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postheadericon Get more out of snowboarding by using correct snowboarding wear

Get More Out Of Snowboarding By Using Correct Snowboarding Wear

Snowboarding can be a lot of fun since it allows you to enjoy being out and about in the snow and in the process you can exercise and also get a chance to work away whatever stress you may have been feeling. To get the most out of snowboarding you will need to own the proper snowboarding wear and unlike snowboarding equipment, one has to buy snowboarding wear rather than get it on hire. What’s more, when checking out various items of snowboarding wear you will first of all need to ensure that you wear something that will keep you warm and dry – no matter how cold or wet it gets.

One of the main concerns that every snowboarder needs to address is their safety and in fact, in order to know how to ensure maximum protection while out snowboarding, they will first of all need to go out and buy snowboard protective gear such as a good helmet and perhaps, even use knee and elbow protective items.

More Than One Layer Of Protection

However, to remain warm and dry requires using more than a single layer of snowboarding wear and so, it is a good idea to use as many as three layers because each layer will be able to provide different kinds of protection with the innermost layer providing a means to rid the body off unwanted moisture, while the second layer will insulate you and the outermost layer can be waterproof as well as windproof.

Besides the clothing aspect to snowboarding wear there are a number of other things as well that you will need to address including buying hats, gloves and helmets and even use something with which to protect the eyes – both from the cold as well as from harsh sunlight.

Hands are certainly a most sensitive part of your body that must never be allowed to get too cold and so you will have to purchase a good pair of gloves that will help keep the fingers warm and dry and which must also help in sealing the snowboarder’s wrists. Another part of the body that needs to be protected is the head which is that part of the body that tends to lose heat very easily and so you will at least require snowboarding wear in the form of a hat (at the very least) and even a helmet to protect you in case you fall unexpectedly.

You also need to include sunglasses in your list of snowboarding wear because these can provide good protection from the sun and for protection from the wind and cold; you would also need to include goggles which are another essential part of snowboarding wear. Some people also prefer to wear a scarf in order to protect the exposed nose as well as other parts of the face, and provided you use a waterproof scarf there is nothing wrong with this option.

When choosing snowboarding wear you will need to consider things such as safety aspects, the need to protect the body from the elements and also ensure that you stay warm and dry while out snowboarding. Other than that, you could choose something fashionable and stylish to help you stand out in a crowd and in this regard you will find a lot to choose from in terms of different snowboard jackets and snowboard pants.

