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postheadericon How a solar still may save your life

How A Solar Still May Save Your Life

“Still? What’s that? Isn’t that what you use to make moonshine?” These are the types of questions you are likely to get if you tell someone that you just made a solar still in your backyard, but the fact is that these fascinating contraptions can actually be lifesavers (literally) if you ever find yourself in a tight situation with no water to drink.

A solar still works on the principle that leaves and other vegetation contain moisture, as does the ground in many cases. The only problem is how to get the moisture in a drinkable form; we’re not all koala bears, so just eating the leaves is out of the question. The answer, it turns out, is to harness the power of the sun to extract the moisture from the source by evaporating it and then using a plastic bag or plastic sheet to collect it. As you can probably guess, the one drawback to the solar still methods is that if you don’t have a plastic bag or sheet, you can’t use them. However, it is amazing how many strange substances can be made to function as a sheet of plastic when you’re desperate, so with a little bit of the spirit of MacGyver, you will probably be all right.

To construct a simple above ground still, take a plastic bag, preferably one that can seal and that is made of clear plastic, and fill it half to three-quarters full with vegetation: leaves, grass, stems and stalks, any type of green plant matter. Make sure that it is a sunny day, and find a hillside or other sloped surface to place the bag on. The idea is to make sure that when the water evaporates from the plants, it drains to one location in the bag so that you can collect it. To ensure this, place a small rock in one corner of the bag. The water will tend to pool around the rock.

You can also make a below ground still, although it is a little more involved. For this, you need a digging tool, a clear plastic sheet, and some sort of container. Dig a hole in the ground somewhere where you think the soil will have some moisture in it. Dig another hole at the bottom of this hole and place your container in it. Put some vegetation along the sides of the hole for extra moisture, and put the sheet on top. Weight it down, and then put a rock in the center of the tarp so that the tarp dips down and the part with the rock is the lowest point. As the sun strikes the tarp, the hole will heat up, and the moisture will evaporate and collect on the tarp. It will run down to the lowest point, where the rock is, and drip down into your container.

postheadericon Glock firing pins ever so reliable

Glock Firing Pins Ever So Reliable

If your pistol is not working up to your expectations and you think it should be disposed off, then think again. It is most likely that its firing pin is not performing up to the mark. The firing pin is a crucial part of the firing mechanism of every firearm. It strikes the primer of the cartridge, which thus detonates the priming compound to ignite the propellant. It is important to have a good firing pin for a gun to perform well. Firing pins typically have a small, rounded end, which wears out over a period of time. That’s what must have happened in the case of your pistol. So, it is time you change the firing pin of your pistol.

Gun firing pins should be light to strike the primer easily. They are made from light material so that the pin travels at a high speed thereby reducing the lock time (Lock time is the time between trigger pull and the bullet leaving the barrel.) And, it is round at the end so that the primer is indented instead of pierced. There is also an internal mechanism to block the firing pin till the trigger is pressed.

Glock is a leading manufacturer of hunting tools like pistols, handguns, field knives, and so on. It also offers a variety of gun parts like firing pins and springs as well as shooting accessories.Glock firing pins are reliable and they need low maintenance.

If your pistol might not be performing properly of late, it perhaps needs a Glock firing pin. Get one today and you will feel that you are shooting with a newly-bought pistol. But if you own a Glock pistol, keep in mind that the replacement of the firing pin should be done only by a Glock-certified armorer and not anyone else. (It is always better to consult a qualified armorer if you are having any problems with your firearm.)

postheadericon How to make a stand up surf paddle

How to Make a Stand Up Surf Paddle

Would you like to find out how to make a stand up surf paddle.  I want to show you exactly how I made my stand up surf paddle.  and I do not have any wood working skills.  Yet I make beautiful and awesome stand up surfing paddles and sell them on the streets in Venice CA.  Maybe you’ve seen me there!

So to all of my fellow stand up surfers across the world…

Would you like to know how to make a stand up surf paddle for next to nothing?  If so, I am going to show you!  I have some super simple plans that enable anyone to make an awesome new stand up surf paddle in just about 24 hours.  And that includes dry time! (Which is overnight).  All you need are the tools already found in your garage and any types of cheap wood you can get your hands on.  Chance are, you can find the wood for free.

I have three types of stand up surf paddles you can make.

1.  The Pole Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

This is the fastest and simplest way to make your new paddle.  In fact, I have seen these being peddled all over California for over $200 a pop.  Crazy right?  Well now you can make your own.

2.  The Stack Laminate Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

This is the easiest “professional” way to build a stand up surf paddle t hat is being used by all the big names in surfing.  You don’t even want to know what the likes of paddles made by Sunside, Honolulu, Rip Curl, ect. cost.

3.  The Traditional Hawaii Islands Method for Stand Up Surf Paddles

These plans will show you how to make a stand up surf paddle like the old time masters of the sport.  These paddles will be sure to stun anyone who sees them!

You don’t need a workshop with fancy tools, steam benders or the likes, or any other expensive tools. All you need is some free scrap wood and a couple of basic tools from your garage that you probably have rusting away in your toolbox. The only tool I had to get that I’d never used before building my first paddle was a small hand planer. It was like $7 at the local hardware store.

Come and visit my new website.  I want to show you how to make a stand up surf paddle.  How to Make a Stand Up Surf Paddle