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postheadericon Monye: england can win six nations

Monye: England can win Six Nations

Ugo Monye firmly believes England can upset the odds and win their first RBS 6 Nations title in seven years.

Harlequins wing Monye is urging his team-mates to defy their position as outsiders and believes they can win the tournament.

“We definitely should go into it thinking that we can win it,” Monye said.

“It will be difficult but I think it is definitely possible that we can win it. All we have to do is have the belief that we can do it.

“We have very high expectations of ourselves and just have to have the confidence to win it.

“We have a very good coaching staff and have to have belief within the playing staff that we can win it.

“We have players who are playing well for their teams domestically and we just need them to transfer that form onto the international stage.”

Head coach Martin Johnson named rugby league converts Shontayne Hape and Chris Ashton in his squad for the tournament and was in bullish mood about his side’s chances of success despite another dismal autumn campaign.

The last time England lifted the Six Nations trophy was in 2003 when Johnson captained Clive Woodward’s team through an unbeaten campaign that included a crushing 42-6 win over Ireland in the Grand Slam decider at Lansdowne Road.

Johnson went on to lift the William Webb Ellis trophy later that year and he now hopes the current squad can follow that same path to glory, with the next World Cup little over a year away.

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postheadericon Kufri adventure sports

Kufri Adventure Sports

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2, 622
Popular Winter Sports: Skiing, hiking
Tourist Attractions: Horse/Yak Safari, Wildlife tour to Himalayan National Park, Picnicking in Mashru Peak.
A dream come true when you across the beautiful facets of Kurfi. This summer capital of Shimla is situated at an altitude of 2, 622 meters above the sea level. The hill-station is blessed with the snow-capped mountains, wildlife parks, wonderful peaks etc. All its attractions can be adventurously explored by means of Horse and Yak Safari.
Winter sports Attractions in Kufri
Kufri hill-station is a popular hub for winter sport lovers. It is learnt of that during winter season, international tourist, specially from America, visit the spot and enjoy adventure of skiing and hiking.. Long back, since 20 years ago, the ski slopes is explored by adventurers time and again. It boast of to be the oldest winter sport destination in the entire Himachal Pradesh.
Other winter sports like hiking, tobogganing and horse-riding also add color in the winter season. Travelers can hire horses at fare ranging from Rs. 30 to Rs. 160, so as to move around the lofty hills and verdant valleys
Kufri Winter Sport Festival:
The annual winter sport festival in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh is popular all over the world. The adventure programme is organized by the Department of Travel & Tourism of the State. It falls on the month of February and is attended by both the beginners and expert skiers. Comfortable place and accommodation options are also arranged by the organizer. Besides, another alike game, titled, National Statue Competition is also arranged every year in the month of January.
Best Time to Visit Kufri Hill-Station:
An ideal time to visit Kufri ski resort is from December to February.
How to reach Kufri Hill-Station
Kufri is located 13 kms away from Shimla and can be easily accessed by the adventure seekers. State transport buses and local cabs are available anywhere and can be hired at cheap tariff.

postheadericon Nascar sprint cup – kevin harvick wins in daytona

NASCAR Sprint Cup – Kevin Harvick wins in Daytona

Kevin Harvick came in first in Daytona after one exciting race filled with crashes and constant passes in the front.

Harvick was the winner of the Coke Zero 400 last weekend in the Daytona International Speedway. Harvick was the bravest racer in the competition; he managed to keep track of all the other racers and fight fiercely to take on the first place.

This is Harvick’s second win in this season’s Nascar Sprint Cup. The Driver behind the Chevrolet Impala #29 had his first win in the series at the Aaron’s 499 last April in Talladega. 

Harvick’s desire to pursue the finish line took him to yet another win in his career as a professional racer in Nascar’s most prestigious series. In Daytona, the talented and experienced racer of the Richard Childress Team kept on pushing hard throughout the race.

The Coke Zero 400 was a very intense race. It was filled with action and it developed with many accidents over the racetrack. The rain was a very important factor in the race.

Because of the strong rains during the weekend and on the days before the race, it was not possible to qualify to the race. This gave Harvick a big advantage as he was able to take on the poll position without much effort.  

Harvick was quite clear that he was going full on in his attempt to take on the lead. He speed up from the front and stayed atop the racer for the best part of the race. He kept on making quite an effort to avoid the many crashes in the race.

The rain kept pouring down and the surface became very slippery. The changes up front happened often and even the guys in front seemed to be very prudent. Some went to the pits zone to change tires or make small adjustments to their racecar.

At a given point, the rain was so intense that the race had to be suspended by the officials for over one and a half hours. This was the moment when the racer stopped at the pits and changed tires to fit the humid conditions. They knew that once the race was restarted they had very little time to take on the front.

The star restarted with much water over the front. The racers kept on pushing that hard trying to put on the best show for all the fans in the speedway.

As soon as the race came back to full speed, the incidents begun. There were many changes in the front. Harvick was cautious and kept safe from all the incidents.

Some of the big racers had some trouble in the crashes. The defending champion Jimmie Johnson, the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya and some other racers were troubled by the crashes. They were stumped in the back and couldn’t manage to recover the best spots in the race.

Harvick on the other hand stayed in front of the car, he kept on opening spaces in the front and still managed to stay in front of the racers in the last tracks. 

Right at the last couple of turns Harvick went on the front of the race. There was a bad crash that involved over 20 cars. Harvick managed to stay in front.

Harvick went to the front. He was the first to make it to the finish line. He was followed closely by Kasey Kahne and by Jeff Gordon who came in third. With this win, Kevin Harvick stays in front of the Sprint Cup board with 2684 points.