postheadericon Lets discuss in brief about fulcrum

Lets Discuss In Brief About Fulcrum

Toyota has Scion, Honda has Acura, Nissan has Infiniti, and Campagnolo has Fulcrum.  That’s right folks, Fulcrum is a division of Campy.  Why?  Why not!  If you had a cycling company and you knew how to make a superior set of wheels, but you also knew the riders were playing matchy match with their components most likely wouldn’t put Campy wheels on a primarily Shimano bike, wouldn’t you make a new company?  We would!  So if you were wondering how Fulcrum came up from nowhere and got worldwide attention on the pro circuit, it’s because Campy used their connections to get up and running, and into the heat of the race.  Yes sir, that’s why the 2004 and 2005 pro teams actually used the Fulcrum wheels without years of being on the market.  Pretty smart move if you ask us.
The launch of Fulcrum in July of 2004 was a testimony of passion for the sport of cycling.  At the front of the company were three aerospace engineers who had applied their specialized knowledge of aerospace technology to the advancement of their favorite sport.   Since the beginning, Fulcrum Wheels have proven their superiority on the road.   They are designed and developed with underlying elements of Campagnolo, technological advancements of the aerospace industry and they have a pleasantly youthful Fulcrum twist.  
With revolutionary concepts in wheel development and design, Fulcrum Wheels boast a perfectly balance wheel.  To get that perfect balance they have patents!  That’s why there are trademarks all over this article.  Fulcrum was big on trademarks and patents like Dynamic BalanceTM,  2:1 Two-to-oneTM, and the MoMagTM system.  
When you push your pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket produces slack in the freewheel spokes and a loss of rim tension.  This results in unwanted flex of the whole wheel and an inevitable loss of energy.  Fulcrum has solved this common cycling dilemma with its 2:1 Two-to-One™ Spoke Ratio system.  The 2:1 Two-to-One™ system supports the Dynamic BalanceTM by doubling the spokes in the critical areas.  The Dynamic BalanceTM system boasts flawlessly balanced dynamics of rotation, with the credit given to the careful distribution of the rotating masses.   The MoMagTM system supports the other two quite well.  It actually stemmed from Campy.    The MoMagTM system feeds each nipple into the rim through the valve hole, the process is guided perfectly into place with a magnet.  Thus the Mag in the name MoMagTM.   These three systems work separately or in conjunction with one another and they are what makes Fulcrum the advanced company that it is today.
Another concept in the design of Fulcrum Wheels are the aluminum hammer head spokes which have a unique aerodynamic profile comprised of a variable truncated-cone cross-section.  The rims on the Fulcrum Wheels are CNC machined which help to relieve the rim area of pointless load points.  CNC machining allows the wheels to have no spoke holes on the inner groove which eliminates the need for rim tape and provides maximum torsional stiffness.  Yeah, these are some serious wheels.
Fulcrum Wheels come in several models.  Numbered relatively consecutively, for continuity we suppose. Although you will notice they left out the even numbers.  The Racing Zeros are excellent for racing.  They provide superior acceleration, are very light, have rockin’ aerodynamics and roll like you’re riding on air.  Plus, they are super sharp looking.  The Racing 1’s are great for racing as well as daily rides.  They are fast, stiff, smooth as well as very compliant and comfortable. They are sure to dramatically improve the handling and look of your bike.  As was mentioned earlier, Fulcrum skipped over all the even numbers and went right to the Racing 3’s.  Racing 3 wheels are intermediate hoops.  They are very durable, quiet riding and longer lasting than most wheels on the market.  They are also notably faster.  You will notice that you will gain speed quicker and will be able to hold it easily.   They are also quite high on the bling scale.  For the real heavy duty rides, or for consistent training, go for the Racing 5 model.  They are durable, quiet and very long lasting.  The Racing 5 Evolution wheels boast the Dynamic Balance system with two, oversized (silver) spokes to offset the rim joint for a perfectly balanced wheel.  They are said to be stiff, smooth, true, and durable.  They aren’t the lightest wheel in the Fulcrum line, but they aren’t THAT heavy either.  The Racing 7’s are more of a beginner’s wheel.  They are strong, stiff, a decent weight and come in racing red.  At the very top of the line are Fulcrum’s Racing Light Wheels.  These wheels are Fulcrum’s version of Campy’s Hyperon but without the carbon bodied hugs.  The Racing Light’s are on a entirely different level and have earned the status as well as the price.  They are one of the best all round wheels you will ever ride on.  Very fast, very strong and yes, you can climb in a cog or two lower than normal. Phenomenal for climbing but also great on the flats.

postheadericon Downhill mountain biking

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is one of the most extreme styles of mountain biking. Downhill biking, as its name implies is all about riding down steep slopes while getting over obstacles, drops and sharp turn in maximum speed. Over the years, many downhill mountain biking events and competitions have been established all over the world. Downhill competitions are held on courses situated on steep slopes and mountains such as the Alps and the Rocky mountains. The objective of a downhill cycling competition is to reach the bottom in the fastest time. Nonetheless, there are many mountain bikers who ride downhill trails just for the fun of it. In my opinion, mountain biking is a successful combination of the chance to feel a rush of adrenaline, reach remote places, see wonderful scenery and attempt to control and maneuver a mountain bike riding a high speed, through rough terrain.

Most of the main bike trails and bike parks which are geared towards downhill mountain bikers are equipped with attractions and are geared to their special needs. Many downhill mountain biking sites are equipped with chair lifts, which take bikers and their bikes to the top of the descent with no need to climb up. Many downhill mountain biking sites operate as ski sites in the winter and downhill mountain biking centers in the summer. Throughout Europe there are a few parks which are geared to downhill mountain bikers. One can find these sorts of parks in France, Austria, Italy and more. Downhill mountain biking parks offer specially made obstacles and drops, aside of the trails in their parameter.

As much as downhill biking is enjoyable and exciting, it’s one of the more hazardous mountain biking styles. In any case of downhill mountain biking, no matter if you’re an expert or a beginner, be sure do ride with full safety gear and after you have made sure that the trail you’re beginning fits your level of riding.