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postheadericon Hot air ballooning is a scenic escape

Hot Air Ballooning is a Scenic Escape

From steep mountains to deep valleys, hot air ballooning is seen the world over as an awe-inspiring way to see the sights and appreciate the beauty of the landscape.  A perfect journey for all ages, ballooning has gained popularity and has quickly become a common stopping point on holidays.  Air balloons are also frequented as the perfect setting for birthday celebrations and romantic getaways.  Whatever you might seek in scheduling a hot air balloon flight, the scenic beauty of the experience will astound all on board.

From the stunning elegance of the rolling English countryside to the thrilling excitement of an African safari, ballooning is a way to enjoy the scenery around you from an entirely new viewpoint.  While rising thousands of miles into the sky, passengers can admire the changing landscape below them.  The expansive land unfolds as they rise further with breathtaking views from all sides of the balloon basket.  Hot air balloon is considered by most to be the best scenic outlook one can find, offering amazing photographic opportunities at all stages of the journey.

No longer limited to the wealthy, most hot air balloon services offer deep discounts at various times of the year affording even the budget-conscious consumer the opportunity to enjoy the once in a lifetime joy of a balloon flight.  From all continents across the globe, one can easily find hot air balloon rides available all year round, with scenic options to meet anyone’s needs.  Whether you seek the romantic setting for a perfect date or you want to add something special to a family holiday, hot air ballooning can be the ideal escapade for all to enjoy.

With camera and binoculars in tow, the scenery one might capture on a flight is unexpected and breathtaking.  Even the pilot never knows what beauty he might encounter as he rises into the early morning sky and watches the countryside unleash its elegance below.  From seasides to mountaintops, hot air balloons offer a unique perspective from which to admire the beauty the land presents.  Without experiencing a balloon flight for oneself, one can never understand the true scenic beauty it presents.  On all corners of the globe hot air balloon flights can easily be found to allow perfect enjoyment of the terrain.  From your first flight to your hundredth, hot air ballooning offers something new and exciting in each experience.

postheadericon Mondial du ski morzine-avoriaz (board testing weekend)

Mondial du Ski Morzine-Avoriaz (Board Testing Weekend)

The Mondial du Ski is synonymous with the beginning of the winter ski season. This year the epic event took place in Avoriaz 12th- 13th December 2009 and featured the new addition of the ‘The Rock-On Snowboard Tour’. This event had travelled from Snowhall Amneville to Les Deux Alpes to Piau Engaly and finished in Avoriaz 1800, kicking off the beginning of the winter season at every stop. Not only were the itching skiers and snowboarders able to hit the slopes this weekend, but it also provided a chance to catch up with old friends and test over 1000 boards from approximately 25 manufacturers. Burton, Ride, Santa Cruz, Lib Tech, K2, Battalion and Forum were amongst those who had stalls this year. The testing didn’t just stop at boards, as boots, bindings and advice from the pros were also available. The test centres didn’t provide for skiers but that didn’t stop their fun, as Avoriaz, part of the world’s largest interlinked ski area, hosted an extravaganza of parties and live music and Djs. There were also pro-contests and demos, an amateur contest known as ‘Rider Hero Analog’, a video contest ‘Rec your Band’, an Ollie Battle and even a movie premiere of ‘Locked Outside by Homies’.

As an official Burton Test Centre, rudechalets™ also run a Burton board testing weekend at the beginning of every season. This season the Burton T6, Custom X, Custom V Rocker, Custom ICS, Supermodel, Joystick, Fix, Hero, Easy Livin and Mayhem were available to the men, whilst the women could choose from the Feelgood ICS, Feelgood, V Rocker, Blender and Lipstick. To ensure you get the most out of your weekend the Rude team are at hand to change your boards and set your bindings as often as you please at your convenience.  They also guarantee you are fed like a king whilst you rest your weary limbs in one of their luxurious chalets equipped with an Xbox 360 in every room. The potential to test Burton boards doesn’t stop after this weekend, as Rude guests are welcome to rent boards throughout the season on a daily or weekly basis. They will be continuing their board testing weekend and guaranteeing the new Burton 2011 board range next season so don’t miss out on a stress free holiday with gold class service and expert advice by booking into rudechalets™ and their morzine accommodation

postheadericon Fantastic adventure at coast side

Fantastic Adventure at Coast Side

Adventure is always a part of entertainment for today’s young people and there is nothing exciting without adventure being part of it. Once considered as a sport and adventure for professional are turning out to be the weekend activities of normal people who do not have any professional training or practice with the adventure sport. Adventure is becoming part and parcel of everybody’s life with many adventure activities carried out around the country and becoming very popular because of the thrill and excitement it provides. The adventure activities are plenty in numbers and can never be counted off easily. The major adventure events that are becoming very famous are V8 supercar racing where you can marshal your own V8 supercar around the real time racing circuit at full throttle without any speed restrictions as you drive on the streets. The next big thing that is becoming very famous is the coastal side activity which everybody would love to have a try and enjoy the excitement the event is a joy and can be termed as the tallest adventure you would have ever tried. The adventure is none other than the skydiving Wollongong where you will be jumping down to the earth from a height of 15000 feet flying in an aircraft.

Skydiving Wollongong is becoming increasingly popular and the fan following are huge in numbers which makes the task of conducting the event for the organizers a tough task. The tickets are being sold out for months and people wait in the queue for the whole day to get their ride underway at the skydiving Wollongong. It is not all about professionalism and training that can make you attempt adventurous skydiving. Even if you are a normal person without any training or experience about skydiving there are people who will help you to attempt the skydiving Wollongong with ease. All you have to know is that you should not be afraid of heights and jumping from a height that you would have never done.

The medical fitness is first taken into consideration because the trainers and your self confidence can make you mentally fit but physically your body should be able to take the toll of jumping from 15000 feet. Once the medical test is cleared out of the way then the floor is all yours for you to enjoy the ride of your life time. The jump from the cliff of the flight will take you down at a speed of more than 250 mph for 30 seconds which will give you very little time to think of the things to do so the control of the parachute is given to the instructor who is harnessed along with you for the ride. The instructor would then switch on the parachute after 30 seconds. The parachute ride would definitely calm your nerves which were ready to break while coming down at speed attempting the skydiving Wollongong. The whole experience comes to you at a price of $279 which is not big enough as the adventure.