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postheadericon Efrain escudero vs evan dunham ufc fight night 20 live streaming

Efrain Escudero Vs Evan Dunham UFC Fight Night 20 Live Streaming

Efrain Escudero Vs Evan Dunham UFC Fight Night 20 Live Streaming

Efrain Escudero and Evan Dunham in one of the key fights taking place at UFC Fight Night 20. Efrain Escudero is another former Ultimate Fighter winner that is on the UFC Fight Night card and he’ll have his hands full with the well-rounded Evan Dunham.Efrain Escudero is an excellent wrestler who brings a 13-0 professional record into the octagon at UFC Fight Night 20. Escudero is fresh off a quick knockout over Cole Miller at UFC 103 and any opponent facing him will have to be able to work off their back to get the fight standing.

Dunham is 9-0 and is coming off a split decision victory over the experienced and talented Marcus Aurelio at UFC 102. The Xtreme Couture fighter made our list of betting predictions for UFC Fight Night because of his edge in striking and Jiu Jitsu. Dunham has excellent submission defense and his guillotine choke should give Escudero some problems if the wrestler goes in for the takedown.

According to, former “The Ultimate Fighter 8″ winner Efrain Escudero (12-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) will instead meet undefeated lightweight Evan Dunham (9-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) a UFC Fight Night 20. The event will take place on January 11 in Fairfax, Va., with the following rumored card.

Efrain Escudero vs. Evan Dunham Set For UFC Fight Night 20

- Nate Diaz vs. Gray Maynard*
- Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce*
- Chris Leben vs. Jay Silva*
- Evan Dunham vs. Efrain Escudero*
- Nik Lentz vs. Jeremy Stephens*
- Tom Lawlor vs. Aaron Simpson*
- Kyle Bradley vs. Rafael dos Anjos*
- Jesse Lennox vs. Rick Story*
- Mike Guymon vs. Rory MacDonald*

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postheadericon Know more about air soft guns

Know More About Air Soft Guns

Air soft guns can be considered as the replicas of firearms. They are highly detailed in that you will have an idea of the mechanism of the rifle it is modeled after. They are meant mainly for recreational purposes. The name has its origin from the fact that it makes use of compressed gas namely propane or carbon dioxide. Some models make use of the spring driven piston.

Usually metallic and non-metallic pellets ranging from sizes 6 mm and 8 mm is generally used. Air soft guns are generally harmless as the projectiles fired from it cannot penetrate the skin. However several high powered rifles, meant for training or law enforcement purposes can cause harm if they are not used with adequate care.

Air rifles come in different types. The spring powered airsoft guns work in a manner where the pellet in the barrel is fired by compressed air. The compression of air is facilitated by a spring which has to be cocked every time the user wants to make a shot. These come at lower and affordable prices and are easily available. The spring powered air soft gun is perhaps the first step in the path to using more advanced versions.

The electric rifle is the next type of air soft gun in which the spring is compressed by a motor that runs on electrical energy. The electric motor is run by an battery that is rechargeable. There are automatic electric guns available too. A more improvised version of automatic electric-gun is called Hybrid rifle. There are low powered as well as medium powered ones. The latter is commonly referred to as middle powered electric guns.

The Electric Blow Backs are electric rifles that come at a cheap rate. They have certain additional features giving it a higher semblance to the real guns it takes after. Mini electric guns and automatic electric pistols are all varieties of electric soft guns that utilize electrical energy.

The gas powered airsoft guns can be automatically or semi-automatically operated. The classic air soft guns are the older versions of air rifles. The carbon dioxide gas which on compression propels the pellets is generally stored externally in a tank in a manner similar to that of a paintball gun.

postheadericon How to make a racing lawnmower

How to Make a Racing Lawnmower

Mower racing is a very addicting sport. The excitement that you will feel prior to racing is the same as the excitement that you will feel when you are racing cars or motorcycles. It’s amazing! That’s probably one reason why people want to know how to make a racing lawnmower. If you’ve ever imagined yourself being in a race while mowing your lawn, then you are definitely into mower racing. The land speed record for racing mowers is more than 80mph. Imagine mowing your lawn at even half that speed; you would be done in a flash.

When I first got introduced to this sport, I was completely amazed! Not by the drivers but by the mowers. If I didn’t see a race, I couldn’t have imagined my mower drifting on the tracks. I got hooked the very first time I watched a mower racing, and I’m confident you will too.

Now you may be asking yourself how to make a racing lawnmower. And, wondering if that old JD in the garage would work. It really is easy. I don encourage you to keep these things in mind before you buy, or start tinkering with your old mower.

The make and age of your mower is an important factor. If your mower is as old as you, you might have difficulty looking for spare parts. Same is true if you have a unique brand of mower. The preferred engines of mower racers are Briggs and Stratton and Tecumseh. But some like Hondas too.

Spare parts are vital in order to make a racing lawnmower as well as maintain one. And since the machine get a little banged up on the track, replacement parts will be critical once you start mower racing.

Your driving skills and interest in the sport are also an important factor. Do you get nervous when other cars pass you by? Do you feel uncomfortable at high speeds? Can you park? These questions assess your driving skills and are important for your safety and for the safety of others.

Are you a naturally born mower racer? Again, if you imagine yourself racing while mowing your lawn at 5mph, then you are into mower racing and you are interested in it.

There’s one more thing that you need to know before you go out to make a racing lawnmower, and that is the different mower racing divisions/classes. You will have to determine which class you want to be part of first before modifying your mower.

Different classes have different modification mower rules. Sanctioning bodies are very strict on this, so it is best to do your research to avoid having to redo or repay for parts and modifications.

If you are new to mower racing, you might want to join stock races first just to get the hang of it, and then work your way up to the advanced classes.

To make a racing lawnmower that will withstand the punishment or a full race consider the following at a minimum:

Chassis: Make it rigid enough to withstand mower racing conditions. Racing terrains become especially tough at the end of lap races when the track is more rutted.

Weight: Just like race cars; the lighter it is, the faster it goes. Remove as many parts as you can to get pounds off your mower.

Steering: Factory class mowers are not designed for racing and their steering can only handle tight turns at 5mph. Modifying the caster settings, steering rods fit, and gear driven steering system will keep you out of the hay bales.

These are the just the basics in order to make a racing lawnmower fit for the track. There are lots of modifications and tricks that you can do to make your mower faster and easier to handle, but for now, go get some mower racing experience first.