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postheadericon Paintball: your questions answered

Paintball: Your Questions Answered

What makes a good paintball? Why are some paintballs more expensive than others? Do I have to pay a lot of money for good quality ammo? These are questions that vex paintballers, particularly those new to the sport. Let’s address these issues to enable you to buy wisely.

Do more expensive paintballs perform better than cheaper ones?

In a word: yes. More expensive ammo has tighter quality control regulations than its cheaper rivals. Paintballs vary considerably in quality and you should expect to pay more to enhance your performance.

How do paintballs vary in quality?

Quality ammunition is more consistent and reliable. It resists the affects of humidity and moisture. This results in better performance in extreme conditions. Quality paintballs will be less likely to shrink or swell in extremes of temperature.

Good ammo is strong enough to withstand expulsion from the gun without exploding; it is thin enough to burst on impact, and not before.

Good quality paintballs have a better paint fill, so the paint is brighter in colour and it marks well. It is washable, yet less easy to wipe off on the field.

Good paintballs are more spherical resulting in a straighter trajectory, greater distance and more accuracy.

Where can I buy good, cheap paintballs?

Many people buy ammo at their local field for convenience. This, however, is not a cheap option. There are many different brands of good quality, inexpensive paintballs to be found online. This is, by far, the cheaper option. Take your own ammunition to your local field; if they charge you for the privilege, it is still worth it. If they don’t allow you to use your own ammo, find another field!

How should I store my paintballs?

You should always store your ammunition in a cool, dry place; between 60-85 degrees is ideal, with as little humidity as possible. Paintballs do not have an indefinite shelf-life. They will develop flat spots if left too long which will affect their trajectory. Try to ensure a regular turn over of balls.

In short, there are numerous brands of paintballs available to you on the market. They vary in quality. You must expect to pay more for higher quality ammo. You can buy good quality paintballs online for a good price. Keep them in a cool, dry place and change your stock regularly.

Choosing the right paintball for your marker can affect your performance on the field greatly. Try out small quantities of different brands to see what you get on best with. Match your barrel size to the correct paintball size. Don’t compromise on price; you only get what you pay for.

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postheadericon Bow hunting – natural way of hunting

Bow Hunting – Natural Way Of Hunting

Hunting with a Bow is quite a famous sport; there are a few things a novice bow hunter should learn before getting into the thrilling game of bow hunting. First is to learn about laws and regulations of hunting in different states as hunting seasons and laws vary from one State to other. To get information about a particular state, get in touch with game and fish commission or similar agencies to ensure the exact rule, season of hunting, and state laws. A hunting license is compulsory in every state with exception for some private hunting clubs offering organized bow hunts.

Then learn everything you can about variety of bows that are available. Though the selection of bows, the type, and brand may differ as per the individual’s choice, a lot depends on the season, the animal you want to hunt, state and national rules regarding the hunt etc. There are hunting bows of four types

• Stick bow
• Recurve
• Compound bow
• Cross bow

The first is Stick bows. A stick bow is the long English bow. It is as high or may be slightly higher than a normal individual, in the shape of “D” and does not have a recurve.

The next is Recurves. The side view of a recurve bow shows the curve ending away from the shooter at the tip. This lends a bigger throw to the arrow.

Recurve bows are preferred on bow hunting because they are smaller than a normal stick bow and easier to handle while going through forest areas on horseback. .

Then comes the Compound Bow which is a modern bow. It is a normal bow constructed in combination with a technique of cams, cables and pulleys to give higher speed to arrow. It is essential to judge the draw weight and bow length of your choice and for this consult an expert. Bows are not one size fits all.

The fourth is Cross bow for target shooting and bow hunting. A cross bow is made of a stock on which the bow is fixed. An activated trigger on the stock shoots arrow like projectiles from the bow.

Once familiar with laws of hunting, and after completion of preconditioned requirements to hunt legally like licenses and safety courses in hunting, and selection of the right bow, then decide on the type of arrows to be used.

There are variety of arrows with long handles like cedar, aluminum and carbon. Choose which arrow handle will be best suited for your bow, where you will be hunting, what you will be hunting and if there are any government or hunt club rules to be followed. Ensure with an expert archery dealer, until you can select the arrows best for your bow hunting experience

postheadericon Paintball pistol

Paintball Pistol

Should you like actively playing scenario paintball or even woods ball, sooner or maybe later you’ll require a sidearm to enhance your primary marker for those tightly held spots about the area which demand fast movement and also the capability to shoot rapidly. Typically pistols are the weapon of preference for officers within the area. Whilst they are light-weight and simple to carry about, they will lack the precision of a great rifle. The majority of side arms are practically useless at any kind of distance greater than fifty meters, and generally 25-50 meters may be the greatest range from which to shoot them. Whenever searching for a pistol gun, don’t anticipate the same accuracy you get with your longer barrelled marker, or you’ll be dissatisfied. That said you can find a number of good side arms to select from about the paintball area. The very objective of this content is to look at one from the much better options for a starting paintball gun – the Ariakon ACP.

Ariakon ACP may be the 2nd generation Ariakon paintball pistol gun. It certainly has some good upgrades and there is really a major difference between firing this marker and firing the very first generation model. People in general have mentioned that the pistol is to some degree top heavy which will take some getting used to if you’ve any kind of expertise firing genuine pistols. The precision from the Ariakon ACP is rather good taking into consideration that the stock barrel included with the gun is really a total of 8 inches in length.

Overall the Ariakon is really a high quality produced pistol for paintball. The gun by itself weighs in at about 2 pounds. The ACP is built primarily of solid, metal parts. It comes standard with two individual calibre bore sized muzzles and could be upgraded to operate a Spider threaded barrel. The ACP operates any twelve gram CO2 cartridge

Some people with the ACP have discovered it hard to switch out the CO2 cartridge rapidly as the barrel stretches out past the CO2 cap. If this is your very first time employing the pistol, it might be smart to invest some time frame training to ensure that you are able to get used to switching your cartridge rapidly fairly than fumbling all over with your gun about the area. Depending with regards to the weather and how your gun is chrono’d, you are able to anticipate to get somewhere from 20 – 34 shots from 1 CO2 cartridge.
1 of your biggest strengths from the ACP may be the speed at which you are able to unload and reload magazines into the marker itself. It’s possibly the quickest loading pistol about the paintball area in that regard. It will take literally seconds to drop and reload a second magazine into the pistol. Once it’s in, the magazine cartridge has been recognized to shake a little, but it won’t fall out.

I would certainly highly recommend the ACP pistol marker for scenario players as well as woods ball players. It’s great as a back up weapon or even when operating fast and striking hard. This gun is ideal for bunker assaults as well as other strike and run techniques. It’s extremely upgradeable and will certainly last you for quite some time along with a fair price tag.