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postheadericon Cricket: love it or hate it, but you simply cannot ignore it

Cricket: Love it or Hate It, But you Simply Cannot Ignore it

Cricket as a sport has always intrigued me ever since childhood and although the reasons kept changing with my growing years, but the fascination has still remained intact. The sport has only managed to grow in popularity over the years as new formats are being introduced, there are fresh faces to be seen with each passing year, more countries participating in the game and ofcourse the primary reason being that some players seem to become larger than the game itself. As our advertisers and marketers would agree, that anything promoted by a current reigning god of cricket, is sure to be well received by the masses and whatever the product or service may be, getting cricketers to endorse it, is sure to work and sell products like hot cakes.

Cricket as a game has survived the test of time and has emerged a winner. In some nations, it has managed to create a niche for itself in the hearts of the compatriots and now reigns supreme like a religion, which unites the nation. The affection of the fans is as fickle as the performance of the players. The urgent need to stay connected to scores of a live match has led to the advent of specific online sites that are entirely devoted to cricket. A cricket enthusiast who had to leave the space in front of the television in order to get some work done at office, is now no longer in a perpetual state of depression due to missing out on live updates. Internet sites constantly update the scores of every live match being played and the individual keeps pace with every ball played, with the help of his computer.

Now imagine the worst nightmare of a cricket fan. He is stranded in traffic with no access to a television, radio or a computer and a live match is in progress! In addition, horror of horrors, he cannot get through to the phone of his friends who are lucky enough to be watching the game. However, websites devoted to cricket and telecom service providers have done away with this kind of a torture for cricket fans. The live scores can also be sent to your mobile phone via a short message to the related website. Now cricket score deprivation is indeed a thing of the past and best forgotten.

The fans who are strongly attached to the game can further utilize the cricket special sites. The websites not only offer live score updates but also the whole paraphernalia associated with the game. Be it posters, images of the players, records and statistics and general news and information related to the game, one can find it all on a cricket related website. A true fan will also thoroughly enjoy the discussion forums that are an integral part of such websites. Therefore, if cricket is what makes your heart beat faster then it is time to try out every avenue connected to the game and connect to the world through this amazing game.

postheadericon Everything you need to know about snowboarding

Everything You Need to Know About Snowboarding

Snowboarding is not for those who have a faint heart. This is an extreme sport and a very risky one that needs proper training and precaution.

Before attempting to engage yourself in snowboarding, do some research first. Try to assess, if this sport is really intended for you. Can you be a snowboarder who slides on steep mountain slopes or would you rather stay at home and watch others do it for you? The bottom line is you have to be fit and not just healthy to be in this sport. It would help if you consult your health provider first to know whether you are ready for this feat.

After doing some assessment, you still can’t just hop on your snowboard right away. Engaging in snowboarding also requires having the right gadgets and proper apparel not only to look sheik on ice but also to ensure your safety. Once you have all you need. you may now begin taking lessons. At least, this time you get to do actual snowboarding even under the eye of a pro.

As a beginner, you first need to undergo a series of lessons before heading to the mountains. Usually, the first things you need to master are about basic safety, proper stretching, injury prevention, and maybe rules and policies of the resort. To learn the basic skills you need to master, you can take private lessons with an instructor but it will be more expensive. A better alternative is to learn with a group. Aside from it’s practical, you can also interact from other snowboarders and also learn from them too.

As you advance your skills, you need to immerse yourself more in the sport. You have to learn new skills and continuously practice what you have already acquired especially if you are planning to compete in a tournament. Through time you will also need better and more challenging courses so that you’ll learn how to adjust to a variety of settings while performing at the top of your game. Learning how to adapt to any weather condition and knowing what strategy to employ to such will also help you to be more competitive and unaffected by things beyond your control.

But practicing on the snow with your board is not the only way to make yourself more adept in snowboarding. You may also learn about snowboarding from Transworld Snowboarding magazine. By doing this, you don’t need to wear your thermal gears or leave the comfort of your home. Subscribing to this will surely qualify you as a true-blooded snowboarder.

Transworld Snowboarding was a significant catalyst for the recognition of snowboarding as a sport. When snowboarding was still a young sport and skiing dominated the snow, many resorts were initially closed to snowboarders. To counteract this, Transworld Snowboarding hyped the sport by popularizing t-shirts called “Answers,” which contains answers to numerous inquiries of curious skiers. Eventually, snowboarding was recognized as an official sport. In 1985, the first World Cup was organized for snowboarding. Then, in 1995, the International Snowboarding Association was founded.

This magazine owned by Time Warner, showcases everything you need to know about snowboarding and snowboarding culture. Whether you are interested about the latest gadgets or has news about your favorite snowboarder, Transworld Snowboarding has it. If you are interested to learn about events or to read just about any article on snowboarding, you’ll find it here. It also contains tricks and features great resorts that snowboarding enthusiasts will love to consider as part of his itinerary.

postheadericon Buy swim goggles from made-in-china

Buy Swim Goggles From Made-in-china

A pair of swim goggles is provided which incorporates a timing device with a visual display in the swimmer’s field of vision and automatic actuation upon contact with water. A lens allows the wearer to read the display located near the eye. A preferred embodiment incorporates this lens into the corner contour of the eye shield. Other embodiments provide the lens, timing device, display, power and related circuitry in a module insertable in an opening in one eye covering. The timing device can assist a swimmer in pacing and measuring elapsed time, in both recreational and competitive swimming.

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Time for Buying Swim Goggles More and more people are heading for outdoor activities as the summer is approaching. Swimming is always one of the top choices. Before setting out, people must check their bags to insure they have taken all the equipment they need and, especially the suitable ones. Swim goggles are a must. Finding the right pair is thus very critical for your swimming. It goes without saying that the hot season for swim goggles is coming. For those who want to find business opportunities in the field of swim goggles, please check our website

Better Goggles from Made in We have a large variety of swim goggles listed on our website, especially the latest ones. Firstly, we have lots of racing swim goggles that reduce drag without compromising on vision. Secondly, we have groups of swim goggles specially designed to fit female face shape, such as feminine goggles featuring a rear clasp fastening on the strap in order to reduce risk of hair tear. Thirdly, we have long-piece goggles for great comfort and fit, featuring a unique angled lens and side clips for easy adjustment. What is more, for those who are tired of selecting, we recommend such swim goggles that are so flexible to fit every swimmer’s face. Those swim goggles features a one-piece tubular strap that extends a complete loop around the goggle lens and nose bridge to form to the exact contour of every user’s face. For more information of swim goggles, please visit our website

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The event is supported by Dubai Sports Council, World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Department of Economic Development, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, SOSFO (Seoul Olympics Sports Promotion Foundation) and other local sports associations and federations.