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postheadericon Festivals around the world celebrating hot air balloons

Festivals Around the World Celebrating Hot Air Balloons

From all around the world, one can find hot air balloon festivals.  On each continent, in almost any setting, the beauty of ballooning can be celebrated and admired.  Whether planning a holiday around the timing of your favourite fiesta, or making an annual tradition of enjoying the scenery of a local festival, hot air ballooning is something everyone can enjoy.

The festivals themselves offer a variety of activities showcasing the art of hot air balloons, and span throughout the day and night.  While most public balloon flights are held during daylight only, festivals often hold “night glows” allowing the balloons to lift off after dark and light up the night sky.  Night flying is considered unsafe because of the inability of the pilot to see any obstacles, so the “night glows” usually involve the balloon being tethered to the ground preventing it from taking full flight.  Another common practice during festivals often includes hot air balloons racing one another to a target-landing zone.  

The thrill of seeing hundreds of brightly colored balloons dotting the skies above draw crowds of hundreds of thousands at most festivals.  From the hundreds of celebrations across America, to the many European festivals, to more being held across the globe, hot air ballooning is a popular and enjoyable experiencing for riders and spectators alike.  No matter if you choose to fly the skies or prefer to watch lift off and landing from the safety of the ground, balloon flights are breathtaking for everyone.  

Most festivals afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy flights at a much lower price than one might fight outside the festival.  Whatever might motivate you to attend, the hot air balloon festival won’t disappoint.  From the deepest valleys to the highest peaks, the variety of settings hosting festivals around the world allow visitors to enjoy their surrounding while celebrating hot air balloons.  

Young and old, experienced and novice, all involved can enjoy the splendor of balloon festivals.  It’s easy to see why so many flock to the festival ground scattered across the globe each year.  The sheer beauty of balloon flights makes the experience something that keeps most coming back year after year.  Regardless of what your level of interest might be, you just might find yourself captivated by watching the balloons take off into the sky and soar above you.  The popularity of hot air balloons makes festivals around the world a common pit stop on the perfect holiday.

postheadericon F1: singapore grand prix – a glorious victory for fernando alonso

F1: Singapore Grand Prix – a Glorious Victory for Fernando Alonso

The Spaniard Renault’s driver Fernando Alonso just conquered his first Formula One Grand Prix win of the year after his win at the Singapore race held last Sunday.  Alonso’s chances were very low as the previous day his vehicle was damaged and this situation positioned the driver in the fifteenth place for the race starters.

It had been more less a year since Fernando Alonso had not win a race in the Formula One calendar as his last one had been on September 9th, 2007 at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. This time at the first night race in Singapore, Alonso arrived first timing 1:57:16:304 taking the podium as he did many other times before. In second place arrived the Williams’ driver, the German Nico Rosberg at 2:957 and in third place the leading McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton with 5:917.

Last Sunday the two times world champion achieved his 50th podium appearance in his Formula One professional career. The Spaniard’s come back took approximately 385 days and a total of 19 races before holding a grand prix title. On the other hand, for the Renault team, which is Alonso’s group for this year’s campaign the non-winning streak, summed up 31 races.

As Alonso began the race in the 15th position he had to take some risks and changed his strategy, which he did, we witnessed how he only took two stops and went very low of fuel before making the longest stop. Just at the starting line he won three places right away which became less as in the fourteen lap his teammate Nelson Piquet faced an accident in the safety car exit.

The race development began to change radically the panorama as Alonso was in a more favorable situation, as he was the only one that had passed by the pits to refuel and had a free road to move forward.  The German Nico Rosberg (Williams-Toyota) and the Polish Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber) were the first to stop a move that cost them the race. 

During the 34th lap, the Spaniard took the competition leadership and once at the lead Alonso avoided all possible surprises. He did stop a second time but he managed a distance to allow him to return to the leading pack.

After this race, Lewis Hamilton leads the Formula One world championship with seven points more than the Brazilian Felipe Massa (Ferrari), and a total of 84 points. On the other hand, the South American Massa saw his chances ruined as his team failed in the first refueling. He resumed the race without enough fuel and had to break in for a second stop in the pits zone. It was Massa’s worst nightmare as he began in pole position and finished last with no points.

The Polish Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber) ended in the eleventh position at 20 points of the leader followed by the Finnish Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) with 57 points.

postheadericon Archery bow hunting – 8 useful tips to master this skill

Archery Bow Hunting – 8 Useful Tips To Master This Skill

Most hunters opt for firearms because they are easier to get used to. If a rare person wants to go in for archery bow hunting, he/she has to master the art first before attempting any real hunting!

Of course, plenty of practice is required. Additionally, the learner should be ready to recognize and accept his/her mistakes. Only then can steps be taken to improve upon those mistakes till perfection is achieved.

The dos and donts of archery bow hunting are listed as follows–

(1) All hunting gear should be carefully stored and maintained after every hunt, so that the weapons are in top condition for the next hunt. Before going archery bow hunting, it is necessary to check that the bow is functioning properly. To discover an out-of-tune bow at the hunting site itself is only going to bring sorrow!

(2) Many hunters fail to hit on target because they do not judge distance properly. The bow hunter can use a range finder to measure distances, before the actual hunt itself. This method is very helpful if the hunter is using a tree stand or a blind.

(3) The range finder also proves useful if the hunter prefers to be in a fixed position while archery bow hunting. It gives the correct distance and leaves no room for misjudgement. Trees act like natural distance markers, but rocks and branches can also be put to fair use.

(4) Accuracy carries more weightage than speed while archery bow hunting. So the draw weight should be something that the hunter can handle easily; going beyond that is sure to handicap the action of the hunter. Additionally, if a tree stand is being used, drawing the bow is not going to be easy. It is even more difficult in a sitting posture. Thus, draw weight should be assessed carefully.

(5) Some people do not have the patience to wait and get the target into their sights before shooting. Archery bow hunting demands slow and easy actions, not overconfidence.

(6) Where deer are concerned, the aim should be towards the broadside. The shot is bang on target if the animal’s head is behind a tree or it is turned away from the stalker. The deer is a swift animal and easily spooked–so the hunter gets only one chance for a straightforward shot!

(7) Another fact concerning deer hunting. Frequent visits to the same specific location by a hunter are enough to signal the animals not to come anywhere near the place! This is because during every visit, he/she is leaving his/her scent behind. And smart animals can smell it!

(8) The most dreadful mistake that can be committed during archery bow hunting is totally missing the kill zone. A hunter is expected to know the kill zone of every quarry that he stalks. If the prey is just wounded and manages to escape, the hunter has left it open to a large amount of suffering. And this is explicitly forbidden.