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postheadericon Archery history and jolly old england

Archery History and Jolly Old England

Archery History and Jolly Old England:

When we first think about Archery we often think about England and Kings and Knights of the Round Table. But are we correct in our psychological psychosis in this matter? We probably are correct, When we think about Archery, Were thinking about a great thing of the past. Theres not a lot of call today for Bows and Arrows like there used to be back in the days of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

But in all reality England is where most of us imagine that Archery was founded. We may just be right, Or we may just be wrong. It’s well documented that in the days of Mongolian rule in China. Archery played a big part in there hunting. Mongolians still use this form of hunting and foraging today. But England is almost always the place that we start our journey of thought and enlightenment on the subjects. Remember it was always the Royal subjects who were in the line of fire during turbulent times. Which in the case, England was at war against itself and others most of the time. So a look back into history tells us these things. One also questions the existence of King Arthur during those times.

Many references are made to an Arthur through English history. Whether or not these cases are founded are of great emanate of belief. But what does this tell us about our questions? In itself this question taxes our inner self to answer it. I personally believe there was a King Arthur, It’s documented there was an Arthur and a Merlin. These two figures existed, In my belief also the Knights of the Round Table. Along there sides were there Archers, The beings in which this entire Article exists. Archers truly were gifted individuals who knew what they were doing. Archery is alive and well for us all to enjoy. We should try to learn as much about this great sport. Whether we want to learn for hunting or for fun. Archery is here to stay.

If its only to read and study about the history of Archery.

It still holds a lot of information and learning potential for your mind to develop on something new.

Get the Cat Scratch Fever, See the potential and learn about Archery today.

postheadericon Buy eagles nfl tickets – no more standing in queues

Buy Eagles Nfl Tickets – No More Standing in Queues

It is really very painful to stand in a long queue and wait for hours to get your turn to buy Eagles NFL Tickets from the stadium ticket booking counter. You can get away from this hassle by choosing to buy tickets from an authorized online sports ticket broker. The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional football team in the United States of America. The team plays in the NFL as a part of the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC). The team is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eagles History

The Eagles were founded in 1933 when they joined NFL as an expansion team. So far, the team has won three NFL titles. They have qualified for the Super Bowls two times (1980 and 2004). But, they could not win any. However, the Eagles have won three conference championships and eleven division titles. In the last seven seasons, the team has won five division titles.

Eagles Reality Bytes

Swoop is the official mascot of the team.
The team also has a fight song – Fly, Eagles Fly.
The team has always played under the name of “Philadelphia Eagles” with the year 1943 being an exception – this was the time when they played as Philadelphia-Pittsburgh “Steagles”.
The 2008 season will be the team’s 76th season for Philadelphia Eagles as a franchise in the NFL.
Each season for The Eagles starts with a summer training camp that is held at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
The Philadelphia Eagles have been very popular. Its references can be found in several books and movies. For example, the 2006 film ‘Invincible’ was based on the true story of Vince Papale.
The Eagles NFL tickets sales reflect the devotion of the Eagle’s fans to their team. All the games are invariably sold out – within a matter of minutes. However, the Eagle fans have been notorious for their bad behavior.
The Philadelphia Eagles have several celebrity fans as well, including Arlen Specter (U.S. Senator), Will Smith (rap artist/actor), Ryan Phillippe (actor – Crash, I Know What You Did Last Summer), Jim Cramer (CNBC television host), and many more.
The team colors include midnight Green, Black, White, and Silver.
There have been eighteen Pro Football Hall of Famers from this team. It has also retired seven numbers so far.
Eagles Honor Roll was established in 1987. Since then, twenty-eight members have been inducted with Eagles Honor Roll.

The Home Arena Of The Eagles

Lincoln Financial Field is the present home stadium of the Eagles. It has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 68,532 Eagles NFL tickets. Temple Owls (NCAA) is another tenant of this stadium. It has a Grass surface. The stadium was opened on August 3, 2003 with a construction cost of $512 million.

The Eagles have changed their home stadium several times. The former home arenas of the Eagles include Baker Bowl (1933-1935), Philadelphia Municipal Stadium (1936-1939; 1941), Connie Mack Stadium (1940; 1942-1957), Franklin Field (1958-1970), and Veterans Stadium (1971-2002). Since 2003, the team has been playing its home games in Lincoln Financial Field.

Tips To Buy Eagles Tickets

Always remember, only an authorized ticket broker can offer you the best deals when it comes to buying Eagles NFL Tickets.

postheadericon History of the bow and arrow

History of the Bow and Arrow

The history of archery is extremely fascinating; by tracing the development of archery we likewise follow the chronicle of humans which is so tightly associated.

All over the planet we have evidence of ancient archery, even recovered from regions whereupon formerly it has been accepted that the bow and arrow was never made use of, such as Australia.

It is thought that archery in all probability leads back to roughly 20,000 BC which was in the middle of the Stone Age; still the early Egyptians are recognized as representing the earliest known people to have used the bow and arrow. Archery was encompassed by the ancient Egyptians at least 5000 years past for the purpose of both hunting and war.

Approximately 1200 BC the Hittites, an ancient race who inhabited what today is known as Turkey and northern Syria, utilised the bow and arrow from speedy, light chariots that allowed them to grow to be revered opponents in Middle Eastern battles.

Their neighbours known as the Assyrians, who originated in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria likewise utilized archery extensively. They remodelled the bow to a recurve profile that was stumpier and considerably more effective enabling them to be employed with ease by way of an archer on a horse. They additionally applied various different forms of materials to fabricate bows like tendon, horn and wood.

Inside China archery may be traced as far back as the Shang dynasty which took place between 1766 and 1027 BC when war chariots three people the driver, lancer and bowman.

During the proceeding Zhou dynasty 1027-256 BC the Chinese aristocrats at court loved watching archery sporting competitions that were acted out along with music and a substantial measure of fanfare.

The Chinese introduced civil archery to the Japanese in around the 6th century and it bore a enduring effect on future techniques and customs. Japanese Martial Arts presently known as kyudo (way of the bow) is still taught in Japan in the unvaried traditional ways. A bow over 2 metres in length and made from wood, bamboo and coated strips is used for shooting a target assembled in a roofed bank of sand.

In the Geco-Roman age, the bow was utilized more for individual ventures or hunting than it was for warfare, Archery is often depicted on earthenware dating to that time.

The Romans are not believed to have been very good archers, more than likely because up until the 5th century the bows they used were shot by drawing the string back to the chest rather than the face which gives the arrow far more accuracy.

Enemies such as the Parthians possessed far superior skills; they were skilful horsemen who were competent at shooting backwards by rotating in the saddle often at great speed.

The domination of the archery equipment and styles implemented by the people of the Middle East prevailed for centuries. Attila the Hun and his Mongolians, employing bows comparable with those of the Parthians and Assyrians, overcame a good deal of Asia and Europe and the Crusaders were driven off by Turkish archers.

The bow was an instrument of existence in the days of English and subsequently American settlement and still is in some nations on the African continent.

The popularity of archery has also been conveyed in several songs and folklore, in all likelihood the most famed being Robin Hood, furthermore archery is likewise often referenced in Greek mythology.

The first recognised archery competition included 3000 participants and was held at Finsbury, England in 1583.

By the time of the European thirty Year War between 1618 and 1648 attributable to the establishment of guns, it had become apparent that the bow and arrow as a weapon belonged to a prior age.

Since that time, archery is has become extremely popular as a recreational sport.