won’t disappoint.  From the deepest valleys to the highest peaks, the variety of settings hosting festivals around the world allow visitors to enjoy their surrounding while celebrating hot air balloons.  

Young and old, experienced and novice, all involved can enjoy the splendor of balloon festivals.  It’s easy to see why so many flock to the festival ground scattered across the globe each year.  The sheer beauty of balloon flights makes the experience something that keeps most coming back year after year.  Regardless of what your level of interest might be, you just might find yourself captivated by watching the balloons take off into the sky and soar above you.  The popularity of hot air balloons makes festivals around the world a common pit stop on the perfect holiday.

postheadericon Formula one hungary grand prix – the speed race continue

Formula One Hungary Grand Prix – the Speed Race Continue

The Hungary Grand Prix is one of the races scheduled in the Formula One calendar and it was first held in 1936 in Budapest. Nevertheless, for a period of approximately 50 years the competition did not take place due to the unstable situation the country was going through. It was until 1986 that this Formula One event took place once again in the Eastern part of Europe.

The Budapest track has a circuit length of 2,722 miles or 4,381 kilometres while the race itself has a length of 306,66 kilometres for a total of 70 laps. In Hungary the driver who has achieved the most wins was the all-time favourite Michael Schumacher in 1994, 1998, 2001, and 2004 while the last Formula One driver to win at this circuit was the British Lewis Hamilton who managed a time of 1:19:674

The Hungaroring as it is often referred to as one of the most difficult tracks for the Formula One drivers due particular characteristics such as: being very narrow and oblique which make it very difficult to surpass and take the advantage. Next August 3rd another race will take place at this track and the real action is expected as the top three drivers continue to battle for extra points in the world championship race to obtain this year’s title.

Last year’s Hungarian champion Lewis Hamilton who currently leads the drivers’ board with 58 points total does not feel very comfortable yet  to speak about his future performance with this next task, despite his previous two victories at Silverstone and Hockenheim. The McLaren driver has been able to place himself at the top in front of the two Ferrari drivers Massa and current world champion Kimi Raikkonen who are in second and third place respectively.

In spite of Lewis’ prudent silent in this regards the predictions point out that the young Britton was once again able to take control of his driving possibilities and is living a lift which he can easily take advantage of during the next race…this could certainly be good for him as the more points he gains the better his ranking will be and the gap between the other drivers will become more visible.

“I’m wary about making any strong predictions; yes, we were strong in the last two races, but we encountered difficulties in the two before that, so it’s impossible to call it,” noted Hamilton. “All I can say is that our car feels fantastic at the moment and I’m really enjoying driving it.

All three drivers Massa, Raikkonen and Lewis are very aware that the Hungaroring or Budapest track is a completely different scenario from what they faced last in Germany, for this one a pit strategy is required and all drivers will have to show their finest skills in order to take the lead from the beginning to have a clear turning otherwise it will turn into a desperately overpowering battle not easy to deal with which may end in an accident that we do not want to witness.

Regardless; it is very certain that we will enjoy the upcoming track while the top drivers continue the racing action to take their teams to the lead of the standings especially now that the season is more than half way through.

postheadericon Brittany bird dogs – understanding its behavioral traits

Brittany Bird Dogs – Understanding Its Behavioral Traits!

One of the most popular breeds of dog used for bird hunting is the Brittany. They have remarkable trainability, a good temperament, and adeptness at hunting with their owner. Their coloring is predominantly white, with dark brown or orange spots, and they are medium sized, with a long fur coat and long ears. The Brittany is used in both America and Europe, and is ideal for upland bird hunting.

In appearance, the Brittany looks similar to a Spaniel, but their hunting styles couldn’t be different; in that respect a Brittany resembles more the Pointer or Setter. The Brittany have a natural ability for hunting with an exceptionally good sense of smell. The dog is generally well behaved, waiting for their master’s command before flushing out a bird. It is for these reasons that a Brittany is the best choice for any upland bird hunter.

The Brittany is known for it’s remarkable trainability. They seem to live to obey their master, and their reward is often the praise they receive from him. As long as the dog has had proper training, they can be trusted to do exactly what the hunter needs the dog to do in the field. The Brittany also has an exceptional temperament, making him great as both a hunter’s companion, and a household pet. They can be completely trusted around children, and are good at taking commands. Often a scolding is enough to hurt the dog’s feelings and teach him to not repeat the behavior.

If considering the purchase of a dog for bird hunting, the Brittany is a great breed. To ensure the bloodline is pure, work only with a breeder. These dogs have proven histories, and have been immunized properly. Breeders often take great pride in their dogs, so be sure to ask a lot of questions, including asking if you can see the breeder’s certification. Many breeders try to pass off that they’re registered, but they may not always be. Also ask about your dogs history, knowing about a dog’s parents and grandparents will give you a better idea of your own dog. Going to a breeder will be a bit more expensive, and a Brittany is a proven breed in regards to bird hunting, so their price is often a bit higher, but they are a great investment for any hunter looking to add another element to his sport. With a proven bird hunting ability, their trainability, and sweet and stable temperament, the Brittany will be a bird hunter’s favorite for years to come.