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postheadericon Advantages of horse back riding

Advantages of Horse Back Riding

For many centuries horseback riding has been much popular for many reasons. Soon, horse riding became a chief mode of travel. First, horses were mainly used for fighting and hunting purposes as the speed of the horse gave people good advantage. With the arrival of carriages, people are able to move themselves and their belongings to long distances with very little difficulty. But nowadays, horseback riding finds its use in recreation and therapy. Horseback riding camps are offered from almost anywhere in the world to anyone. It provides a wonderful and thrilling experience much more than merely riding through hills and valleys.

Instructions about caring of horses and grooming are also fundamental requirements for attending these camps. They will teach about various kinds of tack, like saddles, halters, bridles, bits and other horse gear. Most of the riding levels catered to in these camps, and they are appropriate for both beginner and experienced riders who might find themselves lucky enough to possess a horse for the first time in their life time.

While choosing a horseback riding camp, you should first make a decision on which style of riding your children wants to learn. Western riding is usually associated with ranches, cowboys and rodeos. These camps could be found all through the United States, and are also commonly known as Dude Ranches or Guest Ranches in western portions of the country. Most of the western riding activities comprises of trail riding and barrel racing. Western saddles are designed keeping comfort and security of the riders in mind, so it will have a higher seat back and front so riders feel the safety while on the horse.

On the other hand English riding, in general focuses on racing and horsemanship. This riding style requires both the horse and rider to have more freedom of movement, so these saddles will not give as much as support and security as in a Western style saddle. For a first time rider, you can consider joining a western riding camp.

Horseback riding is a very good therapy for people of any age with any physical disabilities. This therapy provides a funny environment to carry out new skills and also e skills existing that people are seeking to improve. Also they enjoy the benefits of being around people with whom they could relate easily. By following the instructions of the riding counselors, we can discover how to walk, run and canter the horses correctly with confidence. After attaining enough skill and self-confidence, take part in supervised trail rides and advanced riders could learn various show fundamentals.

If you are eagerly looking to do something different the next time summer rolls about, you could consider horseback riding camps. The experiences and enjoyment gained at these camps will make sure that your stay would be a highlight and you’ll keep in mind forever. Starting with the least experienced or novice level, these camps could teach your kids a lot about receiving comfortable experience with the horses themselves additionally to riding them. When they get the basics down, and if they choose like that, they could ultimately advance their skills to much higher levels.

postheadericon Barbagallo raceway comes alive in the racing season

Barbagallo raceway comes alive in the racing season

Wanneroo, a quite place 50 Km north of Perth in Western Australia comes alive when the V8 Supercar championship is held her every year. When in 1992, Alf Barbagallo funded the new circuit here; the track came to be known as Barbagallo raceway. The tracks had to be re-laid once again in 2004 as they had become rugged, but after the revamp, the surface became smooth and gripping. It allowed racing of different types of vehicles including truck racing. The park has a vast seating arrangement and during the race days, 50000 people throng the circuit to see the fast moving cars.  

Though the sport lovers are interested in all kinds of racing, it is during the V8 super car racing championship that the tracks come alive as there are hordes of people who wish to see the amazing cars moving at great speeds at the tracks. One thing that the Barbagallo raceway is famous for is the straight stretch which is one of the longest in the world and that allows the racers to achieve maximum speeds of 250Kmph on the circuit which is very exciting for the onlookers.

If you are a car racing lover, you must have seen the moments on TV and some of you might have even been to the live races and those who have seen them know how thrilling it is to see these small yet powerful cars zip by on the tracks. The thrill and excitement to see your favorite driver race ahead of the pack is amazing and you have to see it to believe it at the Barbagallo raceway.

If you are getting excited by just seeing them in action on TV, just imagine what it would be like to get a chance to drive one of these beauties yourself. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you have got the chance to feel what it is like to be in the driver’s seat in one of the fastest cars in the world and that too in the same very tracks that are used by the legendary drivers. There are companies who provide you the opportunity to do the laps in these fast cars at the Barbagallo raceway at a very minimal cost so you could taste what you have always dreamt of.

As soon you sit in the driver’s seat in a V8 and strap on the harness, you start to feel something. When you turn on the engine and it roars as you peddle the accelerator, there is a sudden rush of adrenaline that is enough to drive you crazy. There are 8 laps in the circuit, and if you drive at decent speed, you should be able to cover the entire circuit in about 45 minutes. If you feel it is too much to take in the excitement, you can choose to let it be driven by an expert driver and you can sit beside him to feel the speeds, the acceleration, the sudden screeching halts and all that stuff.

postheadericon Kayak accessories – some essential kit

Kayak Accessories – Some Essential Kit

Many people considering taking up kayaking are put off by having the mistaken belief that it is an elitist sport and they would not be any good at it.

This is of course nonsense and just about anybody can have a go at kayaking with out the need to have an instructor teaching them first. Furthermore you do not need to have a licence or pass any test and buying a kayak especially a used kayak will not necessarily dent your wallet as much as you would think. For instance you can buy a decent entry level inflatable kayak for just a couple of hundred dollars.

However you do need to be aware that kayaking can be dangerous even on the gentlest of rivers so you should always be aware of your own capabilities and what kayak accessories you will need to get you out of trouble should the situation arise.

Here I will list some fundamental kayak accessories that you will need to have before you venture into the water.

Life Jackets
The first piece of kit on your list should be a life jacket or buoyancy aid regardless of whether you are a good swimmer or not. If you become fatigued or fall in while paddling this kayak accessory will literally save your life. Although tempting to by online always buy your life jacket or buoyancy aid from a kayak dealer to ensure you get the expert advice and the life jacket can be fitted properly.

Kayak Paddle Leash
Again another essential kayak accessory as it easy to unexpectedly lose your paddles and if you are in a strong sea current or fast flowing river your kayak paddles will be long gone without a leash leaving you stranded and at the mercy of the current.

Mobile Phone
Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and this should always be taken with you on your kayak journeys. To protect the phone you can buy a waterproof bag which will float and keep your phone dry should you drop it into the water.

Bilge Pump
If your kayak travels have taken you a fair distance out to sea or you are paddling a wide river and have unfortunately capsized there will be a good chance your kayak would have taken on water. In this instance having a bilge pump to hand will be a very welcome element of your kayak accessories as it will enable you to bail out the water. Similarly if you are paddling an inflatable kayak it would be a good idea to have an electric pump to keep your kayak inflated until you can get to safety should your inflatable kayak sustain a puncture. Obviously the electric pump will be needed to be kept in a water tight bag that floats.

There are many more kayak accessories to consider taking along on your kayak journeys but the above are by far the most vital kayak accessories to have on board.