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postheadericon Backpacker’s checklist

Backpacker’s Checklist

The checklist here includes the essentials for camping in the backcountry. I’ve also included some hot tips and links to necessary gear which can keep the load to a minimum and yet not compromise the gear’s performance. This checklist can be modified and adjusted as necessary.

Backpacker’s Checklist of the Essentials:

_____ Backpack

_____ Water filtration system

_____ Tent

_____ Topographical Map

_____ Sleeping Bag- down or synthetic

_____ Tarp and Rope

_____ Sleeping Pad- lightweight, self-inflating or closed cell

_____ Headlamp/Waterproof Flashlight

_____ Stove/Fuel Canister

_____ Hiking Shoes

_____ Pots/Pans- aluminum pie plates for serving

_____ Rain/Wind Gear

_____ Cooking/ eating utensils/ Drinking Cup

_____ Insulating Layers: Capilene and/or Fleece Down Jacket

_____ Camp Suds/Camp towel

_____ First Aid Kit

_____ Leatherman/multipurpose tool

____ Fire Starter Kit

_____ Small Pillow Case

_____ Insect Repellent

HOT TIP: If your lightweight down jacket (see North Face down jacket or Patagonia Down Sweater) travels with you even in the summer months, stuff it in the pillow case. Instant pillow.

Firestarter Kit

_____ Birthday Candles (the “trick” ones)

_____ Firestarter Sticks (small)

_____ Dry Tinder

_____ Matches with Waterproof container

_____ Cotton Balls (include in your first aid kit)

HOT TIP: Soak your cotton balls in neosporin (included in your first aid kit) and use them as fire starters under your dry tinder.

They may not be in the checklist, but don’t forget your hiking poles. Your body will thank you for remembering them.

postheadericon Different types of laptop carrying cases

Different Types of Laptop Carrying Cases

If you are using a lovely and highly valued laptop or notebook, you definitely need to care it and want to carry it in a case that will protect your laptop from all threats. The laptop carrying cases are perfect for traveling with your laptop around you all the time. If you don’t get a good laptop case, there is greater possibility that your laptop will get hurt and damaged. Whether you use laptop in your home or you carry around, you need something which is stylish, useful and at the same time protective.

Laptop carrying cases usually come in leather or nylon finishes. The nylon ones are cheap and easily degradable. The leather cases are thick and offer better protection to your laptops than nylon bags. They are also heavy and end up weight little more pounds to the overall weight of the load. The leather cases too come in different styles and finishes to meet individual needs. They are also available from brands and designer houses. The designer leather laptop carrying cases are expensive items and they at the same time are much functional.

There is another category of leather designer bags called replica laptop carrying cases. They are similar in design and style to those branded and designer laptop carrying cases. But they are not genuine designer cases. It is very difficult to distinguish between them because they are made with that expertise and dexterity. You can opt for such replica laptop carrying cases if you feel that designer cases are out of your budget.

There is again another kind of leather called faux leather or pleather which is lighter than leather and lightweight. The faux leather too is not durable and sturdy like leather cases. They are preferred due to their lightweight material and the glossy finish.

But is you wish something different something which can really protect your laptops from all vulnerable things then go for metal laptop carrying cases. The metal laptop carrying cases off late have become popular and they are now prime choice of lots of folks due to security, protection and design they provide. Metal cases were an expensive affair few days ago but they are no longer an expensive item.

postheadericon Activity weekends: an entertaining affair

Activity Weekends: an Entertaining Affair

Every business enterprise is always looking for effective activity days to entertain and boost the morale of its employees. Activity days must be chosen carefully so as to provide something for everyone. You can try to bring out the combination of daring and entertaining activities something like quad bikes, rage buggies, trekking and such others to infuse a great sense of understanding and team building efforts to achieve common goals.

Besides giving a thrilling day to the team, choosing various team building activities are really beneficial. You can add numerous gaming events for infusing & encouraging teamwork, enhancing leadership skills and cultivating problem solving tactics. Also, you can further divide the teams so that every one can compete with one another in a high-spirited, fun, and memeorable team day!

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the driving activities that can be included in activity weekends:

Driving Options:

Off-Road Buggies:

If your team likes to compete in twisted and artificially created roads, choosing the fun of off-road buggies would be simply great. Pick up your four-wheeled buggies and set out for experiencing the state-of-the-art off-road karts that can be truly thrilling.

Hovercraft Driving

These special biking can be driven around a tight circuit loaded with chicanes. In this type of biking, you need to handle the corners to slide around the bends. Any delay in the reaction may give you unpleasant results. So, take the full adventure of driving these machines and entertain yourself!

Argo Cats:

Driving bikes used in this type of racing is usually 8 wheeled. With this bike, you can easily climb steep hills, go off-road and float on water! You can go anywhere with this bikes and test your driving skills! Beginners must take the help of instructors to tackle the challenges of a variety of slopes, bumps, and uneven roads.