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postheadericon Floyd mayweather vs shane mosley 2010

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley 2010

Although Mosley has always maintained that he was unaware that steroids were involved, he was one of the athletes using the services of BALCO Labs, along with many other professional and Olympic athletes. Jeff Novitzky, a lead investigator on the BALCO case, reported that documents seized from the lab show that Mosley received “the clear” and “the cream”, both designer steroids. Mosley reportedly began his doping regimen prior to his 2003 bout with Oscar De La Hoya, a match that he won due in part to his strong performance in the later rounds of the fight

On June 17, 2000, Mosley met De La Hoya in Los Angeles for the WBC and IBA Welterweight titles. After twelve rounds, Mosley emerged with a split decision victory. During the fight neither man was in danger of going down, but both had badly swollen faces at the end and De La Hoya was bleeding from the nose for several rounds. Mosley earned a minimum of $15 million, while De La Hoya was guaranteed $35 million. It was later that Mosley was accused of using illegal performance enhancing drugs prior to his 2003 bout with Oscar De La Hoya. Mosley would later admit in his 2003 grand jury testimony that he used the banned drug EPO in preparation for the De la Hoya bout.

On March 13, 2004, Shane Mosley lost his WBC and WBA world Light Middleweight titles in a unification bout with IBF Jr. Middleweight champion Winky Wright, by a unanimous twelve-round decision. On November 20, Shane Mosley and Wright fought their rematch, and although it was scored much closer by the three judges (115-113 twice for Wright and a 114-114 tie), Shane Mosley lost by a twelve-round majority decision.

Sugar Shane started his pro career in 1993, By 2000 he had fought 34 times amassing a 34–0 (32) record, beating undefeated Phillip Holiday to win the IBF Lightweight title. He made 9 title defenses with all inside the distance, but never unified belts. Mosley relinquished his lighweight title to move up 2 divisions, facing Oscar De La Hoya for his Welterweight title.

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postheadericon Balloon rides on holiday

Balloon Rides on Holiday

Hot air balloon rides are the perfect adventure for the entire family when on holiday.  From offering the best in site seeing, to giving the family an awesome escape, a flight in the sky can give the entire family memories that will last a lifetime.  For the adventure lover, the thrill of lift off might be the highlight; while for the sentimental one among you, looking out over the rolling hills below might be the part they’ll never forget.  Whatever part one sees as most thrilling, a balloon ride is the experience that will appeal to everyone.

One rarely finds any part of their holiday that can be described as both exhilarating and serene, but a hot air balloon flight is just that.  It seems to be the best of all thrills, leaving all aboard with mouths agape from the sheer beauty of the journey.  In the early morning flights, the family can enjoy seeing their surroundings in first light, and all the peace and beauty that comes with it.  Most find the dawn flights to be the perfect start to a day on holiday.  The dusk flights offer an awesome way to wind down the day.  Lifting off into the sky just before dusk, the delicate light that surrounds the passengers are both breath taking and calming, and not to be forgotten.

From adventure-seekers to relaxation-addicts, balloon rides certainly do offer the best of both worlds.  The exhilaration of rising into the clouds is unforgettable and will impress all aboard.  What better way to compliment a fun family holiday than with a journey in the sky?  Plus, since flights take only about an hour, the family is left with plenty of time to enjoy so much more on their holiday.  If a hot air balloon flight isn’t for everyone in your crew, watching the rest of the family ride the waves of the sky from the safety of the ground below is fun as well.

Whatever you and yours are seeking on your holiday escape, a balloon flight might just be the perfect thing to add to your agenda.  Both fun and relaxing, a ride is something everyone in the family can enjoy and is a memory that will last for years to come.  No matter what the destination is, vouchers can be found for a number of accredited balloon flight services offering fun for the entire family.    

postheadericon Festivals around the world celebrating hot air balloons

Festivals Around the World Celebrating Hot Air Balloons

From all around the world, one can find hot air balloon festivals.  On each continent, in almost any setting, the beauty of ballooning can be celebrated and admired.  Whether planning a holiday around the timing of your favourite fiesta, or making an annual tradition of enjoying the scenery of a local festival, hot air ballooning is something everyone can enjoy.

The festivals themselves offer a variety of activities showcasing the art of hot air balloons, and span throughout the day and night.  While most public balloon flights are held during daylight only, festivals often hold “night glows” allowing the balloons to lift off after dark and light up the night sky.  Night flying is considered unsafe because of the inability of the pilot to see any obstacles, so the “night glows” usually involve the balloon being tethered to the ground preventing it from taking full flight.  Another common practice during festivals often includes hot air balloons racing one another to a target-landing zone.  

The thrill of seeing hundreds of brightly colored balloons dotting the skies above draw crowds of hundreds of thousands at most festivals.  From the hundreds of celebrations across America, to the many European festivals, to more being held across the globe, hot air ballooning is a popular and enjoyable experiencing for riders and spectators alike.  No matter if you choose to fly the skies or prefer to watch lift off and landing from the safety of the ground, balloon flights are breathtaking for everyone.  

Most festivals afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy flights at a much lower price than one might fight outside the festival.  Whatever might motivate you to attend, the hot air balloon festival won’t disappoint.  From the deepest valleys to the highest peaks, the variety of settings hosting festivals around the world allow visitors to enjoy their surrounding while celebrating hot air balloons.  

Young and old, experienced and novice, all involved can enjoy the splendor of balloon festivals.  It’s easy to see why so many flock to the festival ground scattered across the globe each year.  The sheer beauty of balloon flights makes the experience something that keeps most coming back year after year.  Regardless of what your level of interest might be, you just might find yourself captivated by watching the balloons take off into the sky and soar above you.  The popularity of hot air balloons makes festivals around the world a common pit stop on the perfect holiday.